Planet Basher Walkthrough, Tips, Cheat

About Planet Basher
Your country needs YOU! Save the world by taking to the skies and bringing back as much stardust as you can carry. You are a pioneer, paving the way so that others may succeed in your wake. Do not disappoint them. Upgrade, collect, then upgrade again. Do whatever it takes. Just do it quickly.
The best of the best can do it in under 8 rounds. Some say it’s even possible to do it in 5. Can you?

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Game Instruction
Everything is controlled by the mouse. Your aim is to collect 200 stars in a single round to prove that it can be done and to set the benchmark for your fellow explorers.




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2 responses to “Planet Basher Walkthrough, Tips, Cheat”

  1. Nyuszikaa says :

    How to stop that infinity bounce without having to start from stratch?

    • ayumilove says :

      There is no other way than having your rocket to obtain the stars falling down from the top. It would be kinda slow, but you earn lots of star dust 😀

      If you want to stop the loop, you either refresh the page to start all over again, or just wait for your rocket to collect 200 stars.

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