Pirate Defense Walkthrough – The 101 (No Juggle)

About Pirate Defense
Have you ever watched the end of the old Disney film “Swiss Family Robinson” where they place booby traps everywhere to thwart the pirates, and said to youself, “that looks like fun!?” Well we have, and so we made this! Pirate Defense is a tower defense game with a twist: traps! Use powerful trap combinations to send your pirate enemies through a whirlwind of pain… as well as earn you big gold rewards and points! Can you stop the pirate waves from reaching the top of the screen? Finally, be sure to check out the Pirate Defense theme song! You can even sing along!

Play Online: Pirate Defense [Earn Kongregate Badge]

Five achievements & 80 points to earn!
Greatest Pirate You’ll Find on the Map Challenge – Kill 300 pirates
A Pirate’s Death for You Badge (easy – 5 points) – Kill 100 pirates
Trigger Me Timbers Badge (medium – 15 points) – Easy mode completed
I Won! I Won! At Pirate Defense Badge (hard – 30 points) – Completed The 101
Show Us Your Booby Traps Badge (hard – 30 points) – Scored 175,000 (hard mode)

Videos, tooltips, a sample level, and a tutorial are provided in the game.
Primarily you use the mouse to lay down traps. Use “Linkage” to enter linkage mode and connect triggers to traps to set them off. Hotkeys are also provided and can be changed through settings. ‘P’ for Pause.

Pirate Defense Combo Types
Below is my estimation of how the combo works, if there are mistakes, let me know and I’ll correct it!
Nice Combo – 4x Combo Tally
Awesome Combo – 5x Combo Tally
Great Combo – 6x Combo Tally
Excellent Combo – 7x Combo Tally
Wicked Combo – 8x Combo Tally
Stellar Combo – 9x Combo Tally
Insane Combo – 10x Combo Tally
Super Combo – 12x Combo Tally
OMG Combo
=@$%x!!!! Combo – Above 14x Combo Tally. Enables NaN gold [Infinite Gold Cheat/Hack]

How the combo system works?
Every Combo earns 60 points and 3 gold. You can reach more than 18X Combo Tally by making a very lengthy path flanked with Explosive Traps, the explosion must be constant/consecutive to earn high combo. But you will not earn extra points or gold for having such a high combo tally. It’s best to have it constant! 4-6x combo. So, assuming that you hit 10x Combo Tally, that would be 600 points and 30 gold. Below is a list:
1x Combo Tally = 60 points + 3 gold
2x Combo Tally = 120 points + 6 gold
3x Combo Tally = 180 points + 9 gold
4x Combo Tally = 240 points + 12 gold
5x Combo Tally = 300 points + 18 gold and so forth.

Updated Pirate Defense Maze Design
The 2nd picture is the updated maze version, that allows players to hit 10X Combo Tally [600 points!!!]
Click the picture/thumbnail below to zoom in. The first version could hit 4x-6x Combo Tally.
pirate_defense_ayumilove_unpenetratable_mazepirate_defense_101_hard_mode_10x_combo_tallypirate defense auto juggle 14x combo tally

Pirate Defense Walkthrough 101 and Hard Mode – 1,000,000 points, NO life lost. Pure Traps.
This is my video walkthrough that uses pure traps without the need for juggling nor building spear/c-bomb/rifle turrets to kill enemies. The method I used below is basically using swing and log roll traps to push enemies to where I want them to be, sticky tar and piranha pond to delay pirates so the other traps have sufficient time to reload, and explosive traps to blast nearby enemies! Great for combo too! If you want to have an overview of how the final maze looks like, click the thumbnail/picture above to zoom in. However, there are slight adjustment needed in the early wave to avoid losing life. Watch the video below to find out!

Ayumilove’s Review on Pirate Defense
It was difficult to play this game at first, because I’m much more familiar and used to building turrets to shoot enemies/creeps. I did not go through the tutorial because there are too much unnecessary information. So, I just decided to try the pre-set, and the developer who have implemented this idea is good. It would be easier to see how the traps/building work with a sample map with turrets place inside. But still, it was difficult to comprehend on how it works, even after watching tasselfoot’s video. Luckily, I found another video walkthrough that shows the steps on how to apply the triggers and create the chain-reaction traps. From there, I have an idea on how to design my maze.

Pirate Defense Walkthrough – The 101 (No Juggle)

Pirate Defense Walkthrough – Hard Mode (No Juggle, Lots of Trap Combos)

Pirate Defense Cheat (Cheat Engine – Cheats for Cash, Lives, Score, Waves)


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6 responses to “Pirate Defense Walkthrough – The 101 (No Juggle)”

  1. Gumby says :

    Holy crap, your no-death trap combo for the 101/hard is insane. I’ve been visiting here since your Mushroom Revolution information; you are THOROUGH and have better info than anywhere else, usually. I have to give you special props for that trap combo this time, though. That is sick.

  2. EviLRivaL says :

    I wasnt all too keen on pirate defence.. didnt give me the same vibe as like classic defence games do 🙂 but stunning guide/walkthrough… btw saw ur 1,000,000 vid was awsome =D ^^

  3. dEr_RiNkE says :

    totally awesome guide … thank you 🙂

  4. Snowman25 says :

    Your Hard walktrough won’t work for me… only 162270 points

    • ayumilove says :

      That is tasselfoot walkthrough, I’ll be uploading my video walkthrough on youtube soon, it has 1,000,000 points – without using any juggle but pure traps [no need any turrets to shoot creep!] Don’t worry, its solid proof easy-to-follow strategy, guarantee no life lost ^_^

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