Smoking Kills Walkthrough All Cards and Messages

About Smoking Kills (Game published on 2009-02-01)
The popularity of sniper games has always fascinated me. After countless hours of research, I have determined that this is what you want. Note: to get the “Too Cool for Light” badge, you must put your shades on before the first mission. Do not remove them until you have completed the game, even between missions. If you have put the shades on and removed them, reset your game in the trophy room.

Play Online: Smoking Kills [Earn Kongregate Badges]

Two achievements & 20 points to earn!
Too Cool for Light Badge (easy – 5 points) – 9 missions completed with sunglasses equipped
Cardboard Killer Badge (medium – 15 points) – Bonus mission completed
Note* : Bonus Mission : You must hit “continue” out of the trophy room once you’ve completed your mission.

Use your mouse to aim and shoot

Smoking Kills Walkthrough (.Sol/Save File) – All Badges and Messages
Download Link: Smoking Kills .SOL Save File
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows XP users]
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomLetterAndNumber%\\gamez\ 0004 \5064\live\Smoking_Kills.swf
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows Vista users]
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomLetterAndNumber%\\gamez\ 0004 \5064\live\Smoking_Kills.swf

Smoking Kills Walkthrough: All Cards and Messages

Smoking Kills All Messages Walkthrough
you want this
nicotine is nasty. sniper games are a healthy addiction.
we are born with free choice, but evil is easier.
a gunshot sounds the same in every language
united by nature
gratuitous violence is art
bloodlust is in your dna
propaganda is truth
golding was right for the wrong reasons



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9 responses to “Smoking Kills Walkthrough All Cards and Messages”

  1. ForeignHedgehog says :

    And the bonus mission with the little kid murder. XD

  2. ForeignHedgehog says :

    Now there are two ways for smokers to die. 🙂

  3. bob k says :

    that game was really fun

  4. David Santillan says :

    Hehehehe… This game is funny but it really sends the message to stop smoking.

  5. David Santillan says :

    Nice game. this can helps to those who wants to remember to stop smoking.

  6. jan says :

    hey there i have done all the game with cards and messages but still cant do the second badge on kong i replayed game but with less shots where is the bonus mission pls? i pressed continue like it said?

    • ayumilove says :

      Oh yeah, you need to get all the 9 Spade cards.
      You can find out the amount of 9 Spade cards in the Trophy room.
      To access the trophy room, click the trophy item beside the computer desk.

      Once you have all 9 Spades, click on it.
      It will lead you to a bonus mission, that uses cardboard gun.
      You will need to use that cardboard gun to shoot the guy with the red smoking pipe.
      Once you done that, it will pop up some message, and leads you back to the Trophy Room.
      From there, you click continue button, and you get the 2nd kongregate badge.

  7. Kenji says :

    You forgot to add the passwords for the “Level 9” card, I cannot find the passwords to unlock it

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