Faze Walkthrough Complete Level 1 to 19

About Faze
Everyone else is doing it. A puzzle flash game where players are required to use switches to change laser lights or switch the direction of the source to lead them to their exits! 19 Levels, both mind-tickling and challenging.

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Game Instructions
L1. Guide the lazers to the exits. Drag with the mouse to move blocks or click to rotate them.
L2. Use a rotator block to change color of a lazer! Red-Blue-Green in a clockwise direction!
L4. Use a splitter block to make two lazers from one!
L6. Use a prism block to split a lazer into different colors! Red-Green-Blue in a clockwise direction.
L8. A lazer can pass through another using a bridge block!

Faze Walkthrough Complete Level 1 to 19 Solutions
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Faze Walkthrough – All 19 Levels


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