Collider Walkthrough Complete Levels 1-25

About Collider

COLLIDER is an addictive and fun physics-based game featuring 25 intricate levels of play and hours of dynamically generated music. An auto-save feature automatically saves your progress so you can suspend the game and continue playing where you left off at a later time.

Play Online: Collider

Game Instructions
Use the mouse to pickup balls from the tray and place them anywhere above the radiation line.
Then press play to set them in motion.
Clear all of the positive and negative balls on the level by making them collide into each other.

Collider Walkthrough Level 1 to 15

Collider Walkthrough Levels 16 to 25


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  1. Dan Russell-Pinson says :

    Collider is now available on the iPhone with 56 levels to play and lots of enhancements. The graphics are updated, your progress is automatically saved and there’s a new fast-forward button!

    You can download it from iTunes now:

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