CasualCollective Desktop Tower Defense Pro DTD NA2 NAC SA4 H2 Juggle Walkthrough Guide

About DTD Desktop TD Pro 2
Long time coming, but it’s finally here. Desktop TD Pro welcomes you to unlock the 24 custom Scenarios, think up devilish new modes in the Sandbox, race for your life in the Sprints and out think others in the Multiplayer.
New graphics to bring it up to date and a few new Creeps to keep you on your toes. Find out how the speedy Arrows, damage sucking Decoys and cheating Hoppers will force you to rethink your mazes and your sanity.

Play Online: Desktop TD PRO [Earn Kongregate Badges and Achievements]

Four achievements & 80 points to earn!
Professional Desk Cleaner Challenge – Complete 15 scenarios
“I Know Kung Fu” Badge (easy – 5 points) – 5 scenarios completed – Technically this can be any 5.
“I Do What I Want!” Badge (medium – 15 points) – 5,000 points scored (sandbox mode)
Spawning Grounds Massacre Badge (hard – 30 points) – SA4 completed (under 20 minutes)
*Your displayed score by this stat on Kongregate is 100k minus the seconds you took. You need 98800.
Oh Snap! Badge (hard – 30 points) – 24 scenarios completed
*If you’ve already completed all 24, redo any single scenario to earn this badge.

The first five Scenarios are tutorials, so if you haven’t played before start there.
Otherwise you know the drill: Buy Towers, kill Creeps, build bigger Towers. Pwn.

Click one of the following links below to visit specific walkthrough:-
CasualCollective Desktop Tower Defense Pro DTD NA2 NAC SA4 H2 Juggle
CasualCollective Desktop Tower Defense Pro DTD NAC Normal Arcade Corner Entrance
CasualCollective Desktop Tower Defense Pro DTD SA4 Sprint Spawn 4 Entrance Holepunch HP
CasualCollective Desktop Tower Defense Pro DTD H2 Sprint Hard Creeps Juggle
CasualCollective Desktop Tower Defense Pro DTD Scenario Complete Guide
CasualCollective Desktop Tower Defense Pro DTD NA NS Normal Arcade No Sell


What is Creep Juggling / Juggling Technique in Tower Defense?
1. Juggling is available only in tower defense that allows player to construct their own maze using towers.
2. This is done by creating 2 routes, 1 is currently blocked and the other is accessible by creep.
3. When the creep is nearing the exit of the 1st route, quickly unblock the 2nd route, and block the 1st route.
4. Unblocking 2nd route through selling the tower, while blocking 1st route through building a tower.
5. The action 3 and 4 can keep looping till all the creeps dies.
6. Juggling is fun when there is no penalty for selling tower and has least delay for buying/upgrading tower.

Advantage of Creep Juggling
There are 5 advangages: You save money, space, delay monster [extend route] and produce quality towers.
Save Money and Space – You are reusing the same towers to hit the monster.
Produce Quality Tower – The extra funds is used for upgrades to deal more damage.
Delay Monster – Extends maze route length depending on each successful juggling.
Active participation of players – Players won’t feel bored with little thing to do while creep invades.

Hints/Tips on creating your juggling maze in Desktop Tower Defense Pro

1. First, identify the entry and exit of the maze. This depends on the map [2 entry corner / 4 entry / 2 entry]
2. Go to sandbox mode and roughly design 2 route maze. The alternative route is a must for juggle maze.
3. Next, refine your maze. Which is the best position to place your towers.
4. Simplify your maze. In real gam
5. Test it out with all 50 Waves invading at the same time. This is to check for any creep leaking.
6. Test it out on a normal game without multiplayer.
7. If you can successfully complete the game till Wave 50, test against real-players in Sprint Multiplayer.
8. Once you have gone through a few multiplayer, prioritize which tower should be build first.
9. Keep practising till you are able to win all players in the game and reach Level 50.
10. If you have lost, think back what went wrong, why other player can sprint faster than you.
11. If you won, check other player maze formation, why they lost easily, so you don’t make same mistake.
12. You can help other newbie players and exchange ideas with senior players to build the ultimate maze!
13. Last but not least, have fun juggling! ^_^

Deskto TD Pro Creep Introduction
Normal – Standard creep type – A creep with no special abilities.
Immune – Cannot be slowed – Immune to Frost Towers and will not be hit by them.
Group – Who likes to stick together – Huddles together with its friends in a single group.
Fast – Faster than most – Moves very quickly.
Spawn – Split personality – Splits into two or more creeps when it dies.
Flying – Passes over towers – Flies over your towers straight to the exit.
Arrow – Fast in straight line [NEW] – Accelerate top speed if it does not go zigzag.
Dark – Be afraid [NEW] – Has armor that protects it from a certain amount of damage.
Decoy – Truely annoying [NEW] – Splits into 4 slow slow creeps when it dies.
Hopper – They don’t hang around [NEW] – They can hop over your maze if have thin gaps.
Morph – Can’t make up their mind [NEW] – Changes its type over time to escape your maze! [NEW]
Boss – Appears for all types. Have higher HitPoints/Health.

Deskto TD Pro Tower Introduction
Pellet Tower – Cheap tower that fires pellet.
Squirt Tower – Quick firing tower that upgrades well.
Dart Tower – Slow firing tower that damages an area on the ground. [also known as rocket tower]
Swarm Tower – Anti-air tower that fires 4 missles at a time.
Frost Tower – This tower freezes creep to slow them down.
Bash Tower – Damages the ground around it, plus a chance to stun.
Ink Tower – Shoots blobs of ink that stick to the ground. [also known as Inky]
Snap Tower – This tower only fires once and damages the area around it.
Boost Tower – Add damage to those towers around it. [also known as Stunner]

Deskto TD Pro Tower Introduction
Pellet Tower
Squirt Tower
Dart Tower
Swarm Tower – Anti-air tower that fires 4 missles at a time.
Frost Tower – This tower freezes creep to slow them down.
Bash Tower – Damages the ground around it, plus a chance to stun.
Ink Tower – Shoots blobs of ink that stick to the ground. [also known as Inky]
Snap Tower – This tower only fires once and damages the area around it.
Boost Tower – Add damage to those towers around it. [also known as Stunner]

Desktop TD Pro Tower Name : Level 1-5 Tower -> Level 6 Tower
Frost Tower -> Blizzard Tower
Bash Tower -> Quake Tower
Ink Tower -> Ink-Blot Tower
Pellet Tower -> Sniper Tower
Squirt Tower -> Typhoon
Snap Tower -> Spike Tower
Swarm Tower -> Storm Tower
Dart Tower -> ICBM Tower [ICBM – International Ballistic Missile]

Deskto TD Pro Analysis
This game has added new creeps that has special abilities and a sandbox that allows players to customize their own maze! Sandbox can modify the gameplay by setting difficulty mode, map size, entrance at side/corner, selecting only particular creep to invade, setting up the handicap for player by checking/unchecking towers that they can use, and setting limited/unlimited amount of towers that can be produced. Also, there is a option to disallow juggling [option to turn off selling tower]

Pellet Tower, the cheapest building in Desktop TD PRO, is used to establish your maze formation so later you can replace some of them with your primary towers that do the killing. Players uses all types of towers at their disposal, but not often for Snap Towers. How to use Snap Tower? Basically player place it in a strategic position which it can hurt many creep at once, and once its activated, the tower deals its damage and automatically removed from maze. It is costly and primarily used during creep outbreak [emergency].

Desktop Tower Defense PRO Box Maze Walkthrough
I learned about this technique after losing to a guy who uses this maze box strategy. He places the rockets and swarm towers in the middle, which is boosted up by a boost tower! The second attempt on Desktop TD Pro, I used the exact method, and it works! However the weakness of this tower defense with just rockets/dart and swarm tower is it lacks of fast attacking towers, so if you are not leading the creep and someone else did, then many creeps will invade your maze. Hence it provides little time for the slow shooting dart/rocket towers to finish them off. I discovered about this weakness during a match with ToxicAi, a helpful friendly Kongregate member who is kind to explained how her maze works using Ink Towers without Juggling.

Desktop Tower Defense PRO : Inky + Rocket + Swarm + Juggling
With ToxicAi’s Ink Strategy and Dart-Swarm-Booster in the center, it seems that the defense of the maze is pretty solid. ToxicAi also mentioned a useful tip to counter purple hoppers. The towers must be alligned with no open-angle gaps between the towers. This prevents hoppers from moving through your maze easily like the air units. You might notice there are some leftover gaps nearby the Ink Tower, it is useful to trap Mini Decoy Creep which explodes after the parent Decoy is killed. The maze below has a 2nd route to allow Juggling for bosses that are hard to kill, or creeps that escape to deep into your maze. 3 great techniques!
Notice that maze path is zigzag, this is to prevent Arrow Creep from accelerating top speed on straight path.

Desktop Tower Defense PRO : 9 Ink Blot Trap + Juggling
Here is my third attempt using Ink Blot without the aid of Bash Tower and Frost Tower. The new objective here is to sprint through the 50 creep invasion! To achieve this, kill the creep as fast as possible using Ink Tower that is cheap and powerful against mob of creep. Selling Swarm Towers when there are no air units to fund and upgrade Ink Tower is 1 method to optimize your money. Juggling is also applied here! I discovered that 3 Ink Blot [Level 6 Ink] deals more damage than Quake Tower [Level 6 Bash] and able to clear small and big creeps easily, especially Decoy that burst into many mini decoy. I also learned to extend my 2nd route for juggling in case when the top is populated by creep, I can still block them at the bottom!

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro NA2 Updated 10 min Multiplayer

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Pro NA2 HeyLuke 9 minutes

DTD Pro NA2 sprint, 9:23 (no leaks)

DTD Desktop Tower Defense NA2 10:12 (Grace Ink) Non Multiplayer
This is a new strategy I learned from my new friend Grace (aka Christophe) who made this ink tower position. But his strategy have a very slow start in the beginning. It also looks like one of my ink tower maze that I used on Desktop Tower Defense DTD NA2 Hard Sprint where ink towers are primarily use for mobs and boss. So I went and modified Grace Ink Strategy by combining a few strategies such as Cisz Pellet Maze, Heyluke Squirts to speed up the beginning and later on Grace Ink Tower takes care the rest. Before level 47, I switched my ink tower position again to maximize the booster coverage. And at the end, added 2 more Ink Towers in the center. Total 8 Ink Blots (Level 6 Ink Towers) supported by 2 Boosters.

DTD Desktop Tower Defense NA2 MP 10:04 Modified Grace Ink Strategy
Here is a video applying Grace Ink Tower Strategy with Cisz and Heyluke Starting Strategy on Multiplayer. If you would want to try, you need to have some basics in juggling technique and practise buying and selling towers quickly using the “S” shortcut. So you can maximize your funds by transfering from inks to swarmers.

DTD Desktop Tower Defense Mini NA2 MP 9:50 Modified Grace Ink
Here is another video using Grace Ink Strategy but on a Mini Na2. Some stuff I could fix is having a longer route below the inks to prevent fast creeps to escape, quickly from squirts to ink before the first decoy wave approaches. A new technique I learned which is using snap to delay the air boss creep. If you do not snap, your air boss will slip pass your maze very fast, and you won’t earn any reward for it.

Desktop Tower Defense Pro Tower Stats

How to counter purple hopper in Desktop TD PRO

How to counter purple hopper in Desktop TD PRO


Desktop Tower Defense PRO : Fine Tuning Maze [final result of 3 video above]
DTD Desktop Tower Defense Normal Arcade 2 Entrance No Sell

DTD NA2 Pure Ink Opening Revised Walkthrough 10 min


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