Hedgehog Launch 2 Walkthrough – Mars in 4 Days.

About Hedgehog Launch 2
Minovia Cay needs your help! And although space travel has been routed through Nebraska (and the centre of the Earth!) we need to get a hedgehog to the moon! Upgrade your launcher rig and hedgehog jetpack and make it happen. Collect coins, hit platforms, and go go go!

Play Online: Hedgehog Launch 2 [Earn Kongregate Badges]

Two achievements & 35 points to earn!
Journey to the Red Planet Challenge – Reach Mars in 10 days or fewer
We’re Not in Nebraska Anymore Badge (easy – 5 points) – Mars reached (20 days or fewer)
Renewable Rocket Fuel Fanatic Badge (hard – 30 points) – Mars reached (3 days or fewer)

Left and right keys to steer. Pull back on the launcher and release to watch him go!
Space, up and down keys to control accessories (when gathered)

Hedgehog Launch 2 Walkthrough – Mars in 4 Days.



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2 responses to “Hedgehog Launch 2 Walkthrough – Mars in 4 Days.”

  1. me says :

    your vid is mars in 4 days. the hard badge is mars in 3 or less. anyone else see a problem there?

  2. cyberanu says :

    heyazz thanks dude really good game well on kongregate

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