HomeBoy Heroes Walkthrough and Cheat

About HomeBoy Heroes
The mafia war has begun… You have to protect your territory against the enemy gang that tries to take over.
Bring your armed men to the roofs to shoot and destroy every outsider moving in on your turf in this exciting
tower defense strategy game with catchy graphics and sound effects. Show them who’s the boss!

Play Online: HomeBoy Heroes

Use your mouse to play. Click on the warrior you want/can afford and place him on the map.
Earn money by destroying cars, then buy new warriors, or promote existing ones.

HomeBoy Heroes Tips, Hints and Strategy
Promote/upgrade your units. One high-rank gangster kicks ass better that a dosen of green hands.
Build your towers far away from the entrance, preferably in the middle/center of the map.
This is to reduce the burden of many cars invading at once. By building far away, your tower have the
chance to take down the fast cars first which are leading first. Then the slow car next.
When you have insufficient money to build/upgrade towers and cars are slipping away from tower range,
use TNT to damage the road – this is to slow them down.

Weakness/Bugs found in HomeBoy Heroes as for 22nd May 2009
– Tower does not attack cars after some point of time.
– Tower does not attack cars that is closest to the exit.
– Difficult to deselect a tower selection [when you clicked the tower to build]
– Tower cost is way too expensive or the enemy cars does not provide enough cash.
– Enemy cars avoid TNT roads.
– Enemy cars within attacking range [orange circle] did not attack.

HomeBoy Heroes Walkthrough Final Level

HomeBoy Heroes Tower Stats

How to cheat in HomeBoy Heroes? Money Cheat
1. Open up cheat engine
2. Select your internet browser from your Process List. Example: Firefox/Safari/Chrome/InternetExplorer
3. Enter the “money” value. Assuming its $20 when you start game, enter 20.
4. Select “Double” for Value Type
5. Tick “Truncated”
6. Click “New Scan”
7. Buy something, or sell the tower.
8. Rescan the new “money” value.
9. Once you got few or one value appeared on the left list, copy it to the address list and change the value.
10. Change to 99999. That would be sufficient to buy all types of towers! Enjoy.


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