Closure Walkthrough Complete Levels 1 to 30

About Closure
I’m not going to say much here, I’ll let the game speak for itself. This game requires flash player 10.

Play Online: Closure [Earn Kongregate Badges]

Two achievements & 45 points to earn!
Welcome to Purgatory Badge (medium – 15 points) – Level 10 completed
End of the Line Badge (hard – 30 points) – Level 30 completed

Closure Walkthrough Levels 1-20

Closure Walkthrough Levels 21-30

Story: Tyler Glaiel (
Art/Animation/Design: Jon Schubbe (
Sponsorship: Tom Fulp (
Preloader Screen: Will Stamper (
Special thanks to Edmund McMillen, Tommy Refenes, Tony Lavelle, and Coolio-Niato for providing support
If the game runs slowly, try downloading it.​p


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