The Very Best of 8-bit Audio Collection

Grade A [8-10]
Metropolis [8-Bit] by ParagonX9
8-Bit Toxic by EliteFerrex
The Rise (8-Bit Remix) by Carl Dixon (iFreak)
Trippicrunched Christmas by ImperfectDisciple
Shin Chan Ending (8-bit) by PixlCrushr
Nintendo Disco by tedJohnston
Dr. Crafty’s Castle (8-bit) by NickPerrin
LoZ:TP – Hyrule Field 8-Bit by Charem
Grade B [6-7]
8-bit kirby by Shawn Dall (Chronamut)
~Once Again~ by Pow Pow Samurai
Shawn Dall (Chronamut) by
Lemmings Medley (Act 1)+*~.0 by Shawn Dall (Chronamut)
{NA} Twilight Village by NovusAlias (DJ-Gerian)
Thiamin[8-bit] by Gram (teddygram)
Sonic 3 2A03: Special Stage by EdgeHypermatter
Grade C [3-5]
Banjo’s House by JohnDare
Serpent Trench (8-bit)+*~.0 by Shawn Dall (Chronamut)
=Guilt and Ecstasy= by Hades (Hades0013)
Emerald Hill Zone (in 8-bit) by PixlCrushr
MMX 2A03: Storm Eagle by EdgeHypermatter
8-Bit Smells Like Teen Spirit by Yungfoo
Kim – Old melody 8-bitted by Kimken
(8-Bit) Ghostbusters Theme by tsunami334
6:00 AM (Animal Crossing) by PixlCrushr
Grade D [1-2]
(8-Bit) Mad World by tsunami334
{dB} Spiral Mountain (8-Bit) by Deejay Bastard Feedback (darphfluffy)
K9 – ATE-BIT by keatonkeaton999
earthbound giygas by Shawn Dall (Chronamut)
DKC 2A03: Fear Factory by EdgeHypermatter
Full Force (Contra Force) by NickPerrin


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