Warbear Walkthrough Mission 1 to 3

About Warbears
Use the skills of the four special agents (kla, lucas, ryoh and steve) to complete the mission and save the day! Lots of animations and special bonuses that can be unlocked with high scores!

Play Online: Warbears [Earn Kongregate Badge]

One achievement & 30 points to earn!
Polar Bear Rescue Badge (hard – 30 points) – Polar Bear Rescue – Thwart the evil groundhog bank robbery

Mouse over the agents and select an action from the popup.
Use your brain to solve the puzzles and complete the mission.

Warbears mission 1 part 1 walkthrough

Warbears mission 1 part 2 walkthrough

Warbears mission 2 part 1 walkthrough

warbears mission 2 part 2 walkthrough

Warbears mission 3 checkpoint 1

Warbears mission 3 checkpoint 2

Warbears mission 3 checkpoint 3


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