Windows Live Messenger WLM MSN Error 80072745 Solution

Today I had some problems with log in Windows Live Messenger.
Later I realized the problem was either antivirus ESET NOD32 or Keyports that requires repair from Troubleshoot.

windows live messenger error

Solution for Windows Live Messenger Users
0. Click Start > Run > Type : “ipconfig /flushdns”
1. Open Internet Explorer. My method: Start > Run > Type “iexplore” [This is to open Internet Explorer]
2. Click File > Enable “Work Offline”
3. Close Internet Explorer.
3. Sign in to MSN as usual, it will pop up the error message box.
4. Click “Troubleshoot” button.
5. Open Internet Explorer [use the shortcut above or your method]
6. Click File > Disable “Work Offline”
7. Close Internet Explorer
8. Disable firewall (Do not filter network traffic)
9. Click the “Repair” button located in Windows Live Messenger Connection Troubleshooter.
10. Once the Keyports have the green tick, click Quit button
11. Sign in to MSN

Solution for third party software such as AVG, ESET, Symantec, etc
1. Disable your firewall, antivirus, antispyware.
2. Sign in MSN
3. Re-enable your firewall, antivirus, antispyware.


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6 responses to “Windows Live Messenger WLM MSN Error 80072745 Solution”

  1. CobliClan says :

    If a user has ESET Smart Security 4 installed on their computer and getting the sign-in error “80072745”, here is the solution:

    1. Right-click the ESET Smart Security icon in the system tray and select “Advanced Setup…”.

    2. Click on “Excluded applications” under “Protocol filtering” in the setup column tree.

    3. Locate and check Windows Live Messenger (msnmsgr.exe).

    4. Sign into Windows Live Messenger.

    Furthermore, after these steps are followed, sign out of Windows Live Messenger and put ESET Smart Security in “learn mode”:

    1. Double-click the ESET Smart Security icon in the system tray.

    2. Select “Setup”.

    3. Select “Personal firewall”.

    4. Select “Advanced Personal firewall setup…”.

    5. Change the filtering mode to “Learning mode” using the drop-down box and click OK.

    6. Sign into Windows Live Messenger again so that ESET can set the proper firewall entries for allowing the messenger to function. (Change the filtering mode back to the desired mode when finished.)

    If anyone uses a different virus software/firewall, try to locate similar settings dealing with this same protocol filtering and disable it.



  2. tutness says :

    Well, I got this error on the new MSN Live 2011, and your solution actually worked. Thanks a lot ^_^=


    micro soft should pick it, and give the solution at one point click. or bring the new version of messenger without this problem, i.e immune to this problem.


    I have same problem, i don’t know what to do, so if any friend knows it, please send to my email address.
    i shall be much obliged for that

  5. tipat says :

    THanks for the tip but it doesn’t work.
    I formatted one of my computer purely for Live messenger 9 but to no avail.

  6. NekoMaO says :

    i just kept retrying, it seems like msn is lagging and or gateway having high latency.

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