The Great War of Prefectures Walkthrough Tips Hints

About The Great War of Prefectures
Invade and build to become the Emperor of Japan!
Hire soldiers, and build laboratories and military bases on conquered lands to strengthen your army.
Note: It takes more than an hour to complete this game, which includes the final alien boss organism.

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The Great War of Prefectures Save Files (.Sol/Save File)
Download Link: The Great War of Prefectures [Final Boss Undefeated + Japan region captured]
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows XP users]
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\CVHFJVKH\\gamez004\3560\live\prefecturelogomochi.swf
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows Vista users]
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomLetterAndNumber%\\gamez004\3560\live\prefecturelogomochi.swf

Game Instructions:
Use mouse only! Select a prefecture (region). Click the Save button twice to save.
Hire soldiers by selecting a soldier type on the left side bar and click on your prefecture
Move your army by dragging the mouse over your soldiers and click on one of the arrows which appear.
Build labs to increase your soldier type and strategy.
Drag the “hold” icon to command your army during combat, or click on “hold” icon to automate attack.
When you run out of options, simply click “Finish Turn”.

Combat Instructions
During combat, drag the “hold” tab side ways to position your army for attack,
Click on the “hold” tab to unleash death (“hold” switches to “will”)
Use the mini map on the top right corner to move the main map (drag the white box).
Use the bar next to the mini map to zoom in and out

Video: The Great War of Prefectures Walkthrough Final Alien Boss

Video: The Great War of Prefectures Walkthrough Final Alien Boss
1. Start at Okinawa
2. Build Soldier Laboratory to earn +1 Star Weapon Research – Unlocks Defender and Knight
3. Build at least 6 Defender as meat shield and many knights. Conquer the next prefecture/region.
4. Repeat step 2 and 3. You can assist army with 2-3 medics and Ninja.
5. Once you reach 5 STAR Weapon Research. Hire Samurai assisted by Medic and Defender.
6. The remaining prefectures are used to build Giant Magnetic Field to create 1 Green Giant.
Note: Every 15 days, Green Giant appears at your prefecture. Day Order: 15,30,45,60,75,90…
7. Before you capture the last prefecture/region, prepare some green giants at the 3 main areas.
Note1: The 3 main areas are Hokaido, Nagasaki and Ishikawa.
Note2: Place at least 1 or more green giants assisted with many samurai.

How to conquer all 47 prefectures with only pure samurai under 40 days?
1. Follow the steps above.
2. Instead of building “Giant Magnetic Field”, fill the vacant slots with Strategy Laboratory.
3. Once you have the “Zeus”, you can resurrect 60% friendly dead soldier. Save money too!
4. You can also apply “Asclepius” to heal your units so they don’t die easily.
5. Having said that, just use Samurai and conquer each and every prefecture!
6. Using pure samurai to defeat alien boss will take awhile, its best to have a few green giants tagged along.

How to conquer all 47 prefectures under 25 days?
1. Start at Aomori that has the “Sacred Ground” as natural power – produces 3 Skeletons per day.
2. Build Graveyard – produces 2 Skeletons per day.
3. Hire Gladiators. Total of 5 Skeletons per day with few Gladiators.
4. Once you have sufficient Skeletons and Gladiators, attack Hokkaido to obtain its Goldmine 1.5X Revenue!
5. Then conquer the nearby prefectures till you can reach Niigata to obtain 2nd Goldmine 1.5X Revenue!
6. Each conquered prefecture, establish a Giant Magnetic Field to create Giants at Day 15!
7. The Green Giants will be relocated at Hokkaido, Nagasaki, and Ishikawa, those are the alien invasion spots.
8. Note: Prefectures that has defense boost does not help in building your army to invade next prefecture.
9. Aim for prefectures that has Goldmine 1.5X (such as Yamanashi) or the ones that produces soldiers!
10. By day 15, you can conquer half of the entire prefecture. Approximately 23 prefectures.
11. Split those Green Giants in 3 Groups to protect those 3 key areas from being invaded by aliens.
12. After day 16, build sufficient Soldier Laboratory to reach 5 STAR Weapon Research.
13. This allows you to hire Samurai that cost $100 each.You can afford them with 3 Gold mines ^_^

The Great War of Prefectures Tips and Hints
1. Save game before you launch an invasion to the nearby prefectures.
2. Load game if you are unable to capture the prefecture.
3. Think why you could not win it, was it too little soldiers? They have too many defenders/medics/archer?
4. If your men are going down fast because of the archers, use “hold” mode and drag it to the archer position
5. This allows your men to take down the archers/medics so they won’t kill more of your armies.
6. Use “Aelous” strategy to boost your soldier’s movement speed to reach enemy range units quickly.
7. To conserve money, use Green Giants against enemy army. Those guys can endure lots of damage!
8. 6 green giants assisted with medics and samurai is powerful to take over any prefectures.
9. To make an invincible army, group many medics, defender and knights.
10. Quickly conquer as many regions/prefectures to earn more money!
11. Make sure your prefecture isn’t empty without any army. This will tempt enemies army to take over!
12. If you notice any empty enemy prefecture, send 1 soldier there to capture it. Easy capture ^_^
13. Prevent enemy from creating Green Giants for capturing their prefecture that has Giant Magnetic Field!
14. Use “Aelous” Strategy to speed up your soldier movement to reach to the enemy side quickly!
15. Use “Helios” Strategy if there are few range enemies.

The Great War of Prefectures Strategy
Each time you construct a Strategy Laboratory in a prefecture, you will earn additional strategy.
However, the first 2 strategy is sufficient, and with a strong army, enemy strategy could not defeat you.
With more than 10 green giants, you can defeat any enemy army even though they have all strategy, which
includes Zeus, revives 60% of the dead. They will be crushed easily by Green Giants swinging mace.
Aelous – Increases speed by calling the god of wind.
Helios – Increases attack power by calling the god of sun.
Gaia – Increases defense power by calling the god of earth.
Erebus – Quickly withdraws military by calling the god of shadow.
Hephaestus – Rebuilds barricade by calling god of smiths.
Hades – Attacks enemies by calling the god of the underworld.
Asclepius – Heals soldiers by calling the god of healing.
Hemera – Freezes enemies with strong radiance by calling the goddes of light.
Eos – Revives all dead soldiers as Skeletons by calling the goddes of dawn.
Zeus – Revives 60% of dead soldiers by calling the king of gods.

The Great War of Prefectures Natural Powers
Each region/prefecture has their own unique natural power. Some provides more units after some turn,
while other provides better defenses against enemy invasion. Below is a list of natural powers.
Goldmine – Prefecture revenue 1.5%
Castle – Enemy short and long range attack powers decrease by 30% during defense.
Forest – Enemy long range attack power diminishes during defense.
River – Enemy short range attack power diminishes during defense.
Marsh – Decreases enemy speed during defense.
Shrine – Enemy strategy effects diminish during defense.
Rifle Blacksmiths Village – Creates 1 Sniper every 3 days.
Ninja Village – Creates 1 Ninja every 2 days.
Sword blacksmiths Village – Creates 1 Gladiator per day.
Sacred Ground – Creates 3 skeletons per day.
Quarantine – Weak Unidentified Organisms shower from the sky during defense.

The Great War of Prefectures is a flash game based on the popular game called Shogun: Total War Warlord where your objective is to capture all provinces/prefectures/regions to unite Japan / the whole country. The flash game is pretty interesting as you can build armies, and use them to invade nearby prefectures. You can give orders/commands to your group of soldiers with “Will” mode to allow them freely kill, or “hold” mode that does not allow them to freely move, but you can point them where to move. This is essential to take down the enemy range units that are far behind the battle field. Each prefecture have their own special natural powers which are listed above. It could either boost your defense, earn more money or even spawn/train a new unit after a few days. There are 47 prefectures to capture, but does not include 4 more prefectures which are owned by the aliens. The ending is pretty special since there are new type of enemies but you can’t train/hire them. And the natural power within the alien territory does not work for you, only for aliens! The alien boss was pretty challenging but can be easily defeated by throng of Green Giants swinging maces.

The gameplay for this game wasn’t a smooth ride. Below is a list of points that I find useful to improve it.

Player cannot select all units instantly to move them to friendly/unfriendly prefecture. They are forced to click 1 unit at a time and this is quite a hassle when there are 47 prefectures to occupy and channeling soldiers from each prefecture is tiresome. The developer informed me there was another alternative way to select many units at once, which is double clicking on a particular unit. This selects all same unit type. You can also select units just by dragging from 1 corner and releasing it, similar to selecting multiple files/folders on your desktop.

Secondly, players are unable to build multiple buildings in 1 prefecture. Imagine a prefecture has a huge area, but it only supports 1 building? Quite surprised with this. Thirdly, most of the battle scenes are the same, and some natural powers can’t be seen in the battle field. For example, forest/rivers that helps boost the defense, but player could not see where is the river nor forest. Fourthly, the HP/Health bars are difficult to view. They are too small, and a little confusing at first. The invaders uses blue health bar while the defenders uses red health bar.

Fifth, player could not scroll the map using arrow keys on the keyboard. This is frustrating as most controls are done using mouse. Sixth, during the battle, if you have many types of soldiers, those tabs will overlap each other, making it difficult to click on them to set their modes from “Hold” to “Will”. Seventh, only 1 type of strategy can be used per battle. But shouldn’t that be not called as strategy? In my opinion, it’s more like spell casting on the battle like Heroes of Might and Magic.

Eight, you are only allowed to control a group of same unit type to attack the enemy at one time. But could not break them into 2 or more smaller groups. This looks to me like a group of units in 1 array or something.
Also, you can’t order your range units to attack a specific enemy. It basically attacks the closest enemy.

Last but not least, you can’t have soldiers from 2 or more of your friendly province to group up together and attack enemy prefecture, which can be done in Shogun Total War Map. It only limits to 21 soldier from only 1 prefecture at a time to attack it. Most of the buildings are not built because its not valued for space compare to Giant Magnetic Field and weird tower defenses that does not help in expanding one’s prefecture.

I’ll give The Great War of Prefectures a rating of 7/10 for its efforts and the graphics used in the game which are : simple round cute soldier, simple battle, and interesting “strategy” not found in Shogun: Total War and the surprising ending “Alien Invasion”.

The Great War of Prefectures Tutorial


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