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About Hero’s Arms Walkthrough
This is our new game, which is kind of a good-old Zelda-like adventure game. We made it very retro-fashioned on purpose, to bring back the “magic” of the 80’s games. The game has a decent length if you want to complete everything in it, which should take around 20 to 25 hours, or more like 10 to 15 hours for a first run just trying to beat it.

You’ll need to defeat monsters along the way of the outside world to find dungeons where quest items (or treasures) are kept safe by big monsters. Those relics are then used to grant passage to the evil Gordzak’s lair, which you’ll have to destroy in order to beat the game. To accomplish this you will need to upgrade your gear and your personal strength by leveling up and finding magic items.

Play Online: Hero’s Arms [Earn Kongregate Badge]

Four achievements & 95 points to earn!
“Hey! Listen!” Badge (easy – 5 points) Begin your journey by learning the ropes and slaying 20 enemies
“Your Quest is in Another World” Badge (hard – 30 points) – Complete the first world in Hero’s Arms
Gadzooks, Gordzak Badge (hard – 30 points) – Complete the entirety of your adventure in Hero’s Arms
“Gotta Kill ‘Em All!” Badge (hard – 30 points) – Complete the entire bestiary in Hero’s Arms

Game Instructions
Use the Arrows Keys (or W,A,S,D) to move around and navigate in the inventory screen.
Space Bar to bring up the inventory
Z or N to attack (confirm in menus)
X or M to perform magical attack (cancel in menus)
You can change the quality in the inventory screen.

Hero’s Arms Save Files (.Sol/Save File)
Download Link: World 2 Gordzak Lair [Final Boss Undefeated + Full Equipment + Potion]
Extract the downloaded file using WinRAR / 7zip / WinZip then… copy it into 1 of the location below:
Download Link: Hero’s Arm Save File .sol [Complete Kongregate Badge]
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows XP users]
C:\Documents and Settings\(User Name)\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(Random Numbers)\chat.kongregate.com\gamez \ 0004 \ 2284 \live\hero_arms_kong_primary.swf
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows Vista users]
C:\Documents and Settings\(Usern Name)\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(Random Number)\chat.kongregate.com\gamez \ 0004 \ 2284 \live\hero_arms_kong_primary.swf
Copy and paste the save file at [for Mac OSX users]
/Users/(User Name)/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/(Random Numbers)/chat.kongregate.com/gamez / 0004 / 2284 /live/hero_arms_kong_primary.swf
Copy and paste the save file at [for Linux users]
/home/(User Name)/.macromedia/Flash_Player/#SharedObjects/(Random Numbers)/chat.kongregate.comgamez / 0004 / 2284 /live/hero_arms_kong_primary.swf

Hero’s Arms World Map – Forest, Desert, Palace, Cave [Click thumbnail below to zoom in!]

Hero's Arm World 1 Forest Desert

Hero's Arm World 1 Forest Desert

Hero's Arm World 1 palace p1

Hero's Arm World 1 palace p1

Hero's Arm world 1 palace p2

Hero's Arm world 1 palace p2

hero's arm gordzak castle

Hero's Arm Gordzak Castle

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C1 Sword

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C1 Sword

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C2 Mana Burst

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C2 Mana Burst

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C3 Round Shield

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C3 Round Shield

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C4 life burst

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C4 life burst

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C5 Life Burst

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C5 Life Burst

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C6 Life Burst

Hero's Arm World 1 Cave C6 Life Burst

Introduction to Hero’s Arms World 1 Enemies and Bosses [Bestiary]

Below is a list of enemies that you will encounter in World 1. Once you have successfully entered Gordzak
Lair and you meet him face to face, he will then send you to World 2. Everything is same but your hero
will encounter tougher opponents and the scenery in forest becomes more dull due to evil atmosphere.
Note: Palace and Castle are used interchangeably. Both are same in this context. Palace refers to P in map.
Click here to view World 1 Monsters that you will face!

Hero’s Arms Introduction and Summary
Hero’s Arms have 4 disguise items to be found. However, 2 are found in World 1, and the other in World 2.
In Hero’s Arms World 1, you will need to search Scout Badge and Cookie Basket to disguise as a cookie seller.
Gordzack have not tasted cookies for long time. So, he will invite you into his Lair to buy your cookies!
To revisit Gordzack’s Lair for the second time in World 2, you need to search Security Guard Cap and
Mustache to disguise as a security guard to prevent cookie sellers from entering his Lair! Hahaha…

Hero's Arms Treasure Disguise Items

Hero's Arms Treasure Disguise Items

During the expedition, you will find some useful equipments and permanent potion booster along the way.
Power Elixir increases EXP [Experience] , Life Burst increases your HP [life] , Mana Burst increases MP [Mana]
These permanent potions are essential for higher levels since most monsters in World 2 deals high damage.
Band-aids are value for money if it applies on high HP and Magic soda best applies on high MP heroes.
You can stock up a maximum of 9 band-aids and 9 magic soda before you encounter any difficult boss.
Note: Both items auto-replenish. Example: If you had 0 HP, band-aid is used to provide full health!

Note: World 1 provides 2 Health and Magic Burst Packs, World 2 provides another 2 more HP/MP Burst Pack.
So be sure to obtain all the Burst Packs in World 1 before you visit Gordzack’s Lair to teleport to World 2.
Reminder: You will not be able to travel to World 1 back if you are in World 2, so collect all weapons and equipments, 2 health burst packs and 2 magic burst packs before completing World 1 Gordzak Lair.

Hero's Arms Useable Items

Hero's Arms Useable Items

Hero’s Arms Weapons, Shield, Armor
Weapons, armor and shield can be bought in town, some are left hidden in treasure boxes placed in
various caves in both World 1 and World 2. The items sold in town is outrageously expensive. Farming gold coins in World 1 will be slow. If you have sufficient money, purchase the Frost Sword from town first! It provides +100 damage to your attack, and make life easier against high level monsters.

Another good news is World 2 has many treasure chest to be found! Each provides 200-500 gold coins. It’s sufficient to buy a Flame Armor $5000. These 2 items are essential against the final boss Gordzack.
It’s not necessary to buy the Magic Shield because in World 2, you can find Mirror Shield that repels/reflect
enemy fireballs/bullets. Very handy against dark magician. Also, you can find heavy metal armor in World 1.

World 1 Equipments
1. Stick – Basic Weapon. Unable to clear bushes.
2. Sword – Found in World 1 Cave C1 [Forest]. Able to slash bushes. Adds +25 Damage.
3. Boomraxe – Found in World 1 Palace P1 [Forest]. Able to pick up items, activate switch, slash bushes.
4. Blue Ice Scepter – Found in World 1 Palace P2 [Desert]. Able to freeze/remove red flame and lava river.
5. Heavy Metal Armor – Found in World 1 Palace P3 [Lair]. Reduces 25% damage from enemy attack.
6. Round Shield – Found in World 1 Cave 3 [Desert]. Able to block fireball/bullet but unable to reflect it.
World 2 Equipments
7. Golden Sword – Found in World 2 Cave C1 [Forest] [Approximately 3X damage : Adds +80 Damage]
8. Blue Boomraxe – Found in World 2 Palace P1. Able to activate 4 switch at once using Special Attack.
9. Black Ice Scepter – Found in World 2 Palace P2. Able to freeze/remove blue flame and chill lava river.
10. Mirror Shield – Found in World 2 Cave 3. Able to reflect bullet-fireball.
Other Equipments
11. Frost Sword – Purchased from Shop for $5000. [Approximately 4X damage : Adds +100 Damage]
12. Flame Armor – Purchased from Shop for $5000. Reduces 50% damage.
13. Magic Shield – Purchased from Shop for $5000. Recover 50 MP Magic for each reflected bullet/fireball.
14. Silver Amor – Purchased from Shop for $1000. Reduces 10% damage.

heroarm-weapon1. Stick
2. Sword
3. Golden Sword
4. Frost Sword
5. Boomraxe
6. Blue Boomraxe
7. Blue Ice Scepter
8. Black Ice Scepter

Skill upgrades
Press SPACEBAR to open up your Hero’s Arms In-Game Menu. Notice the 3 symbols for your hero stats?
Fist Symbol refers to Weapon Skill, Thunder Symbol refers to Magic Skill, Heart Symbol refers to Health Skill.
Upgrading Magic skill will fully replenish MP while upgrading Health Skill will fully replenishes your health [HP]
Note: In World 1, invest your EXP points on Weapon Skill because you will be swing your sword all the time!
Weapon skill : Increases damage (most useful)
Magic skill : Decreases cost from magic attacks, increases magic attack damage.
Health skill : Decreases damage received (when upgraded, you’re HP is fully healed)

Hero's Arms Stats Explanation

Hero's Arms Stats Explanation

World 1 Forest : Searching for Sword, Boomraxe, Scout Badge and Magic Burst Pack
First, visit the house to obtain your first Power Elixir and +50 Gold Coins. The power elixir provides 500 EXP. This instantly levels you up. I advice that you do not add any points into Magic and Life [heart Symbol]. Just save your points for your DAMAGE [Fist Icon]. Once you have completed World 1, you will have at least Level 10 Damage [Fist icon]. In World 2, you will be encountering many pig warriors and having less than Level 10 Fist will make it very difficult to attack many high level monsters.

Hero's Arms Home Treasure Boxes

Hero's Arms Home Treasure Boxes

There are 2 routes you can choose. Either get the Boomraxe -> Scout Badge -> Sword -> Magic Burst OR
Sword -> Boomraxe -> Scout Badge -> Magic Burst [I prefer the 2nd way, much faster! I like sword.]

How to access the desert area in Hero’s Arms World 1?
Once you have found your handy sword and purchased the MP burst from the witch seller, you can
now explore further into the desert area, which lies more treasure boxes to be found! To access the
desert, you need to reveal the hidden passage between the forest and desert. To do so, clear the
bushes at the right corner of the map, and use boomraxe to activate the switch from the forest map.

Hero’s Arms Tips/Hints : Teleporting and Discovering nearby Shop
If you planned to return back to the starting point of a particular map, “save and exit” the game.
Load the game back, and you will find your hero back at the starting point with full health and magic!
This also saves time and trouble of walking back to the starting point. For example, you have found a key
in the palace, but lazy to walk back to the starting point, save and reload the game. Your hero will end up
at the palace starting point. This applies to cave as well. However, if you are outside palace/cave/lair, your
hero will be found at your home in the forest location. From there, you can head to the town to purchase
some band-aids and magic soda to prepare against difficult boss! In World 2, there is a Colosseum that
allows player to purchase band-aids and magic soda to prepare for Level 30 Wave Boss. For more information
about the Colosseum, see further in this guide!

Hero’s Arms Video Walkthrough [First Route]
Below are 4 videos covering World 1 Forest : Boomraxe -> Scout Badge -> Sword -> Magic Burst Pack

Hero’s Arm Walkthrough – Hunting Boomraxe

Music: Zelda WW – Protect Your Island by ParagonX9 from Newgrounds
Hero’s Arms Walkthrough : Defeating Squid Boss and Obtaining Scout Badge

Hero’s Arm Walkthrough : Searching Sword and Magic Burst Pack

Music: Still Alive 8bit Version by kris G (SilentSeraph) from Newgrounds.
Hero’s Arms Walkthrough: Searching Round Shield and Life Burst [Screenshot]

Hero’s Arm Walkthrough Double Burst Pack Cave C5 C6 [ScreenShot]

Hero’s Arm Walkthrough World 1 Heavy Armour Gordzak Lair

World 1 Completed! Proceed to World 2: Search for Golden Sword
Once you have completed Hero’s Arm World 1, you will be sent to World 2 by Gordzack.
World 2 is basically same as World 1, but the scenery became much more dull and darker.
The monster you will encounter there is much more tougher with more pig knights roaming the forest!
If you had Level 10 Weapon Skill [Fist Icon], it would be not much a problem to kill it in 3-4 hits with sword.
Firstly, visit the old cave where you found your sword. World 2 Cave 1 provides Golden Sword.
This allows you to defeat enemies in World 2 Palace 1 easily since there are many pig warriors and pig wiz.
Click here to view the picture summary of the items that you will obtain after completing World 1.

Hero’s Arms World 2 Cave 1 Golden Sword

Where to find Fake Mustache and Blue Boomraxe?
After obtaining your golden sword, you can now proceed to World 2 Palace 1 without having fear!
The blue boomraxe is found at the same palace where you found your red boomraxe. However, the room
within has changed, and its pretty confusing to navigate. But don’t worry, I have provided a mini map
guide with red path to show you on how to get your blue boomraxe and fake mustache for disguise!

Hero's Arms World 2 Palace 1 [Forest] In World 2 Forest, press SPACEBAR to open your minimap. Notice the castle on the top right corner? Pay a visit to the castle. Once you enter the castle, refer to the map/picture below to guide you. Follow the red path to the Blue Boomraxe first, because the room accessing to the Fake Mustache has 4 levers/switches that requires Blue Boomraxe special attack to simultaneously activate all the levers/switches in the same time! Special attack requires MP/Magic, so be sure to have at some MP with you or buy 1 Magic Soda for $50 in case you run out of MP. Note: You can break the pots around the room in hope to find a turkey/chicken to recover 200 HP and 200 MP.


Hero’s Arms Walkthrough World 2 Dual Boomraxe and Fake Moustache

Where is the Security Guard Cap [2nd Disguise Item]?
Remember the place where you found your Round Shield? That’s the place where you will be searching for
your next disguise item: The Security Guard Cap. Gordzack is in need of a security guard to prevent cookie
sellers from invading is Lair. That would trick Gordzack again and make him really angry and he will fight you.
Security Guard Cap is protected by a Blue Squid, similar to the Red Squid you encounter in World 1 Palace 1.
It does the same thing, but it now summons doombat: the bat that can shoot fireballs. Pretty annoying.
After you found your final disguise item, proceed to World 2 Palace 2 to search for your Black Ice Scepter.
It’s the same place where you found your Blue Ice Scepter. Blue Flame can be removed with Black Scepter!

Hero’s Arms Black Ice Scepter, Security Guard Cap

Hero’s Arms World 2 Journey To Gordzak’s Lair with Burst Packs

Hero’s Arms Walkthrough – Where is the Colosseum/Coliseum? Colosseum Location
Colosseum can only be found in World 2. Press SPACEBAR to view your mini map. You will notice there are
3 cave. The middle/center cave is the place where you can visit the Colosseum. Bring 9 band-aids and
9 magic soda with you because Colosseum requires player to defeat 30 levels. The final level is the big boss.
Keep training there till you max out all your skills to level 20. Only then, you will unlock level 21 stat.
Each time you complete the Coliseum, you will gained 75000 EXP, which includes all monsters and bosses!
Doing Coliseum twice will help you level up your level 21 skill easily. I suggest you go for Weapon Lvl 21 first!
Once you have at least level 20 weapon skill, you can defeat cutybunny and butterfly easily!
Bring band-aids and magic soda before you attempt hunting both of these wild monsters!

Hero's Arms Colosseum Location

Hero's Arms Colosseum Location

Colosseum Reward – Life Elixir, Magic Elixir, 500 Gold Coins
Colosseum is a good place to farm gold coins. Once you have defeated Level 30 Boss, you can choose :
Life Elixir : Replenish your Health by 4HP every second. [Most useful]
Magic Elixir : Replenish your Magic by 4MP every second.
500 Gold Coins : This is only rewarded if you already have both Life and Magic Elxir.

Hero's Arms Colosseum Life Elixir

Hero's Arms Colosseum Life Elixir

Hero’s Arms Walkthrough – Where to hunt CutyBunny? [CutyBunny Location]

Hero’s Arms Walkthrough – Where to hunt Butterfly? [Butterfly Location]


Hero’s Arms World 2 Gordzak Lair Part 1/2 : Defeating Flesh Wall Boss

Hero’s Arms World 2 Gordzak Lair Part 2/2 : Obtaining Magic Ring + Defeating Gordzack

Hero's Arm Circle Flame PuzzleHero's Arm Zig Zag Flame Ice Scepter

Hero’s Arms 2 Levers / Hero’s Arms 2 Switches?
In World 1 Palace 1 and some other Palace/Castles, you will find many double levers/switches.
First, equip your hero with Boomraxe [The red color axe found from World 1 Palace 1]
Position your hero in the center/middle of both switches and then activate the special attack by pressing X.
This will summon 2 homing axes that hits both switches. This will reveal either a key or unlock the gate.

Hero’s Arms 4 Levers/ Hero’s Arms 4 Switches?
You will be encountering many rooms with 4 levers/switches. To solve this puzzle, simply equip with
your Blue Boomraxe and press X to activate special attack. Four axes will appear and hit the 4 levers.
However, for this technique to work, you need to stand in the center of the 4 levers.
Blue Boomraxe is found in World 2 Palace 1. For more information on getting this weapon, read above.

How to cross over the lava river to proceed to Gordzack Lair?
Use your Blue Ice Scepter [World 1 Weapon] or Black Ice Scepter [World 2 Weapon] to chill the lava river.

I am stuck in a room with 4 flame [4 fire]. What to do?
Use your Blue Ice Scepter or Black Ice Scepter to remove the flame. This will unlock the door.

I am unable to reach my hidden key within the same room. No access! Help.
Equip with Boomraxe/Blue Boomraxe [preferred] and activate special attack by pressing X.
This will allow your homing axes to retrieve any items including keys from very far visible/invisible corners.

What to do next after beating World 2?
After defeating Gordzack in World 2, visit back to the page where you create your first character.
You will notice there is an extra button: “Create Character+” with a plus symbol. Click that button.
You will notice that it keeps your previous stats but starts the whole game again.
However, you will not keep your previous equipments/items. This makes it a little tougher ^_^

If you manage to max all your stats to level 20, you will unlock level 21. Level 21 requires 99,999 EXP.
I suggest that you go back to your first main account in Hero’s Arms and train at the Colosseum. It’s faster!
Once you have Level 21, you can try out your godly skill with God-like stats which are explained below.

Level 21 Weapon: Your sword now also shoots THREE beams that deal 3×999 damage each!
Level 21 Magic: All your magic attacks cost 1 mp.
Level 21 Health: You receive only 1 damage from all sources.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Bestiary [Name: hp; exp]
Jelly: 30 ; 10
Bat: 20 ; 10
Evil Eye: 200; 30
Spider: 20 ; 5
Doombat: 120 ; 40
Moth: 250 ; 50
Ratman: 30 ; 10
Ratman R (ranged): 20 ; 15
Ratzombie: 150 ; 15
Pigman: 200 ; 50
Pigknight: 500 ; 150
Pigwiz: 250 ; 150
Pigsecutor: 1500 ; 1000 (colloseum)
Butterfly: 1500; 4000 (easter egg, in a bush, top left area nr 2, in world 2)
Cutybunny: 2500 ; 3000 (easter egg, in a bush, area left of your house, in world 2)
Squid: 1300 ; 800 (World 1, castle 1)
Blue Squid: 3000 ; 2000 (World 2, castle 1)
Golem : 3000 ; 1500 (World 1, castle 2)
Ghoul: 5000 ; 2500 (World 1, castle 3)
Red Ghoul: 8000 ; 3000 (Collosseum)
Abobination: 12000 ; 5000 (Collosseum)
Eye Lord: 14000 ; 5000 (World 2, castle 2)
Gordzack: 15000 ; 15000 (World 2, castle 3 – final boss)
Fleshwall: 6000 ; 5000 (World 2, castle 3 – left key)
Brutus: 40000 ; 20000 (Colloseum – final boss)


Hero’s Arms Stores
If you go to the fruit on the map, there are TWO shops there (not always available)

Weapon Shop
Magic Soda: 50g ; Replenishes mana if mp reached 0 (only able to carry maximum of 9 magic soda)
Band-aid: 70g ; Full heal if hp reached 0 (only able to carry maximum of 9 band-aid)
Chicken: 20g ; Recovers 200 HP and 200 MP.
Power Elixir: 500g ; Instant 500 xp
Silver Armor (?): 800g ; 10%(?) damage reduction
Frost Sword: 5000g ; biggest damage boost (+100 ?)
Flame Armor: 5000g ; 50% damage reduction
Shield (?): 5000g ; reflects bullets, fire and absorbs 50 MP

Food Store
Magic Soda: 25g
Band-aid: 100g
Chicken: 15g
Note: The food store owner says at one point (exact trigger ?) you are the 1000th customer and you receive band-aids and magic soda (amount ?)

Colosseum Store
Band-aid: 70g
Magic Soda: 50g
Power Elixir: 500g
Health Boost: 500g

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

How to farm gold in Hero’s Arms RPG Flash Game [Screenshot]

Ayumilove’s Hero’s Arms Review
I have not played this type of RPG game before but tried MMORPG such as MapleStory and others.
At first glance, it seems like an old game, namely Zelda or Final Fantasy I, II, III.

After playing this game for 10-15 minutes, it felt boring because there is no indication/hint of what the player
should do. After exploring the whole forest, I managed to find a town with villagers. However, talking to them does not give any useful hints such as the location of the disguise items. The prices of each weapon, shield, and armor are outrageously expensive. Farming gold coins in the forest would not prove useful because
monster sometimes drops and sometimes the amount is either large or small. Mostly are small unless you
fight against high level monsters. With this aspect itself, it discourages many players, and to think it more
like grinding for experience and money. -1 point for this.

When I level up, I could spend my experience points into either one of the 3 stats namely weapon [fist], magic [thunder] and health [heart]. But there is no explanation to what each stat does. This puzzles the players which to prioritize first. Player could not decide if they do not know what each stat do, and also
without knowing your character well, its hard to plan ahead on what skill he need to prioritize first.

Thirdly, the map in the game is horrible and difficult to navigate compare to the map shown in this blog.
because it does not show the boundaries within the map. One suggestion to solve this is provide the players undiscovered map but with detailed map. Undiscovered map is highlighted in black, but once the user explored the map, all path are shown. This will make the map much more useful than simply small mini icons that presents little information.

Summary Review [Rating 5/10]
Boss has different types of attacks and show some indicator before attacking hero.
Bushes/Pots dropped random stuff.
Statue provides healing powers.
Treasure boxes rewards player with gold coins/band-aids/magic soda.
– Only 1 town to explore.
– Lack of storyline and side quest.
– No indication to inform user on the things needed to be done. It’s basically exploring the whole map.
– Gold coins dropped by monster are too little and amount varies. Farming gold is difficult.
– Equipment price sold in shop are too expensive.
– Unable to carry many band-aids and magic soda.
– Shop is too far from the main battle : Lots of traveling which is time consuming.
– Lack variety of equipments.
– Mini map somewhat useful but confusing.
– Unable to replenish HP/MP. But this can only be done after completing Colosseum.
– There are no description for each equipment and stat [Fist/Heart/Thunder]
– Lack of skills, mostly slashing and ultimate special attack.
– Axe is pretty weak against a line of mobs in front [with max level 21 weapon]
– Scepter is very weak, deals little damage compare to weapon [with max level 21 magic]


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    I didn’t believe this until Ayumi herself said it… then once I achieved it… good GODS. It’s like a kamehameha, it just destroys everything it touches. Nothing stands a chance.

    Oh, and maxing Life at 21 means all attacks do only 1 damage. Between the two of them, you’re like an unstoppable god of wrath, an engine of destruction the likes of which myths are written of. Even boss monsters fall in mere seconds.

    It of course removes all challenge from the game, but man it’s fun just rampaging for a while.

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    ayumi, Some monsters in palace 1 are walking on walls! is it a glitch or what?

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    Theres a glitch in the 1st palace for me, some monsters are walking on walls!

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    i has a question. when ur home, why does the boomeraxe(blue and red) go to the guy in front of ur house when theres no other target? im just curious…

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    are u sure u didnt buy em?

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    if ur annoyed at following monsters everywhere just get the magic elixir and lvl21 magic and spam blue boomeraxe magic its like a homing missle+SMG

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    for the last badge, i dont know how u complete it. i got ALL weapons and max out my skill’s points and got all the mustance, sout badge, etc. so wat do i have to do now in order to earn the last badge?!?!

  23. PENGUIN A1 says :

    Hey body it’s fantastic You are famus!
    You realy are good player!
    I found What i need Thankyou!

  24. Vlasec says :

    Hi. found a thing that’s not mentioned here:
    The trigger for entering the pub is getting the moustache (the guy thinks you are older), first time you come in you get the 1000th customer reward (at least it seems so).
    One more thing … the golden sword is good, but the frozen sword is much better, if there are some money, it’s better to buy it, I bought it even before I got the golden one.

    • Rose says :

      Hi, can anyone tell me where to buy the frozen sword and flame armor? I can’t find them in shop..

  25. Zoen says :

    Another very easy way to farm gold is to go to the cave in the middle northern part of the map and traverse back and forth at the bottom of the screen, chopping the bushes, leaving the screen, then coming back.

    In World 1, I was averaging about 50-100 gold per trip, compared to World 2, I was averaging 80-250 gold per trip.

    You don’t have to worry too much about life either, because the bushes also tend to drop 1-3 meats per run through as well.

    I farmed 1000 coins in roughly 5 minutes with this method.

  26. g-flava says :

    hey guys
    i finished the game 100%
    if you want help see me

  27. ian says :

    i didn’t get 2 magic burst thingies and 1 life pak in world one, can i still get a total of 800 hp and mp somehow?

  28. /// says :

    i need help finding the mustache

  29. ganglemaster11387 says :

    help how to get the best weapens

  30. ganglemaster11387 says :

    help plz i cant find the weaapons the ice sword and fire armor or wat ever i rlly need it plz i cant beat coliseum!!!!! idk im stuck plzz help i cant find any good item

  31. andre says :

    at the bar/tavern place that doesnt let u in after u get level “idk” (i was at level 21 on all) yeah but u go there and the guy lets u in finally and it tells u are the 1000th customer and u get free band aids and magic soda and there the meat/chicken and the magic soda is cheaper so thats all i found ot out and it wasnt on here so yeah your welcome

  32. Mike says :

    I figured out how to get the Frost Sword and all those good items if you can’t find them in the store. Basically, you CAN’T get them if you’re playing from the Addicting Games website.. no idea why.

    What you need to do is transfer your saved files from addictinggames.com to another website, like the Kongregate one.

    Step 1: Create a new game on the Kongregate website.
    This creates a folder in your computer where you’re gonna have to copy the saved file from addicting games. All you need to do is create a new game, you don’t have to play for too long.

    Step 2: Find the saved files from AddictingGames.com
    You’re looking for HA_File1.sol, HA_Bestiary.sol and HA_prefs.sol. I found them here: C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomnumber%\www.addictinggames.com

    If you play there often, there’ll be a lot of different folders with random numbers.. you need to go through them and find the one with those three files. Copy them, and then paste them in the Kongregate folder: C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomnumber%\chat.kongregate.com\gamez004\2284\live\

    Step 3: Play in Kongregate
    And the weapon/armor/shield WILL be at the store…

    A little work, but I guess it’s worth it if you don’t wanna start over. Woooo.

  33. dude says :

    What’s the game’s secret content?

  34. A Really Angry Dude says :

    I’m sorry, but I can’t get past that review at the bottom there. It’s so poorly written.

    – Equipment price sold in shop are too expensive.

    What? Do you expect to be able to play for 3 minutes and then have all the uber gear? I found the prices quite resonable and always had heaps of money on me.

    – Bushes/Pots dropped random stuff.

    How is this even a pro? It’s like saying, the character moves up when I press the up arrow key.

    – Lack of storyline and side quest.

    This, on the other side is a legitiment pro. It’s actually saying something that people will care about and look for in games. No one cares whether a pot drops something.

    • ayumilove says :

      Its for my game guide too 🙂
      I played that for few hours, and the money was pretty slow unless you are in World 2 grinding away at Coliseum for 500 golds.
      The money drop from monster does not compensate with their level. Higher level creep should drop more money.
      What are you angry at… lol
      If you play the game and experience it as whole, you can relate those points that I have mention in the blog.

      • A Really Angry Dude says :

        I’m not angry at anything, just a screen name. Just trying to provide some constructive feedback for you. Sorry, it may have been a bit harsh.

  35. butterfly12345 says :

    so i’m in the 2nd castle in world 1 and im stuck the right side of the castle has flames blocking me and the left side has an opening where i cannot cross
    i know im supposed to use the Blue Ice Scepter to get rid of the flames but i cant find it!

  36. luke says :

    i cant attack what do i do?

  37. i have question says :

    i beat the whole addictinggames version (yes everything there is to do) and i really dont want to have to start over to get the ice sword. is there another way to get it?

    • ayumilove says :

      as i said before, transfer your game file to kongregate.com, there is a video tutorial on how to do it in this page, load the game on kongregate.com, load your character, visit the town to buy those weapons, save game. You can either play it on kongregate.com or just transfer your save game to addictingames.com

    • i have question says :

      i cant find the transfer video

  38. duds says :

    u have to go to the actual site http://www.kongregate.com/games/BerzerkStudio/heros-arms
    here u can get the sword armor and shield if u play on anyother place you cant get them so stop saying the game is broken and stuff

  39. Me says :


    on addicting games the correct icon is a chicken leg, a heart with a +1 in it and a bottle of wine in that order.

  40. Connor says :

    i was in the coloseum i had the last boss at half health then my computer shut- down, it kept all my stats, but wat do i do. d i really hav to rredo the whole colloseum.

    • Garrett says :

      Yeah… I lost on the last boss and now I have to start over. Didn’t realize I was in a coliseum until after the battle started. Such is life

      • frostysniper says :

        same 4 me i almost killed him 3 times but died
        then i just farmed money for the frost sword and murdered him
        if u want u can do lvl21 and get max magic and spam magic on him its easier

  41. Joe says :

    Great game
    I wish there was some way i could download it onto my computer to keep it forever…

    anyways i agree there are some disappointing bugs, the most annoying one being that in the colliseum the ghoul flies THROUGH THE WALL!! i ended up just trying to drag it towards me which took like 20 minutes, but it happened twice which pissed me off to no end…

    Also i’m pretty sure that you dont need to level all of your skills to 20 before you can get them to 21. I managed to get 20 weapon stats and then go straight to 21. Although this wasn’t very smart of me-I wanted more health stats. So as to that, it’s smarter to level health and damage to max first, then get one of them to 21. Leave magic alone most of the time… I have to say it’s pretty useless. I only used it in dungeons and ocasionally with the sword swing because I realized it makes the character flash, and I become invulnerable for a few seconds. It’s usefull fighting the ghoul because the ball thing can sometimes stop following you.

    Back to the 21 thing, i also realized (much later after I was almost to 99999 exp) that if you save+quit, then go back in, you get a levelup for the lowest level you have! that trick became useful when i screwed up. (twice)

    That’s my input on the game, although one last thing: How does that shop appear that sells the items? Currently I’m at the final boss without thoose items, and I really want to find them =(

    Can you help me out? I know alot of people have been asking about this, and it would help more than just me. And maybe put it into the guide so you won’t have to explain it more than once. =D

    • ayumilove says :

      Its from the town, World 1/2 Forest. The forest where you started your journey.
      Visit that link to view the map
      You will notice the 4 icons:
      11. Frost Sword – Purchased from Shop for $5000. [Approximately 4X damage : Adds +100 Damage]
      12. Flame Armor – Purchased from Shop for $5000. Reduces 50% damage.
      13. Magic Shield – Purchased from Shop for $5000. Recover 50 MP Magic for each reflected bullet/fireball.
      14. Silver Amor – Purchased from Shop for $1000. Reduces 10% damage.

      Visit that town, there is 2 shop: a market that sells potion cheaper [the one that does not allow kids inside] and one is a shop that sells weapons and potions

      • Mon says :

        Im on World 2, I want to buy the frost sword and flame armor. I am at the forest where i started journey and I asked the guy to move but he is not selling any weapons only potion, food, etc. What do I do to purchase the weapons??

      • ayumilove says :

        In World 2 Forest, there are 2 shops, 1 shop is a market that only sells potion , and the other sell potion and weapon. The shop selling weapon is on the left side within the map.

      • Connor says :

        i know but i could only buy the armor from world 1 i can’t buy the ice sword flame armor or ultimate sheild

      • Connor says :

        also can u only get this once you beat the game and restarted

      • ayumilove says :

        you need to play using the game link provided in this thread/post, which is kongregate.com
        The details presented here are based on the game uploaded on kongregate.com, not other sites like addictinggames.com

      • Me says :

        Apparently there is a version on addicting games that does not have the $5000 accessories. I took my sol file and went to Kongregate and was able to purchase these accessories and then bring them back to addicting games.

  42. Geordie Simon says :

    i completed world 1 with the twig weapon. LOL. this game doesnt tell you where anything is so i couldnt find the sword until i saw this guide!

    • ayumilove says :

      Your lucky day ^_^
      With this guide, it will help to uncover all of the hidden weapon and weapons that are required to proceed to next room such as the Boomerang, Dual Boomerang, Blue Ice Scepter and Black Ice Scepter and also 3 ultimate weapons cost 5000 each which are purchased from town.

  43. THE B says :

    So…I’m at lvl 21 on all, but can’t get the fire armor, frost sword, or best shield. I don’t see it in the town anywhere on world 2. Suggestions??

    • ayumilove says :

      Fire armor, frost sword and best shield is bought from the shop. The shop is located in the middle of World 1/2 Forest. Open up your inventory to see the minimap. You will notice there is a fruit/chilli symbol in the center of the map. Visit that area and find the shop. In my video, my character usually pass that area [the town to buy potions/weapons]

  44. sando_ka says :

    great game i reakky liked your walkthrough

  45. kiwi says :

    how do i get the frost sword, etc.. i have $9999.00 nothing in the shops

  46. Sparky says :

    do you have to be playing on a certain website to get the frost sword and to get the level twenty one. if you do s there a way to transfer my file from addictinggames to that website.

  47. aj says :

    i don’t know why the shop isn’t selling the frost sword, fire armor, etc even though i am so far into world 2. i am level 19 and i got the blue axe mustache and just about everything else, but i can’t buy the sword, armor, and shield!! is this a glitch?!

  48. deat says :

    level 21 is sooo hard

    • ayumilove says :

      go for coliseum. train there at world 2, it will give you lots of experience points. 2 visits would level up you Level 21 skill easily.

      • RJ says :

        Your walkthrough has many flaws. It’s somewhat accurate i guess but the frost sword, Shield, and flame armor are no where to be found.

      • ayumilove says :

        where did you play the game? on kongregate? I play this game on kongregate and most of it is based on the information found on that site. I’ve checked the game today and the 3 expensive items that cost 5000 coins are still there. Check the town for the 3 items. Frost Sword, Magic Shield and the Flame Armor

  49. Billy says :

    after i beat the blue octopus thing it didnt give me the security gaurd cap!


  50. Umm... says :

    Blue squid is the thing that guards Mirror Shield and the one that you have to beat to get the Security Cap is the Eye lord

  51. Rasmus says :

    hi i got maximized attack and i can shoow 3 laser beams out of my swords deals 999 dmg each shot it’s incredible lol i owned the last boss totally..

    going for colloseum to max out all the skills to 21 now..

  52. sdab says :

    What is the location of the 2nd health burst pack?

  53. Geirki says :

    Hi , im wondering how i can get the healing ring, can you help me? 🙂

    • ayumilove says :

      umm that is not a healing ring, that ring is to reduce magic consumption for each ultimate/special attack [by pressing z]
      that 1 is found in world 2 , gordzack’s lair, it is also shown in the video walkthrough.

  54. Jiggy says :

    One of the badges in Kongragate talks about completeing a secret continent. I scoured the map and looked through all the blog posts but I couldnt find any sign of it. do you know anything about this?

    • ayumilove says :

      what do you mean by secret continent? i don’t think so, unless they are referring to the desert which is accessed through the boomraxe

    • ant says :

      its secret content which are the two easter eggs the cute bunny and the butterfly in world 2

  55. MJ says :

    Thanks so much for this excellent walkthrough?

    How do I find the key to unlock the fleshroom door?

    • ayumilove says :

      watch the video?

      • Karen says :

        I am in Gordak’s castle and in a room with 4 switches. I am dead center and my blue boomerang axe hits all 4 switches when I hit my x button but they do not stay. Can you tell me what is wrong?

      • ayumilove says :

        Once you hit all 4 switches, you will get a key, use this key to unlock the door!

      • Karen says :

        I did and I did it correctly – the only thing I am guessing is that I am playing on Candystand and guess there is a glitch on that one. I started playing on Kongregate but now have to go through the whole process again to get maxed out on everything. (sigh)

  56. Guit Pops says :

    How do I get the Save Files to work? Please help!

  57. JJNinja says :

    There’s a walkthrough missing…
    the one for the mirror shield

  58. Gehenna says :

    Need images of maps for the world 2 caves.

  59. Wheatmidge says :

    I was trying to finish the gotta kill em all badge on congregate. I finished the bestiary. bought all three 5000 gold equipments finished the colliseum twice. and found the ring that reduces magic cost by half. What am I missing? I also have 800 of both health and magic.

    • ayumilove says :

      have you found these items?
      1. sword [world 1 cave 1]
      2. golden sword [world 2 cave 1]
      3. frost sword [purchased from town]
      4. boomraxe [world 1 palace 1]
      5. dual boomraxe [world 2 palace 1]
      6. blue ice scepter [world 1 palace 2]
      7. black ice scepter [world 2 palace 2]
      8. fake moustache, cookie basket, scout badge, police cap
      9. 2 health booster pack and 2 health booster pack from world 1
      10. 2 health booster pack and 2 health booster pack from world 2
      11. health elixir and magic elixir from coliseum from world 2

      and also completed discovering all the enemies in the bestiary [world 1 and world 2]

    • Wheatmidge says :

      I figured it out. I had to beat the game again after I had collected all the items for it to acknowledge that I had collected everything. Yay. Thanks for your help.

    • Robert Di Niro says :

      how do u get the frost sword and flame armour? they are not selling in the shop yet. i kno the walkthrough says “not always visible”, but what does that mean? :S

      • ayumilove says :

        The 3 ultimate weapons cost money. Each cost $5000 gold coins. These 3 items can be purchased from the town. If you do not know where is the shop, head to World 1/2 Forest, open your mini map. Approximately in the center, there is a symbol with fruits/vegetable/chilli. That is the market/town that you have to visit if you want to buy the weapons. To gain money fast, you can visit the Colosseum/Coliseum and fight 30 Levels. If you have obtained the Life/Magic Elixir, the repeating reward would be $500 gold coins + other gold coins that you collect from monster leftover/drops.

  60. Zaja78 says :

    I seem to be missin a key in the place where you get the blue double axe can someone tell me where to get it.

    • Misacki says :

      I agree. cant find it either and i’ve looked for an hour or two.

      • ayumilove says :

        I had this problem too, but solved it. Make sure to activate all the switches and kill all enemies in the room before leaving it, that’s how it drops the key!

    • guest says :

      dude, in the room wit 4 switches, u stand in middle of star thing, and use duel boomeraxe special. it hits all 4, and u get the key. the boss iz hard though. watch out. warning: he not only uses lightning, if u get too close, he hit u wit club. 🙂 it waz easy once i figured how ta avoid all attacks. go behind him for beam, run until 3rd shadow appear for bolt, and only attack when hes teleported, or walking. and right after attack. im playing game now. beat that same boss like 5 minutes ago. 🙂 good luck.

  61. lida diyet zayıflama r10seoogle says :

    fyi mustache is from the french moustache…

  62. JS says :

    great walkthrough – good job 😉

  63. Saviour-V says :

    Speaking of glitches, the Blue Boomraxe has an interesting one, as long as you have enough MP to use its special.

    Doing the special attack fires 4 Blue Boomraxes in a cross pattern, but if you’re fast enough, you can grab one ahead of time, throw it away, and catch the rest and do the same.

    As long as you’re fast enough, you can get at least 2 throwable Boomraxes, as long as you don’t go into the next screen. Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the special move again.

    Truth is, Bezerk Studios should’ve allowed you to throw more than one Boomraxe at a time, instead of restricting you to one per throw, but this glitch breaks that restriction.

    Not useful damage-wise, though.

  64. matthew bodell says :

    i am so stuck how do u get to gordzaks lair in world 1 i cant get there please help im a newb

    • ayumilove says :

      get the boomraxe and the scout badge, then get the cookie basket and blue ice scepter. These 4 items are the main thing required to head into gordzack lair. The puzzles such as removing the flames and activating switch using axes requires blue ice scepter and boomraxe. Blue ice scepter is also required to remove the lava river. Scout badge and cookie basket is required to enter gordzack lair. For more information, read the walkthrough above again, watch the videos prepared by me. View the picture of the maps to know which direction to go, where to head to , to obtain the disguise items.

  65. Saviour-V says :

    A word of caution for those attempting the Colosseum in World 2: if you get to wave 21 (or was it wave 22) and face off against a Ghoul and 2 Doombats, ensure that the Ghoul stays IN the room you fight it, and NEVER try to pin the Ghoul against the walls.

    I found out the hard way that the Ghoul would start floating into the walls, out of reach of physical and magical attacks. Waiting for it to come back and fight (COWARDLY FIEND!) proved to be futile, so I saved and quit, then restarted the whole thing again.

    Maybe it could be just me, but use all your attacks to KEEP THE GHOUL IN THE ROOM. I can’t stress this enough.

    • ayumilove says :

      You can use the dual boomraxe or the red boomraxe to kill it. If can’t have to restart, usually i could kill them in 2 hits with the Frost Sword [Ultimate Sword purchased from town]

      • Saviour-V says :

        NOT the case if he strays too far away. Which is precisely what happened. Smacked him too far, and he was out of reach of projectile attacks.

        Couldn’t even SEE the fiend, although I could roughly guess where he was once in a while.

  66. RastaLupez says :

    There is a faster way of farming experience. After beating the final boss and beating the game, just go back and fight him because you restart right inside of the castle. After beating him a few times and maxing out strength, the experience will just roll in.

  67. livvinit says :

    I love this game, the graphics are basic just like the original zelda, and simple style makes in that much more appealing. Often games fail horibly when they try to hard, so thumbs up for this great game. For an example of a game thats gone horible wrong watch the video in my blog on Over G Fighter for the xbox360…. man its bad

  68. Karasu says :

    Nice work on the guide xD At least you’ve covered everything.

    Too bad you had to copy a lot of my guide .. even with all the mistakes in it xD

    • ayumilove says :

      oh yeah, i would like ask, what is nr?
      a few people asked but you have not explained what they are

      • Karasu says :

        “number”.. I used numbers to describe the place where you can find the items etc..

      • ayumilove says :

        oh its best to use either num for number because its more common than nr. I first thought it was some kind of compass reading like ne for north east when referring to the map.

  69. Boberto says :

    Is there a way to get back to World 1 after going to World 2 to collect the Mana Bursts and Health Bursts, or do I have to start all over ?

    • Boberto says :


      • ayumilove says :

        You need to start all over again to get all 2 mana and health burst from world 1, but its time consuming when you have done so much in world 2.

      • Expi says :

        Not totaly true, if you didn’t purchase the bursts from the witches in world 1 you can do it in world 2 (there will be 2 bursts available), but I guess the ones found in dungeons are lost.

      • guest says :

        ayumilove iz so wrong there. i forgot to get first potion from the witch on world 1 in the cave in side forest. thought it waz gone. who haz thegolden swod. i can hit in like the 80’s wit it, and i only have lvl 10 or 11 att. this game iz so easy if u use combos.
        🙂 good luck if u dont know how. too bad for u if not. 😦

  70. baptiste says :

    fyi mustache is from the french moustache…

  71. Monti says :

    i got to level 20 on the weapon but can’t get on level 21. how can i get on level 21?

    • ayumilove says :

      as I mentioned in the blog above, you need to max out all stats to level 20. Then the game will unlock level 21 stat. Choose level 21 weapon first if you manage to level up. It requires 99,999 EXP. Level 21 weapon allows you to deal 999 damage and your sword shoot laser! Just like how the boss shoot laser

      • Joe says :

        Im not sure why, but i was able to get 21 right after getting 20 weapon stat, and my magic still was level 2. Health was in the 10’s and wasn’t maxed.

  72. tms says :

    I cannot find the mustache in W2! Will someone please tell me where it is?

  73. tallc94 says :

    where do i find the butterfly

    • ayumilove says :

      I have added a video walkthrough and screenshot for butterfly location! Its in World 2 north of your home, you will notice a cave there. There is a small bush beside the cave entrance. Slash the bush to reveal butterfly.

      • guest says :

        just asking, i went to the butterfly spot, and it not there. not even the bush. do i have tas finish game first? if so, im screwed. im gonna check cuty bunny too.

      • ayumilove says :

        To guest: The butterfly can be found in World 2, not in World 1….

      • guest says :

        nvr mind. i waz in worng place. i waz in place 1 square to the right of it. easy ta kill it. thnx!!!!!!! 🙂

    • guest says :

      cuty bunny waz f-ing hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u cant hit after it attacks u, or u gert struck by lightning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i still killed it. 🙂

  74. opticus says :

    Hey , where can i find Cutybunny , i have some troubles finding it , pls help

  75. lorddeathwings says :

    anyone know where the bronze sword is?

  76. Ebolo says :

    Well what about the room with 4 switchs?
    I do not know how to front this room….

    Someone Can Help?


    • pacogoatboy says :

      You need the blue boomeraxe. Stand right in the middle and use your magic attack (X) and it will shoot out 4 of them, hitting all the switches at once.

  77. peeps says :

    good game and good glide good for oyu

  78. eaonflux says :

    Nice game, really like it, was looking for some sort of game.

  79. eaonflux says :

    Very nice was loooking for that.
    really nice game, love the chat also


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