Epic Battle Fantasy Walkthrough Tips Hints

About Epic Battle Fantasy
Fight your way through waves of enemies, arcade-RPG style. It has elements from many different games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, MapleStory, Machines, etc. You start off with a party that consist of 2 members, 1 warrior and 1 magician. There are many bosses to fight against.

Play Online: Epic Battle Fantasy

Select commands from the menus and make the enemies die.
In game descriptions of skills are available.

Warrrior Battle Options
Sword Type
Devil’s Sunrise – Drains MP. Effect works with Attack, Windslash, and Legend.
Blood Blade – Drains HP. Effect works with Attack, Drain, WindSlash, Legend
Stone Edge – Boosts the power of Quake. Useful on harder settings when you need extra defence.
Inferno – Boosts the power of Erruption. Adds Fire element to certain attacks.
Rune Blade – Screamer, Power Metal, Seiken
Soul Eater – Wind Slash, Drain, Legend

Devil’s Sunrise – Atk -30% Def +10% Matk +10% Mdef +10%
Blood Blade – Def +10% Mdef +10%
Stone Edge – Atk +10% Def +40% Matk -10% Mdef +20%
Inferno – Atk +10% Matk +20% Mdef +10%
Rune Blade – Atk -10% Def -10% Matk +30% Mdef +30%
Soul Eater – Atk 60% Def -20% Matk -20% Mdef -20%

Epic Battle Fantasy Tips/Hints
How to kill Undead quickly?
– Equip Heaven’s Gate [Sword Swap] : This allows you to deal more damage when you use Seiken.
– Use Seiken [Bushido] : This offense skill deals +30K damage. Great against Undead Boss Goku Dragon Ball
– Don’t use any friendly buff during mini undead creep. They will counter it with debuff. [cancels your buff]
– Apply Attack Potion [+50%] or Temper [+40%] to deal extra damage against Undead Boss.
How to kill Black Robot Boss?
– Use Bomb/Grenade and use Lightning attack [Black Magic – Magician Skill]
– For warrior, equip with Soul Eater and Temper/Attack Potion and attack with Legend.
How to kill a neutral creep and neutral boss quickly?
– For warrior, equip with Soul Eater and Temper/Attack Potion and attack with Legend.
– For magician, use any element magic skill or Summon Canti [-120 MP] for 15K Damage.
How to kill many/mob of creep quickly?
– For warrior, equip Soul Eater boosted by Temper/Attack Potion and apply WindSlash.
– For magician, boost with magic attack and use Pulsar [heavy non-elemental damage]
How to kill regice boss quickly?
– For warrior, equip Inferno Sword and apply Erruption [Fire Element Attack]
– For magician, apply Fireball.
How to kill earth boss quickly?
– For warrior, equip Soul Eater Sword and use Legend that deals multiple hits.
– For magician, use Glaciar [deals +12k damage]


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