Heavy Weapons Walkthrough Guide with Hints from Level 1 to 60

About Heavy Weapons
The ultimate Flash shooter. 21 unique weapons and 60 levels of destruction. (Game published on 2009-05-25)

Play Online: Heavy Weapons [Earn Kongregate Badge]

Four achievements & 65 points to earn!
Loaded Rack Badge (easy – 5 points) – Fill your weapon rack by acquiring 3 different weapon types
Six Figure Salary Badge (medium – 15 points) – Achieve a high score of 100,000 points
Doughnut Death Badge (medium – 15 points) – Defeat the Doughnut of Death boss on level 27
Bacteriazilla Killa Badge (hard – 30 points) – Defeat the final Bacteriazilla boss on level 60

AWSD or arrow keys to move. Mouse to aim and fire.
Q and E, 1,2,3 or mouse scroll button to change weapons

Heavy Weapons – Weapon Guide
In my opinion, these weapons in order are the best upgrade path. It’s not a must to follow this path!
Arc Spread – An upgrade of the standard weapon, good reload speed and higher damage.
Spiraller. – Requires no aiming so you can just concentrate on dodging the enemies or bullets.
Ricochet – Great against lots of enemies, installations or tough enemies like bugs or tanks.
Homing Missiles 4x – Similar to spiraller, requires no aiming and good on faster enemies.
Bomb. – Great on clustered enemies.
Laser Lock – Great against tanks, installations or bugs or fast enemies like the speeders.
Slow Time – Great for getting you out of trouble or a tight spot.
Big lazer – Probably the second best weapon in the game, large reload but powerful.

Heavy Weapons Complete Walkthrough from Level 1 to 60
Level 01 – Avoid enemies. Collect crystals. Don’t upgrade weapon.
Level 02 – Same as Level 1 – avoid, collect, don’t upgrade. [Focus attack on faster enemies]
Level 03 – Same as Level 2. Buy “Arc Spread” after completing Level 3.
Level 04 – Go to the corner of the map and use Arc Spread on Tie Fighters. Buy “Spiraller”.
Level 05 – Stay stationary and use Spiraller against the circling invaders. Buy “Ricochet”
Level 06 – Use Ricochet on installations. To hit both installations at the same time, shoot diagonally.
Level 07 – Use Ricochet/Arc Spread against line of mobs. Collect as much crystals/money as you can!
Level 08 – Use Arc Spread against Speeders. Speeder are faster than you but less maneuverable.
Level 09 – Easy Level. Stay stationary and use Ricochet against TinTin Cubes. Buy “Homing Missiles”
Level 10 – Circle the installation and use Homing Missiles. Move into area with less mobs and shoot.
Level 11 – Equip with Homing Missile, Spiraller and Arc Spread. Kill speeders [white ship] and avoid worms.
Level 12 – Use Ricochet/Arc Spread against Tanks. Kill 1 at a time first.
Level 13 – Equip with Ricochet/Arc Spread and Homing Missile. Buy Bomb after completing Level 13.
Level 14 – These enemies like to cluster/mobs. Guide them so they clump up and use Bomb.
Level 15 – Similar to Level 10. Circle the installation. Focus fire on Speeders. You can outrun other enemies.
Level 16 – All enemies here are very slow, use Bomb against them!
Level 17 – Use Bomb against Big Orange Triangle and Use Spiraller against Small Green Triangle.
Level 18 – Another clustering mob enemies. Guide them so they mob up, and use Bomb. Collect many crystals.
Level 19 – Keep your ship on bottom left to give yourself more time to react.
Level 20 – Another clustering mob enemies. Go in circle so they merge and use Bomb.
Level 21 – These enemies like to circle. Stay stationary and use Spiraller. Buy “Laser Lock” after Level 21.
Level 22 – Use Laser Lock to destroy Portal. Then finish off the smaller enemies with weapon of choice.
Level 23 – Use the clustering technique like other levels. To kill Snake, shoot the head.
Level 24 – Concentrate your attack on smaller/weaker enemies to complete this level as fast as possible.
Level 25 – Difficult level. Use Laser Lock against Doughnut.
Level 26 – Concentrate on Speeders and try to ignore the cubes.
Level 27 – Doughnut of Death. Dodge if he shoots. If it paused, use Ricochet/Laser Lock. Buy “Slow Time”
Level 28 – Use Clustering Technique and finish them off.
Level 29 – Use Laser Lock and Ricochet against installation. Move slowly. Use Slow Time to help dodging.
Level 30 – Use Spiraller/Ricochet against enemies. Use Slow Time for dodging.
Level 31 – Use RailGun/Homing Missiles against these enemies. It would be difficult to pick up their crystals.
Level 32 – Not many enemies here. Use Laser Lock on tough and Spread weapon against spinning enemies.
Level 33 – Keep on the move. Use weapon that can kill them in cluster.
Level 34 – Use Spread/Laser Lock against Speeders. Use Bomb to clear a path through clusters of triangle.
Level 35 – Keep away from the edges as tie fighters spawn there. Use Slow Time and Homing Missiles.
Level 36 – Laser Lock is extremely useful here. Learn the boss pattern and use weapon at the right time.
Level 37 – Big money here. Use Laser Lock on cluster bugs. Spread weapon/Missile against swarmers.
Level 38 – Concentrate on dodging tanks and enemy bullets. Use railgun/homing missile.
Level 39 – Tough level. Use your experience gathered from previous level to deal with this level.
Level 40 – Clear the corner installation first. It would be difficult with circling enemies.
Level 41 – Concentrate on glowing rings. Dodge tanks and bullets. If have opportunity, clear the tanks.
Level 42 – Concentrate on green triangles. They provide more money.
Level 43 – Dodge and clear the area before moving into it.
Level 44 – Use Splinner/Rail gun against helicopters.
Level 45 – Railgun for yellow enemies. Laser Lock and Energy Homers to clear path through the tanks.
Level 46 – Keep on the move. Use Slow Time and use your Favorite Spread Weapon to finish off the cluster.
Level 47 – Keep moving and avoid worms. You can use offense/defensive-slowtime strategy.
Level 48 – Lead snakes from corner to corner. Once most are facing you, shoot snake’s head to kill them.
Level 49 – Buy a lightning weapon against TinTin Cubes 2.
Level 50 – Requires instant weapons to clear the enemies. Heavy stuff for blobbers.
Level 51 – Use Rapid Fire against the UFO [Saucer enemies]. Keep moving.
Level 52 – Use Vortex and BFG with clustering technique.
Level 53 – Vortex, BFG, and Slow Time will help in this level.
Level 54 – Needs good dodging with Slow Time. Use Laser Lock against installations.
Level 55 – You will make tons of money here with the right weapon. Use Spread if stuck at corner.
Level 56 – Same as Level 57.
Level 57 – Same as Level 58.
Level 58 – Same as Level 59.
Level 59 – Requires lots of skill and heavy fire power to win this level.
Level 60 – Use Laser Lock against boss. Learn his pattern before you strike.


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10 responses to “Heavy Weapons Walkthrough Guide with Hints from Level 1 to 60”

  1. Muhammad Hassan says :

    I completed it

  2. dude says :

    this walkthrough is bad. we know that it requires a lot of skills and heavy weapons to complete the levels. and a walkthrough is not only what weapons you should use

  3. Mr. Epic fail says :

    i like to buy the BFG and vortex early. then i let the enemies follow me until no more come. then i crowd them a bit more with the vortex and the use the BFG. then i repeat.

    for the first boss i already have enough for the duck and the laser lock together

  4. Keeper says :

    Spiraller is a great weapon at first better then arc. I find the best weapon build up is.

    homing missles
    homing energy
    lighting turrent
    then either save for duck or get laser lock, but overall i rarely used lazer lock except for heavy tank areas.

    When using spiraller rotate your mouse around your character this makes it shoot all over the place and it does pretty nice damage.
    Overall though I spent most of the time just shooting the smaller fast homing missles then changing and unloading my heavy energy missles, and swapping back to mini missles.

    Lighting turrent is a huge huge must it just destoryes everything.
    I like the duck for the bosses cause it just destoryes the bosses. Key is to wait till the boss stops, as the duck just sits on top of him and hits him for lots and lots of damage. the Duck is out for X amount of time, if you cast duck when the boss is moving you lose lots of damage as the duck chases the boss around.
    Most bosses are easily beat with energy missiles + lazer lock + duck.

    OH I also find Ricochet a 100% worthless weapon, cause it does so little damage. Your better off just about to use some evasion and cast homing missles they do about the same damage and you dont have to try and keep the thing pointed into the hurd. NOW a better item is the Tshape weapon, it has a small Ricochet effect to it and does lots and lots of damage, only downside is a bit of cooldown, however combine it with heavy missles and light ones and you have lots of killing power.

    The Energy ball is pretty good as well but can be a pain to aim it.

    I have tested most weapons on most of the levels. In general its lighting turrent, heavy energy missles and the shield. Forgot to mention the shield its great tool to have. Just need to use it correctly.

  5. Thrak says :

    Spiraller I found useful early on, its fire and forget while you grab cash. Takes a while to get the knack though.

    Final boss I found the heavier homing missiles, big laser and lightning did the trick.

    I agree with woot tho, lightning is essential! Duck is fairly poor.

  6. Woot says :

    The spiraller is near useless, and not money well spent early on. I strongly suggest removing it and Slow Time from the list, and adding Lightning and Energy Homers. Energy homers pack a punch for tougher enemies, while letting you stay mobile. Lighting is INDISPENSABLE for clearing a crowd of eneemies.

  7. Hei says :

    hei! can you make a vid for the bosses?

  8. MyKill says :

    actually, i found that using just the two types of homing missile for levels 1-20 worked best, but thanks for the guide

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