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About Starcom
Defend the galaxy from an encroaching enemy force in this epic space action-adventure.

Play Online: Starcom [Earn Kongregate Badges]

Three achievements & 50 points to earn!
A Hole in Our Universe Badge (easy – 5 points) – Jump gate used
Jump to Ludicrous Speed Badge (medium – 15 points) – Jump drive obtained
Blow This Thing and Go Home Badge (hard – 30 points) – Game completed

Starcom Complete Badges SOL Save File
Download Link: Starcom Complete Save File with All Badges
Unzip the Starcom SOL save file. Copy all 3 .SOL files within the folder in the location below:
Then run Starcom on Kongregate, click CONTINUE, and you get all badges instantly!
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows XP users]
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomLetterAndNumber%\\gamez\ 0004\8040\live\Application.swf
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows Vista users]
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomLetterAndNumber%\\gamez\ 0004\8040\live\Application.swf

Keyboard (WASD or Arrows) controls ship movement, mouse controls main turret.

Starcom Hints and FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]
The following hints have been whited-out to avoid spoiling the game. Select the text to read what it says.

I die in the black hole in the first system, how come?
You need to have the Nexus Navigator device on your ship to safely enter a wormhole (aka a Warp Nexus).

How do I rescue the Prometheus?
If you destroy all the enemies in the star system the Prometheus is stranded in you should receive a message from her telling you that her navigational systems are crippled and to leave her there.

What do I do after the Prometheus tells me to leave her?
At this point, you should have picked up an artifact from the destroyed base ship. Take this to Starbase and have it identified. Note the description.

I keep dying in the Eye of the Storm mission, how do I survive?
Read the mission description. You aren’t being requested to clear that star system, but to capture the secret weapon. The secret weapon is on a supply depot near where you warp in.

I’m apparently missing a key object I was supposed to pick-up. What should I do?
Generally, it’s hard to miss an item, but sometimes if it’s dropped against the backdrop of a planet, you don’t see it. If you leave the star system without picking it up, you won’t be able to retrieve it later. If that happens, you’ll need to restore from a save before you killed the enemy that dropped it.

The Systems Upgrade item doesn’t work!
The Systems Upgrade increases the number of install slots on your ship, once it’s installed. But if you buy it without a free slot, it will be added to your cargo. To install it, uninstall another item, then install the Systems Upgrade and re-install the item you removed.

Starcom Walkthrough Eye of the Storm Mission 10

Message from Galatic Command

M1 Mission: Local Threat [Alpha Draconis]
The Galatic Starbase in this system is threatened by enemy outposts near the inner planets of this system. Unfortunately, our more experienced and combat-ready sihps are engaging the enemy at the front lines. Please render what ever assistance you can to the Starbase. Galatic Command will pay a reward of 5000cr upon completion of this mission. You are also authorized to keep any useful artifacts and equipments you capture.
Destroy enemy threats near the Starbase at the center of this system.
Retrieve any technology and artifacts from destroyed ship.
Starcom Tips and Hints
You start off in Star System: Alpha Draconis.
There is a Starbase in Alpha Draconis where you can repair/upgrade/buy ship items.
See your scanner on the top right corner. There is a green triangle. Follow it.
Kill all enemy ships in Alpha Draconis to complete Mission 1 : Local Threat
You will discover Turbo Drive, dropped by 1 of the enemy ships.
Visit the Starbase once you have completed Mission 1: Local Threat.
Purchase Plasma Cannon, Turbo Fire 1, Turret Coolant 1

M2 Mission: The Sentinel [Alpha Draconis]
Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of your reward and improved your ship’s armaments. There’s a supply depot near the outer-most planet of this system guarded by a sentinel and several drones. We suspect they may be storing a Nexus Navigator there, which would allow your ship to be make use of the nearby Warp Nexus. Proceed with caution, sentinels pose a more serious threat than drones.
Destroy the enemy sentinel orbitting the outer most planet.
Capture the device held at the nearby supply depot.
Starcom Tips and Hints
See your scanner on the top right corner. There is a green triangle. Follow it.
Kill all enemies in sight, loot enemies drop. One of them will be an Artifact.
Bring the artifact back to Starbase to identify it. It will cost 100cr as nominal fee.
Once its being identified in Starbase, it will be place in your cargo. It will be a Nexus Navigator.
Nexus Navigator allows you to travel using Warp Nexus. Without it, your ship will explode/die.
Visit the Beta Draconis Warp Nexus
[NOTE: Warp Nexus is also known as blackhole/wormhole]
[NOTE: Hover your mouse over the Warp Nexus to see its destination.]

M3 Mission: The Sentinel [Alpha Draconis -> Beta Draconis]
Mission: Missile Frigates
Missile Frigates have been detected in this area. Their guided missiles pack powerful warheads, so keep a look out. Capturing an undamaged launcher would be extremely valuable.
There are 3 ways you can stop a missile. One, destroy it with a well-aimed shot. Two, dodge its limited turning radius until it runs out of fuel. Three, with your hull. We recommend options 1/2
Find an intact missile launcher
Starcom Tips and Hints
Kill all enemies in Beta Draconis till there is no green triangle in your scanner.
You can find 2 artifacts in Beta Draconis, along with 1 Missile Launcher from an enemy ship.
Return back to base to repair/upgrade ship + identify artifacts at Starbase Labs.
Purchase Armor 2.

M4 Mission: Defenses [Beta Draconis -> Delta Draconis]
According to scouts, the star system you’ve entered has a heavy enemy presence, including Sentinels equipped with regenerative shield technology. You may need to use multiple missles to take them out.
Capture shield technology from a Sentinel
Starcom Tips and Hints
Kill the enemy ships that shoots double missle at you. They drop missile pack.
Use those missile pack against the Sentinels that has shield protecting them.
2 Missile will boom their shield down, and take them out with your weak plasma cannon.
There are 2 sentinels in this Delta Draconis System. One of them drops Shield Prototype.
Return to base to identify artifacts and repair/upgrade ship. Purchase Reactor 2.
Visit Gamma Draconis. [Alpha Draconis -> Beta Draconis -> Gamma Draconis] for Mission 5

M5 Mission: The Drive [Beta Draconis -> Gamma Draconis]
According to a spy, the enemy is working on an experimental new propulsion drive in this system. Initial reconnaissance reveals a well-defended supply depot protected by a squandron of Strike Fighters and a formidable mine field. Whatever is on that supply depot is valuable to the enemy, and therefore valuable to us. Becareful, since mines won’t show up on your scanners, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled.
Navigate the minefield and destroy the supply depot.
Retrieve any artifacts
Starcom Tips and Hints
This area will be filled with mine fields. Destory the supply depot to obtain Jump Drive.
Return to Starbase/Alpha Draconis once you have the Jump Drive.
You will be receive your Mission 6 once you return to Alpha Draconis.

M6 Mission: The New Threat [Alpha Draconis -> Alpha Crucis]
A new Warp Nexus has suddenly opened in Alpha Draconis, not far from our own Starbase! The Nexus is surrounded by a perimeter of heavily armed enemy defenders, so we can only assume this nexus was artificially created by our foes.
This is an alarming development, if they can create Nexil at will, our entire defensive strategy is in peril. While your ship is no match for a toe-to-toe confrontation, you may be able to race past the defenders and reach the Nexus before your shields and armor fail.
Since we don’t know how challenging the return will be, we suggest you undertake any ship repairs and upgrades before setting out. You are being advanced 10,000 credits toward this purpose. Also, this is a good time to update your next-of-kin records.
Avoid the enemy defenders protecting the new Warp Nexus.
Enter the Nexus, wherever it leads.
Starcom Tips and Hints
Buy Armor 3 and Heavy Cannon from Starbase.
Follow the green triangle that leads you to a new Warp Nexus within Alpha Draconis System.
The Warp Nexus will lead you to a new system called Alpha Crucis.
Becareful, the new Warp Nexus is heavily protected by enemies. Just rush into Warp Nexus.

M7 Mission: Location Unknown [Alpha Draconis -> Alpha Crucis]
We’re receiving your subspace transmissions, but we haven’t been able to pinpoint your location yet. Scout this system and any Warp Nexus you find. Keep this channel open and we’ll monitor your progress.
Objectives: Explore.
Starcom Tips and Hints
Visit Beta Crucis. You will find Missile Pod that increases amount of missile you can carry.
Once you clear Beta Crucis, travel back to Alpha Crucis to explore the remaining Warp Nexus.
Visit Delta Crucis. Next, visit Gamma Crucis. You will find an artifact here.
Visit Epsilon Crucis. You will receive a message from Starbase that they are many enemy
activities. The message is posted below if you are interested.
One of the enemy stationary ships in Epsilon Crucis will drop an artifact.
Within Epsilon Draconis, there is another Warp Nexus that leads to Alpha Draconis [Starbase]
Take that route. Alpha Draconis Warp Nexus in Epsilon Crucis to identify artifacts.

M8 Mission: Welcome Home [Alpha Draconis]
It’s good to have you back, we have a serious need of experienced commanders at the front. With the enemy’s new ability to control Warp Nexil, our fleet is spread thin trying to contain the threat and the fight isn’t going well. The good news is taht your Starbase has acquired several new pieces of equipment, in part thanks to the technology you have captured. In light of your recent performance, we have been authorized to grant you an additional 15,000 credits. After you complete repairs and upgrades, you will be given new ordres.
Return to Starbase and complete any upgrades.
Starcom Tips and Hints
Buy System Upgrade. Buy Shield 2.

M9 Mission: The Frontlines [Alpha Draconis -> Beta Draconis -> Alpha Hydra]
During your explorations, another Nexus was detected in Beta Draconis, the system where you acquired the enemy’s missile technology. We dispatched a fleet of heavy cruisers to investigate. Transmissions from the area are garbled, but we gather that they have taken heavy losses. As of the last message, The Prometheus was reporting that her reactor was near critical and main guns offline.
Travel to Beta Draconis and enter the new Warp Nexus.
Determine the status of our fleet and report back.
Starcom Tips and Hints
Visit the new Warp Nexus. Alpha Draconis [Starbase] -> Beta Draconis -> Alpha Hydra
Once you reach Alpha Hydra, a friendly ship gives out radio signal. Follow the green triangle.
Destroy Enemy BasicShip [A giant stationary ship beside the friendly ship called Prometheus]
Enemy BasicShip drops an artifact. Return to Starbase at Alpha Draconis to identify the artifact.
Buy Annihilator Turret $15000 and Buy Turret Coolant 2 $3000
Identify the artifact that you collected from Alpha Hydra Enemy BasicShip.
The artifact is a Enemy Transponder. Once you leave the Starbase. A new mission pops up!

M10 Mission: Eye of the Storm [Alpha Draconis -> Alpha Crucis]
The device you recovered from the Baseship contained critical information on our enemies’ movements. We have not deciphered all the information it contains, but we know that the enemy is storing the prototype of a powerful new weapon on a supply depot at a secret star system, reachable from Alpha Crucis.
The system has formidable defences– you cannot last long against the fleet stationed there. However, a lightning fast attack against the supply depot may allow you to capture the weapon and jump to the exit Nexus before the enemy can muster their full defenses.
Return to Alpha Crucis and enter the secret Warp Nexus at the coordinates carried by the transponder
Quickly destroy the supply depot orbitting the inner planet and retrieve the weapon
Jump to safety before the enemy ships destroy you.
Starcom Tips and Hints
Clear the Enemy Heavy Defenses Ship which are protecting the Alpha Crucis Warp Nexus located in Alpha Draconis System. One of the Heavy Defenses drops an artifact. Return to Starbase to identify that item. That item is a Yield Maximizer that increases missiles damage by 100. Very useful to take down boss ship with missiles now! Return to Starbase a few times for free armor fixing if you have little health left after killing 1-2 Heavy Defenses.
Once you enter Alpha Crucis System, open your inventory and click Enemy Transponder.
The enemy transponder says: “This beacon seems to be responding to a very low energy signal originating from the Alpha Crucis system near -397 x 6317” It is actually the new Warp Nexus [aka blackhole/wormhole] that can’t be seen on your scanner. Move your ship to that coordinate/location. To know whats your current location, exit your inventory, and look at the top left corner of the screen. Move your ship to -397×6317.
Enter the new Warp Nexus. That blackhole/warphole is called Fornax Alpha.
Take your time to destroy all the Enemy BaseShip.
Once you destroy the Supply Station, retrieve the artifact and RUSH to the next Warp Nexus.
The next Warp Nexus is called Fornax Beta. Once you enter Fornax Beta, you receive message.
Clear the enemies residing in Fornax Beta and recover artifacts from Supply Station there.
Exit Fornax Beta using the Alpha Draconis Warp Nexus to return to Starbase to identify
artifacts and upgrade/buy ship equipments. Upgrade Havoc 1 to Havoc 3.
2 of the artifacts you found from Fornax Alpha and Beta is Chiralite Warhead that turns your missiles into anti-matter bombs [very useful for final mission boss] and Neutronium Bracing that adds +3 protection to your hull.

M11 Mission: The Invasion [Alpha Draconis -> Alpha Crucis]
The enemy has begun a full-scale assault on this system. Strike Fighters are pouring in through the latest Nexus. This is undoubtably just a first attack to weaken our defenses before their capital ships jump in.
Our Flag Ship, “The Morningstar” went through the Nexus a short while ago and reported a massive base station in the system beyond, likely their main base of operations in this sector.
It’s time to take the fight to the enemy. Good luck, commander.
Return to Starbase to outfit your ship
Enter the Nexus and destroy the enemy super base
Starcom Tips and Hints
Buy Havoc 2, Reactor 3, Turret Coolant 3, Turbo Fire 3
Rush to Alpha Crucis, clear all enemies. Clear the boss using missiles.
1 missile can destroy 1 block of the boss ship.
Kill the enemy ships around the sun, they provide few missile packs.

Starcom Mission Accomplish Message

M1 – Mission: Local Threat
Good work commander! The enemy no longer has a presence around the center of this system and the Starbase is secure. Your reward of 5000cr has been delivered. We suggest you head over to the Starbase to repair and outfit your ship. Remember to pick-up any cargo left in the debris. The enemy possess some equipment and technology superior to our own.
M1 – Welcome To Galatic Starbase
At Galatic Starbase, you can buy upgrades to your ship’s systems.
Stellar mechanics have already repaired any damage to your sihp and refueled your engines.
Our lab technicians can also identify any Alien Artifacts you may have in your cargo hold for a nominal fee.
M2 – The Artifact
The artifact you’ve found may be a Nexus Navigator.
Return to Starbase to confirm. If it is, we can install it on your ship.
M2 – Artifact
We’re not sure what this mysterious object is. Starbase Labs may be able to identify it for us.
M2 – The Nexus
Now that your ship is outfitted with a Nexus Navigator, you can safely enter any Warp Nexus. These gateways allow your ship to instantly cross the vast distances between star systems. The Nexus in this system leads to Beta Draconis, a system now under enemy control. Since our main battlegroup reports heavy fighting several systems away, Beta Draconis may be only moderately protected.
M3 – Mission Log
Tip: You can review your mission log and achievements by clicking on the “Menu” button in the bottom right of your screen.
M3 – Missile Launcher
We’ve acquired missile launcher system! Missile pack powerful warheads, but you can only have limited number, displayed to the right, so fire carefully. To lock onto a target, move your crosshair over an enemy ship. When your target is brackets in a blue square, fire by pressing the spacebar. Once you have a missle lock, you don’t need to have a visual sighting of your target to fire.
M4 – Shields
This device is a prototype shield generator! The design isn’t 100% compatible with our systems so it charges slowly and provides limited protection. It’s possible that additional technology could make it more effective.
Near Maximum Installed Components
You are approaching the maximum number of installed components.
Once you reach the maximumm, you will be unable to install any new ship components, except for those that are upgrades of already installed components (e.g. Armor II) You may want to consider uninstalling less critical components.
M5 – Jumpdrive
This device allows your ship to leap great distances instaneously, but at a significant energy cost. To begin a jump, hold down the SHIFT key. In your scanner, you’ll see an extending line indicating the jump path. release SHIFT to execute the jump. The amount of energy required by a jump is shown in green on your ship’s engine status bar.
M5 – Urgent Alert
Any able warships in the area are requested to return to Starbase at full speed. Updates as they become available.
M7 – Location Detected [Alpha Draconis -> Alpha Crucis -> Epsilon Crucis]
We’ve got a signal on your ship now. The Nexus back to Alpha Draconis must be in your current system. We’re also picking up a lot of enemy activity nearby. Stay sharp.
M9 – Incoming Message
“This is The Prometheus… pons systems offline… near critical… only Havoc defenses operating. Any friendly vessels please render assistance…”
M9 – Incoming Message
“Thank you commander. Our ship has sustained heavy damage and may take some time to repair. Our navigational system is crippled so you’ll have to leave us here. we are transferring our Havoc defense system to your ship and our credit reserves, since it may be some time before we can return to combat.”
M10 Good Work!
Your blitz assault on the enemy base was a complete success.
There are only moderate enemy forces between you and the Nexus home.
We look forward to analyzing the artifact you recovered.

Starcom Inventory Items

Starcom Acquired Items from Enemy Ships
Turbo Thrusters [Obtained from Alpha Draconis – M1 Enemy Ship]
You’ve picked up a turbo drive upgrade.
This device allows your engines to greatly increase their thrust.
To turn Turbo Drive on/off, press “T”. Be careful.
At high thrust, your basic reactor will quickly be depleted and you’ll need to slow down to recover.
Shields [Obtained from Delta Draconis – M4 Sentinels]
Protects your ship with a self-recharging force field.
Coolant Reservoir [Obtained from Delta Draconis – M4 Sentinels]
Increases the maximum rounds you can fire before your turret begins to overheat.
Level 1: Max Rounds +25
Jump Drive [Obtained from Gamma Draconis – M5 Supply Depot]
The Jump Drive allows us to move great distances almost isntantly, bypassing normal space. To begin a jump, hold down the SHIFT key. The longer SHIFt is held down, the longer the jump distance. Release to execute the jump.
Bone Einstein Condensor [Obtained from Gamma Draconis – M5 Supply Depot]
Increases the cooling capacity of your main cannon. May be combined with other cooling bonuses. Turret Recovery: +50
Missile Pod [Obtained from Beta Crucis – M7 Supply Depot] Alpha Crucis -> Beta Crucis
Increases the maximum number of missiles your launchers can carry. Max Missiles +10
Nexus Navigator [Obtained from Alpha Draconis – Mission 2]
This alien device will allow your ship to safely enter warp nexii– wormholes between star systems. Now you just need to find one. This device does not require installation.
Deflection Grid [Obtained from Beta Draconis – Mission 3]
Increases max shield strength. (Requires shields) Max Strength +150
Havoc [Obtained from Alpha Hydra – Mission 9]
Havoc is a Close-Range Automated Perimeter Defense. Apparently marketing decided that ‘Havoc’ was a better name than ‘CRAPD’ It uses rapid-fire Flak to destroy incoming missiles and soften small attack craft.
Chiralite Warheads [Obtained from Fornax Alpha/Beta – Mission 10]
This system uses small amounts of Chiralite to turn our missiles into flying anti-matter bombs.
Neutronium Bracing [Obtained from Fornax Alpha/Beta – Mission 10]
Increases our armor’s damage resistance, reducing the amount of damage we take from each hit. Armor Protection +3
Kinetic Amplifier [Obtained from Mission 4] Adds +2 damage.
Cluster Flak [Obtained from heavy sentinels] Adds +4 damage for the Havok system.
Missile Ramjet [Obtained from supply depot on Gamma Crucis] Adds +250 missile range.
Fuel Recovery System [Obtained from supply station in Mission 5] Adds +10 fuel recovery.
Flux Conduit. [Obtained from Mission 7] +3 shield recovery rate.
Shield Overcharger. [Obtained from Mission 7] +250 max shield strength.
Frictionless Plating. [Obtained from Mission 7] +2 Armor protection.

Purchasable Items from Starbase
Plasma Cannon [Purchased from Starbase – Turret] $2750
A basic mid-range plasma cannon with more stopping power than the lighter model.
Max. Damage: 25 / Fire Rate: 9 / Max. Rounds: 25 / Cooling Rate: 26
Heavy Cannon $6000
Max Damage: 35 / Fire Rate: 9 / Max Rounds: 25 / Cooling Rate: 23
Annihilator $15000
Max Damage: 50 / Fire Rate: 9 / Max Rounds: 25 / Cooling Rate: 20
Turbo Fire 1 [Purchased from Starbase – Fire Bonus]
Significantly increases the maximum fire rate of your main cannon.
Level 1: Turbo Fire Rate +3 / $1700
Level 2: Turbo Fire Rate +6 / $
Turret Coolant 1 [Purchased from Starbase – Fire Bonus]
Quickens the cooling of your main turret, which keeps it from overheating.
Level 1: Turret Recovery +20 / $1500
Level 2: Turret Recovery +50 / $3000
Quickens the cooling of your main turret, which keeps it from overheating.
Armor [Purchased from Starbase – Armor]
Our hulls’ Neutronium armor is our ship’s skin, vital for keeping us alive and in one piece.
Level 1: Max Health: 2500 / Resistance: 0 / FREE
Level 2: Max Health: 3500 / Resistance: 1 / $2000
Level 3: Max Health: 6000 / Resistance: 2 / $5000
Reactor [Purchased from Starbase – Reactor]
Better reactor means fater energy recovery and greater energy reserves.
Level 1: Max Thrust: 50 / Turn Rate: 6 / Reactor Reserves: 100K / Recovery Rate: 45 / Free
Level 2: Max Thrust: 50 / Turn Rate: 6 / Reactor Reserves: 150K / Recovery Rate: 70 / $4000
System Upgrade $10,000
Increases the maximum number of installed system components by 4 (excluding the Systems Upgrade module itself).
Stronger defensive field with a faster recharge rate
Level 1: Found from enemy ship from Mission 4 / Recovery +4
Level 2: $8500 / Recovery +6
Havoc is a Close-Range Automated Perimeter Defense. Apparently marketing decided that ‘Havoc’ was a better name than ‘CRAPD’ It uses rapid-fire Flak to destroy incoming missiles and soften small attack craft.
Havoc 1: Obtained free from Prometheus.
Havoc 2: $7000
Havoc 3: $14000
Explosive Flak $4200
Explosive flak increases Havoc damage (requires the Havok module).

Starcom Sale Artifacts

Obscure Cultural Relic [Obtained from Beta Draconis – Mission 3]
This unusual text form the old empire will give scholars great insight into their humor and allusions.
Priceless Artifact – Sold for $9000
You’ve discovered a priceless relic of an ancient race. Unfortunately, it is of no practical use. Fortunately, a collector has decided to put a price on it after all.
Valuable Relic – Sold for $2250
Starlab scientists can learn a great deal from this relic of the old empire and have offered to buy it.
Dubious Technology – Sold for $187
This artifact contains a new technology, but not one that’s particularly useful to us.


Thanks to juiceteese for the extra information about the item name and their functions.


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    How can i get the Havoc? I killed every enemy i found around the Prometheus and i left,then when i came back there was still one enemy but i already had gotten the Transponder. I killed the enemy but the prometheus didn’t give me the Havoc! 😦 Do i have to restart?!?!?

    • ayumilove says :

      you need to kill all the enemies around Prometheus Battle Ship. Once the map is cleared, Prometheus will give you the Havoc System by uploading it to your ship. The havoc system is not an item which requires you to move your ship to pick it and store into your ship. Its done automatically. If you did not get any message from Prometheus, go closer to the ship.

  4. juiceteese says :

    Damn, I just keep stumbling on to new items. The following were obtained in Mission 7:

    Flux Conduit. +3 shield recovery rate.
    Shield Overcharger. +250 max shield strength.
    Frictionless Plating. +2 Armor protection.

  5. juiceteese says :

    Found yet another item: “Fuel Recovery System” from a supply station in Mission 5. Adds +10 fuel recovery. Now I suspect you have to destroy the targets within a certain time limit (possibly with lasers as well) to get a usable item instead of some crappy cash-redeemable ore/metal.

    • ayumilove says :

      ok adding Fuel Recovery System into the list. what does fuel do with the system? thought they use battery or something that recharges slowly.

  6. juiceteese says :

    Another item: “Cluster Flak”, obtainable from one of the heavy sentinels in the home galaxy. Adds +4 damage for the Havok system. I used lasers to blow that sucker up so I’m a more certain lasers must be used to get the artifacts intact after all.

  7. juiceteese says :

    Yet another new inventory item: picked up “Missile Ramjet” from the lone supply depot on Beta Crucis(?) (probably the wrong name but its in that warp nexus to the far left in the galaxy with the nexuses arranged in a T-shape formation.) This item increases missile range.

  8. juiceteese says :

    Another inventory item: “Magnetic Recapture Coil”, obtained from the first enemy starbase encountered in the game. Adds +5 shield recovery.

    I’ve also noticed that enemies don’t consistently drop the same item in every game. i.e.: the supply depot in mission 4 that once dropped the “Kinetic Amplifier” drops “Rare metals” instead on other playthroughs. I suspect the usable items are dropped based on chance or the weapon used to kill the enemy. My bet is on the lasers. Note the description of “Rare metals”–it says it may have been a useful item but is damaged beyond repair. Someone should pick apart the code with a Flash editor to see how the item drop system works. :O

    • juiceteese says :

      whoops that should be enemy baseship. its the one located in the southernmost nexus in that galaxy with the nexuses arranged in a T-shape formation.

  9. juiceteese says :

    Another item to add to the inventory: “Kinetic Amplifier” which is obtained in Mission 4 in the same galaxy as the Shield technology. Adds +2 damage.

  10. tony says :

    good walkthrough…but for some weird reason in the last mission i found nothing….no enemies no ships no nothing….i was wondering if i miss something maybe but i feel a little bit lazy about playing the game again…btw i failed on the eye of the storm mission…did this fact affect in anyway my game???
    hope you know something about this!!!!
    thank you and gratz for the walkthrough!!!

    • ayumilove says :

      the last mission that you are referring to is mission 11: The Invasion, which is just after the Eye of Storm. You will notice mini enemies attacking you at your starbase, but those pesky enemies wont do much damage to your ship as you will have equipped Havoc System and Shield System.

      The real war is at the other side of the Warp Nexus. You have to fly your ship from Alpha Draconis [your starbase] to Alpha Crucis. The Warp Nexus to Alpha Crucis is located at the bottom of your starbase location within Alpha Draconis Star System.

      Once you enter the Warp Nexus, there is no turning back. In Alpha Crucis, you will fight against the boss that is stationary in the middle of Alpha Crucis Star System.

      If your ship has equipped with all the latest missile technology, it would be a piece of cake to defeat it. 1 Missile is sufficient to destroy 1 part of the boss ship. There are approximately 10 body parts on the boss ship.

      If you have no missiles in your missile pack, explore the planets around the center of the Alpha Crucis system. There are some enemy battle ship that drops missiles.

      Once you defeat the boss, and collect an artifact/item from the boss, the mission completed appears.

    • kyle says :

      well thank you much i decided i finish the game like a man and use my laser beam 😉 haha it took like ten minutes but it was a fun game i did get to c the ultra havoc its pretty chill thanks anyhow 🙂

  11. Nate says :

    You know, I’d like this better if you just got rid of the SOL crap. You seem talented enough to get these badges, why not just get rid of that part?

  12. Warlyte says :

    I got the artifact for the Eye of the Storm mission, and there doesn’t seem to be anything else left to kill on Prometheus’ map, but the Frontlines mission won’t end! I’ve gone back to base and even explored the Eye of the Storm location to no effect. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  13. duck says :

    the save file doesn’t have the jump drive. any suggestions? because the game is finished, I can’t go back and kill the depot.

  14. Andie says :

    I cant fint the Eye of The Storm location

    im looking all aroung Alpha Crucis and cant find any warp, or anything

    • Andie says :

      no worries, figured it out

      you have to check the Enemy transponder and go there

      • taylor says :

        ive tried going there but i cant get both directions right i either get one or the othr can u help?

    • 100101010 says :

      How do you find Alpha Crucis ?

      • ayumilove says :

        Alpha Curcis Warp Nexus [aka Wormhole/blackhole] is located in Alpha Draconis [the place where your starbase is located]. This Warp Nexus will not appear until you have received your Mission 6: The New Threat. For more details, read the walkthrough above ^_^

  15. kyle says :

    is there ne way to get money before the last mission? ive killed off like everybody and i realy want to get that ultra havoc thing before i fight the big thing with the guns n shit

    • ayumilove says :

      you need to use missile to kill those boss thingy at the last level.
      If you use laser gun, it will take some time,
      further more, it will take even longer, because
      the boss is in few parts, about 10-15 parts. 2-3 missile can finish him off
      if you have max upgrades missiles and 20 missile capacity 😀

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