My Dream – Patience and Perseverance

Today I dreamed about a dream that relates to:
President Obama, basketball, some historical guy who can do a far basketball short, basketball hall where soldiers play, white people with red faces.

Here it goes…. I write them first before I forget.

Perhaps it was night time – night party?, the dream started with a newbie soldier wearing green soldier uniform like the one where US air pilots wear them, appeared inside a basketball court where US soldiers are training on basketball.

Kinda surprising though, the basketball had some weird spring equipments for basketball training, and also working offices desktop in the basketball training court.

One of the soldier tour girl guides the handsome mature looking man into the hall, introducing some of her colleagues and later meet with the head/top guy.

Her colleagues seems not to be interested in him as they are focusing on their basketball training.
They think he can’t play basketball.
The white people there had like red faces – seems they are drinking wine/beer or room is hot?

Later, she bring the man to the head person, walking him up through the small staircase to aboard the podium [another platform higher above the basketball court]

She told the chief that he was the man who was the apprentice of the legendary basketball player who can throw a basketball more than half court and into the basket.

The girl thought that the chief would some how be able to bring everyone’s attention to this unanimous/infamous man.

The chief, stood up, goes closely to the microphone and gave a speech.

The speech was about this man who is able to do the legendary throw.

The people in the court who was sitting down, stood up.

The other people who was focusing on their training halted in their tracks.

All turn their faces to the man in his shaby green soldier clothes.

All of a sudden, the man removed his dress, and appeared in white soldier clothes [similar to the navy white].

And he pointed to one of the far left corner of the basketball net.

The people looked at where he pointed, and quickly turn his their eyes towards him.

The chief asked someone to pass him a basketball so he can demonstrate/prove that he can do it.
*Proving that he is the legendary apprentice*

The tour girl passed him the ball.

Everyone gaze in awe and in doubt, Is he able to throw the ball located that far?

The unanimous man dribbles the ball forward and backward, trying to calculate the distance between the throw. [It’s like positioning the hand forward and backward while holding the ball like how most basketball players had a free throw or similar to baseball thrower]

As he was about to throw the ball, suddenly another soldier who was sitting down, suddenly stood up, blocking his view at the basketball net. He was like 7-8 foot tall.

The man didn’t want to hit his face, so he pushed the ball higher as the ball had already lifted from his grip.

The ball glazed through the soldier hair [just like how the bullet glazes a person face but did not hit them]

Everyone eyes followed the ball.

As the ball approaches the net, it somehow went off track more towards the left and out from the target.

Some thought the ball would miss.
Some thought the ball would hit the wall, and bounce into the net.

But as the ball hits the wall on the left, and bounces downwards.

It didn’t have a chance to get into the basketball net.

The ball bounces slowly on the floor… with silence only to be broken by the echoes of the bouncing ball.

Me, the Dreamer: “I could not see what/where the ball rolls as I was in the legendary apprentice view point”.
The audience/spectators behind were blocking the view.

Some of the spectator looked back to the unanimous man. And slowly other followed.

One by one turned their faces back to the man who failed to goal the basketball.

The unanimous man was determined that the ball can go in.

When most of the people in the hall were staring at him like a hawk.

The basketball hit something. Some kind of spring device around the basketball court.

The ball suddenly lifted up into the air, a little higher than the height of the basketball net.

Everyone were shocked when they heard the spring noise/sound when it brought the ball up into the air.

When the people were alarmed by the spring device, they brought their attention back to the ball again.

But as soon as the ball reaches to the highest climax, it drops down again, pulled by Earth gravity force.

It dropped at one of the spring device, and it bounces it up again, but not as high as the first.

And it drop down back and slowly rolls until it stopped.

Me, the Narrator: “This is where President Obama came into the picture”

Then the unanimous man whispers to President Obama ears, – there are no bodyguards nearby the President.

Both were mumbling, I could only hear Obama words saying that “There is no black people here”
Then Obama realized something, the crowd had something in common.

Then he stood up at the podium and gave his speech.

He adviced the people [referring to the red faces] to be patient and preserve during the hard times like playing basketball to reach your goal. Don’t give up too fast. Don’t give up hope too quickly. and something else. If those people had hopes/believes that the ball will go in, it will. That’s when I woke up hahaha. Some kind of moral story.


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  1. Stan says :

    Wow. I have to say that was quite a comprehensive dream you had. Very well written.

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