RaveBoy Dancing Through The Night Techno Remix Download Lyric

RaveBoy Dancing Through The Night Lyric
Download Link: RaveBoy Dancing through the night MP3 5.1 MB
Come and take my hand… forever
I want you by my side
Let us have some fun… together
Dancing through the night
Chorus x2
[Turn it up]
[Pump up the volume]
D-D-Dancing through the night…


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6 responses to “RaveBoy Dancing Through The Night Techno Remix Download Lyric”

  1. Matt says :

    Anyone know what the password is to the “Download Techno” section? x[

  2. Daniel says :

    Gah, I want it as well! D=

  3. Ryan says :

    What is the password to get into the “Download Techno” Section? I really want to download them! xD

  4. ABC says :

    He/She/It has forgot the word keep infront of Dancing through the night at the lyrics

  5. wendy says :

    I get it
    thanks ayumi

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