CasualCollective Desktop Tower Defense Pro DTD SA4 Sprint Spawn 4 Entrance Holepunch HP Walkthrough Guide

About DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro
Long time coming, but it’s finally here. Desktop TD Pro welcomes you to unlock the 24 custom Scenarios, think up devilish new modes in the Sandbox, race for your life in the Sprints and out think others in the Multiplayer.
New graphics to bring it up to date and a few new Creeps to keep you on your toes. Find out how the speedy Arrows, damage sucking Decoys and cheating Hoppers will force you to rethink your mazes and your sanity.

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The first five Scenarios are tutorials, so if you haven’t played before start there.
Otherwise you know the drill: Buy Towers, kill Creeps, build bigger Towers. Pwn.

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Ayumilove SA4 Sprint Spawn Holepunch HP Walkthrough [includes SA4 No Sell]
This is my page which focuses on Sprint Spawn 4 Entrance HP [Holepunch] as they call it in CasualCollective Forum. All 50 Waves are just pure Spawn. So you don’t need to worry about Flying Creep, Hoppers, Arrows, Dark or any creep you hate/dislike except for Spawn!

Desktop Tower Defense Pro 4 Entrance Walkthrough Juggling Ayu-Maze
This is SA4E mode which refers to Spawn Arcade 4 Entrance. Arcade refers to no penalty for selling, and upgrade/selling is speed up. Spawn is the one that explodes out its children out once the parent its killed. This creep is very difficult to handle without juggling. The maze I made look like an A [with 3 routes]. Previously, I made a P maze [2 route but lengthier than A maze]. With this maze, you can win easily even with all the 50 creep invading at once! That’s how strong it is. A maze that does not support juggling will lose very quickly if 2-3 waves are invading at once. To clear this mob of creep, there are 3 suitable towers to select : Bash Tower, Dart Tower, Ink Tower. I chose Bash and Dart because the maze I design lacks strategic location for Ink Towers. Dart for long range to kill escaping creep while Bash against Spawn Parent and Boss as it has powerful short range. Once the juggling routes are set up, you can establish 3 dart tower upgraded to ICBM [Level 6 – International Ballistic Missile]. These 3 will help you lead the Spawn waves and win each level/wave. Assist these 3 towers with Boost and Bash Towers. This strategy will complete Wave 50. No matter how many creeps comes in, juggling will sort it out easily as shown in the video.

Desktop Tower Defense Pro Spawn S4A Sprint Walkthrough Juggling Ayu-Maze 16 minutes
I came out with this map after one of my maze above did not work well. This was tested against another pro player who is able to sprint super fast, but losses alot of health. Here are some points about his maze! I looked carefully and learned that his maze was small, he uses 1 Basher, 2 boosters for 10 dart towers, plus dart towers are best for sprinting in all modes. His maze weakness is slow build to form the maze, this causes him to lose health [10-12 life] and also dragging his opponents down with his fast spawn creeps. However, this did not affect my old maze because I had longer maze route to make juggling easier. But my maze could not keep up with his as stream of spawn keep pouring in, making juggling seriously difficult. I had to opt for 2 Quake [Level 6 Bashers] at the end of Wave 47-50 and I won him. He lost all his life. lol. I took his maze concept and redesign it so the darts now does not go too far away, so they are focused in 1 area, while maintaining small maze to allow creep to converge quickly. Boosters are essential as they save you more money and upgrade damage. This maze is created using 4 maze concepts: The dart box booster, Toxic’s Ai Converge Trap Area, Csitri’s Pellet Maze, and Nic Compact Small Maze who almost got me in spawn outbreak. Without them, I would not manage to create a good maze like this! If you have a good maze to share with me, let me know. I might missed out the weakness found in this maze. This maze is suitable for newbie jugglers. Nic battle was an awesome experienced, as it taught me about placing first priority in killing creeps fast instead of delaying them long with juggling. Juggling is use for emergency purposes for long maze route or use it at your advantage by creating small maze, so the funds from pellets could be funded into tower upgrades. A new discovery on juggling advantage! Not suitable for modes that supports No Arcade and No Selling. The reason why I chose to go pure Pellet’s till Wave 24 is Pellet’s are amazingly cheap and deal fast average damage compare to Dart Towers. By the end of Wave 24 [killing 3 boss Waves], it would be sufficient to fund 3 ICBM [Level 6 Dart Tower]. The damage is lesser by 100 when ICBM compare to Snipers [Level 6 Pellet] but its worth it because it has the AOE [Area of Effect] that damages the surrounding. Basher and Squirt Towers are not good for sprinting mode because it lacks of range, difficult for juggling, and you want to kill creep fast. For bashers, you need to wait for the enemy to come close [this waste precious time] and stunning the enemy from far, prevents other towers from hitting it.[2nd disadvantage]. Squirt Tower is good but not fast enough to cope massize mini spawn creeps. And it cost much more than Dart by $80 for each tower.

Desktop Tower Defense Pro S4A HOngKong0.0 Ink Blot vs Ayumilove Dart ICBM

Desktop Tower Defense Pro Spawn S4A HOngKong0.0 Technique with Ayumilove Dart Position
After learning HOngKong0.0’s Ink Blot Technique, I redesigned my maze to be similar as his but repositioned the towers to focus in 1 killer area [hotspot] where the creep always walks on the ink. In addition, my maze is designed to be enhanced with 50% extra damage from booster tower. As a result, the money used is much more worth as each Ink Blot tower is constantly hitting instead of being idle. I learn 2 things from him, first its the maze layout that allows juggler to sell/buy tower once to redirect the creeps. This is because of 1 route/path is shorter than the other. Secondly, is using Ink Blots. Ink Blots have limited attacking range, but its very damaging [poison-type area of effect damage] when enemy walks on the Ink smudge. Juggling is the one technique to prevent them from moving far away from the Ink Smudge. Another method is to use Basher, but the disadvantage of it is, its stun probability and if enemy stun outside of other tower range, it prevents other tower to attack it, especially Ink Blot. Furthermore, its difficult to predict how the creep would move if there is Basher obstructing in the way. Using Pure Ink Blot allows Juggler to control creep easily.

Desktop Tower Defense Pro Spawn SA4 15:15 Ink Blot Snipers
This strategy applies 3 techniques: Csitri Pellet Maze, HongKong0.0 Ink Blot and using Snipers. The maze follows a good maze design : a small size maze to allow creeps to reach faster to the killer hotspot, and secondly it has a converge area, which means all creeps will converge at 1 point for AOE towers to kill easily. Instead of using Pure Ink Blots, I decided to use Snipers since they are cheap, and great against small escaping creeps running out of Ink Blot’s range. The shooting rate and the missile hitting the monster is much faster than Dart/ICBM Towers. Also, 1 ICBM/Level 6 Dart can buy 2 Snipers. Done in 15 minutes 15 seconds

Desktop Tower Defense CokeMonster’s Dart Strategy
His strategy is similar like mine, where only wave 16, we both change from pellet to our killer towers. Mine is Ink Blot and his is Dart/ICBM. My maze design from Wave 1-16 took 46 seconds lesser. However, his Dart accelerates his speed by reducing 20 seconds from Wave 16-40. So there is a difference of 26 seconds. He let Wave 48 Spawn Boss and Wave 50 Spawn to slip through, in total 25 seconds to complete those wave. I took 55 seconds to kill creeps instead of letting the creep slip through. So, if I would let the creep slip through, I would save an additional 30 seconds. As a result, 14 minutes and 45 seconds. 35 sec difference.

Desktop TD Pro SA4 HongKong vs Ayumilove 14:06 Multiplayer
This is one epic battle! This is my 2nd challenge against HongKong0.0, this time I used Ink Blots which is similar strategy like his. For me, instead of using mix Ink Blots with Snipers, I decided to go for Squirt/Typhoon Towers that is able to deal far more damage than Snipers in close range. Well, the creeps won’t go anywhere when I juggle them closely to Typhoon/Squirts. I found out that I lose my momentum at Wave 21 to Wave 40 because 3 of his ICBM [Level 6 Dart Towers]. After looking at his video that he sent over to me [non-multiplayer sprint], I checked that Wave 1-20, I’m faster than him by 33 seconds, Wave 21-40, HongKong takes the lead by speeding 20 seconds, and Wave 41-50 I took 20 seconds lesser to clear.

Desktop Tower Defense Pro Sprint SA4 Ink Squirt 14:43
This is my non-multiplayer sprint SA4 that uses Ink Blot and Squirt. This method is the one I played against HongKong0.0 The key point in this strategy is Pellet Transition. Quickly sell your level 5 pellet to fund Ink Blot to Level 6. If the transition goes wrong, it will take up lots of time. Secondly, the placement priority of Ink Blot. Thirdly, don’t add more Ink Blots when they could only hit the monster a few times. Instead, use something else like Squirt/Sniper/Dart to make up Ink Blot’s lack of range and to kill escaping enemy.

Desktop TD Pro SA4 Alenbe’s Dart vs Ayu’s Ink 14:05 Multiplayer
Here is another stronger player who uses Dart and Booster similar like CokeMonster but much more effective. He own most of the mid and later waves [Wave 25-47]. With this strategy, he saves $1400!!! or in other words, he builds 8 darts with 4 boosters [$4720] to deal damage of 18 darts [$6120]. Quite impressive.

Desktop TD Pro SA4 Alenbe’s Dart Maze 14:14 Multiplayer
After a great match with alenbe, I decided to review how he made his maze and adjusted to my comfort of switching towers, and optimize it till I achieve below 15 minutes using this strategy. alenbe’s strategy in the beginning is slow but fast in the mid and later levels till Wave 47. To improve the speed in the beginning, I decided to go for Ink and Pellet. For bosses, I switch from Darts to Ink because its much more effective against little amount of mob with high health. At the end of Wave 47, I switched to Bashers to use up all my money before Wave 50. I used a Level 4 Snapper from Wave 50 fund to finish them off. I find that this maze requires less focus on juggling because most of my killer towers are circle range instead of “plus symbol” range like Ink nor small range like Bashers to fully utilize them. The troublesome part for this maze build is switching Inks and Darts to suit either bosses or creeps. Here are some extra notes, don’t build more than 3 blocks of boosters to accommodate more Level 6 Darts/ICBM because its too far from the killer area. Use a pellet to increase the route so more creeps can get hit by Darts. Use Bashers to break up high health mob.

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 Ayu-Mix’s Dart Maze 14:34 Non-Multiplayer

I was wandering whether I could mix the massive pellets from Ink Blot Technique and combine with alenbe’s dart maze. The video below is the result of the mix, it saves about 9 seconds. Could we reach below 14 min?

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 Abcman’s Dart Maze 14:26 Non-Multiplayer

This is Abcman’s Maze that relies on pure pellets in the early Wave from 1 to 16, and later the core is fortified with four Level 6 Darts/ICBM. Once it passes the Wave 24 Boss, the dart towers are relocated to the top left corner of the map so it have sufficient space to be enhanced by Booster Tower. As we know, booster saves money. The more money you save, you can build/upgrade towers to deal even more damage, thus you will be able to clear enemies faster than usual. This strategy requires lots of juggling attention. One slight mistake and few spawn escapes from the killer area. However, the benefit you will reap from this super small size maze is you save money from less pellet towers and also allows the spawn to reach their destination with very little resistance/obstacles from pellet mazing to the entrance of your maze.

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 Updated Maze 14:08 Non-Multiplayer

I just realised that this maze was originally made by Cisz, however, his maze only uses pure pellets and darts. After watching his videos, and applying some techniques taught by bun and heyluke on CasualCollective, I modified the maze to use Basher for the first 2 Boss Waves [Wave 8 and Wave 16], build darts at the outer ring before placing them in battery [boosted by Booster Tower] during Wave 32. And used Ink Blot at the killer spot. Summary: 2 Ink Blots, 1 Ink Blot [Level 5], 7 ICBM with 3 Boosters. Done in 14 minutes 8 seconds!

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 13:40 Alenbe vs Ayu

Made some modification on my previous strategy to use at least 1 Ink Blot to melt away the high health that the boss Spawn has. Alenbe’s is using his old method but modified to have 1 Ink Tower and 1 Basher.

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 12:38 Non Multiplayer

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 No Selling Multiplayer 17 min Multiplayer

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 No Sell 14min 39 sec Multiplayer
This is a new maze version for SA4, I learn this from someone on Casual Collective after having a casual match on normal Spawn Arcade 4 Entrance. So I thought I could try and use it for No Sell Mode in Spawn Arcade 4 Entrance, and it works quite nicely, much better than the previous maze I had. This one utilizes Rocket Launcher from Mid till Late Game to earn more orange medals. Since my opponent is using 2 inks, he can win me much easily, but with my long-short juggling technique, I can steal the wave most of the time although it cost me $10 per Snap Tower 😀 Enjoy this video!

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 makeikusa(japan) Multiplayer

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro SA4 New Ink Entrance
The new techniques I used in the video below is using 3 ink
towers near the entrance as a replacement for pellets from
wave 8 to 16. Starting wave 16, I place 3 rocket towers
in the center, while shaving the corner of the top-right corner
maze to be shorter, so mobs of spawn can reach together
quickly! Once I had 4 rockets, I boost it up with a booster tower.
At this time, I left a small pocket hole where spawn can explode
inside the booster corner. This will prevent them exploding
further into my maze. At the end of wave 50, sell of the
remaining pellets and use them to purchase a booster to
boost 3 rockets for extra damage ^_^


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