The Great Siege Walkthrough Discussion Hints Tips

About The Great Seige
Friends and comrades, my brothers! The Dark Lord has sent his minions upon our city to end the last surviving bonds of humanity. We cannot let our city fall into the wrath of darkness and watch our home fade into another shadow of abyss. Brothers of humanity! Let’s load up our cannons, fire up our catapult, and let us march through the gates and send those filthy devils besieging our home back to where they belong!!

Play Online: The Great Seige [Earn Kongregate Badge]

All Against One, One Against All Challenge – All your base are belong to no one but you and your citizens!
“She Teaches Me to Kill” Badge (easy – 5 points) – Complete all 3 tutorial lessons, and slay 25 foes
Stimulus Package Badge (medium – 15 points) – Employ 150 fine countrymen in The Great Siege
Builders of Might and Magic Badge (medium – 15 points) – Construct all 9 buildings in The Great Siege
No Retreat, No Surrender Badge (medium – 15 points) – Complete all 15 battles in The Great Siege

Download Link: The Great Siege Save File .sol [Rich Resources + All boss unlock except final boss]
Download Link: The Great Siege Save File .sol [Rich Resources at beginning level]
Copy and paste save file into location provided below to use it. [Windows XP Users]
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomNumber%\

Map 1: Goblin’s Tamp
Wave 1 : Build Palace and Mine. These 2 are required to build Barracks. Barracks train soldier in battle.
Wave 2 : Build Market. Market allows you to spend Bonus Points for gold/stone-metal/crystal. Upgrade Wall.
Wave 3 : Build Barracks. This allow you to train foot soldiers to delay enemy Boss.

The Great Siege Walkthrough Map 1

Map 2: Behorg’s Cave
Wave 1 : Upgrade Farm [+10 Population], Upgrade Mine [+90 Stone +35 Crystal], Upgrade Market
Wave 2 : Upgrade Mine [+200 Stone +90 Crystal]
Wave 3 : Build Archer Camp [Train archer]

The Great Siege Walkthrough Map 2

Map 3: Dark Woods
The build below allows you to have access to Knight, Elf Archer, and Tank. The boss will be easy as pie!
Send tank into battle first, convert it into tower behind castle wall. Secondly, send archer and elf archer.
When enemy appears send your knight to clear the battlefield. Use catapult to knockback boss!
Wave 1 : Build War Factory, Build Tank [Additional Tower Defense]
Wave 2 : Build Elite Academy [Required to hire Elf Archer]
Wave 3 : Upgrade Palace to Lv2, Upgrade Palace to Lv3 [War Factory + Palace Lv3 is required to hire Knight]

The Great Siege Walkthrough Map 3

Map 4: Ogre’s Barrack
Wave 1 : Upgrade Wall to Lv4, Upgrade Catapult to Lv4.
Wave 2 : Save resources. [There is nothing else to build except Hero Altar and Upgrade Wall/Catapult]
Wave 3 : Upgrade Catapult to Lv5.

Map 5 : Bull’s Tower – Ending/Final Enemy
Wave 1/2/3 : Buy all buildings. Spam your resources. Apply the 10 Soldier Strategy.
Kinda weird though, this map, pandora box gave junk food. +50 stones, +150 gold….

Easy Walkthrough for all Maps [Once you have all upgrades]
Purchase a tank in Castle Scene. Start Battle Scene.
Hire elf archer and 5 archer. Set these guys out first. Convert tank into tower behind the walls.
The converted tank will automatically shoot anything in front of it similar to archer.
When a few enemy appears, send out the knight only to wipe them out quickly instead of using foot soldier.
Knight travel very fast and most monster could not kill knight. This saves plenty of gold/stone/crystal!
When wall is being damage, just send only the worker to repair it. GG.
With this strategy you will only need 1 Knight, 1 Engineer, 1 Worker, 5 Archer, 1 Elf Archer, 1 Tank. 10 soldier.

Ayumilove’s Review on The Great Seige
The Great Seige Flash Game is similar to the games I have played before. A copy of Epic War?
It is a cross of Age of Wars [Flash Game on Newgrounds] and Heroes of Might and Magic [PC Game]
Age of Wars allows player to send units into the battlefield and crush your enemy on the other side.
This can be done in 2 ways, upgrade towers or upgrade base for higher technology to produce better units.
There are many units that can be trained: close-combat, range, and most powerful soldier for that era.
Heroes of Might and Magic is some sort of RPG [Role Playing Game] and Strategy.
It requires you to order your hero to explore areas, conquer castles and flag mines for ore production.
So the more castles/town and mines you have, the more money and ore you will get for each turn!
Players are allowed to have 1 or more heroes, each can be level up, equip with items and given troops.
So that’s the summary of both game in just a few lines. That would give an idea how the game looks like.

Castle Scene: Types of Buildings in your Castle/Town
Below is a picture of your town/castle with all buildings constructed.
Each building has different resource requirement and requires a certain building to unlock it too.
This rule also applies on training a specific unit. Soldiers are only trained during battle, not in castle scene.
These resources can be obtained through Market. Spend bonus points for gold/stone-metal/crystal.
Take note that your soldier will be converted into Bonus Points at the end of each battle.
The faster you complete the game with minimal damage sustained by building, you earn more Bonus points.


Castle Scene: Building Requirements
Below is a picture of the building requirement. Easy for understanding what is needed.
Market, Mine and Elite Academy requires Palace. Hero Altar requires Palace Lv3
Barracks require Mine. Archer Camp requires Barracks. War Factory requires Mine and Market


Castle Scene: Trading Bonus Points for Resources
You need to construct a Market in order to access the Trade Window. Trade resources with Bonus Points.
Bonus Points are earned during battle. The faster you complete the game, you earn more points.
The more soldiers you use in battle and having minimum damage sustain by your castle wall also earn points.
It’s best to spend points on the Pandora Box because it gives you better rewards. Value for Points.
Pandora Box gives random item and random amount. Save your game first before attempting Pandora.
If you are rewarded with little resources through Pandora, visit Battle Scene to re-load your save game!
Also, upgrade your Palace to earn more gold and upgrade Mine to earn more metal-stone/crystal per turn.
Take note that Palace/Mine earn very little resources compare to Market Pandora Box.


Battle Scene: Catapult + Castle Wall
In “The Great Siege”, you cannot build towers that can automatically attack your foe in battlefield.
However, you do have the old handy catapult that throws large object into the battlefield to crush enemies.
The catapult is pretty easy to control with the keyboard but not so for the mouse.
It has some long delay reload to disable players from spamming rocks against enemies from afar.
When catapult is being reloaded, your target sign will disappear. It will return normally once its reloaded.
The thing that I dislike is the 2 mentioned above. Very slow reload and target symbol is missing.
Further more, you cannot reposition your target sign when its being reloaded. Not so much for the efficiency.
Take note that higher level catapult increases damage BUT it also INCREASES reload time. That’s bad!
Higher level Castle Wall improve the maximum hit points HP to withstand greater damage inflicted by enemy.


Battle Scene: Building Army and Command Army
The Great Siege has variety of soldiers that you can train. But I didn’t like some parts of it.
You will need to upgrade your farm in order to sustain bigger population. The maximum is 20 population.
This basically means you can have ONLY 20 soldiers, which includes engineer, repair guy, archer, knight, etc.
Furthermore, you are limited to a certain amount of powerful unit in battle field, such as knight, engineer
Once they are hired, they could not be converted into other occupation when different situation occurs.
Last but not least, these soldiers requires stone/crystal along with gold to train them… What a hassle!
Take note that very little stone-metal/crystal gained per turn, and you can’t keep soldier at end of battle.
These 5 limitation makes the game not really fun to play. Below is a list of soldiers to presume.


NOTE: Save sufficient stone/gold/crystal to hire troops and additional troop in battle if they died.

Foot Soldier – Requires Barracks
Archer – Requires Archer Camp
Elite Guard – Requires Barracks and War Factory
Elf Warrior – Requires Palace Lv2, Barracks, Academy
Knight – Requires Palace Lv3, Barracks, Academy
Elf Archer – Archer Camp and Academy
Worker and Engineer – Academy

Battle Scene: Catapult and Wall Tower Defense
Here are the different scenes for each catapult and wall upgrades. Looks pretty neat right?
Level 0 Catapult throws rock, tiny area of effect. 1 Hit KO lowest ranking goblin.
Level 1 Catapult throws explosive, small area of effect blast. 1 Hit KO goblin archer.
Level 2 Catapult throws explosive, medium area of effect blast. 1 Hit KO goblin with mace/axe.
Level 3 Catapult throws slug/acid, large area of effect. 1 Hit KO goblin ogre.
Level 4 Catapult throw crystal ice, large area of effect. 2 Hit KO red goblin with big sword.


Battle Scene: How soldiers attack in battle?
The archer that you hire will position themselves at the top of the tower and auto fire arrow in front of them.
They could not target enemy which is too close to the wall nor enemy from far.
These archers are best to knockback enemies if they are some space between them and the wall.
Enemy archers can kill those archers in the tower too. If the Tower collapse, all archers in tower will die.

The lowest rank soldier will come out of the castle to attack, than the highest soldier will appear.
By default, all hired soldier will be selected. You can choose which soldier to come out first.
It’s best to send all the archer out first and the tank if you have one because they are pretty slow.
Then send your knight to wipe out all the newbie enemies. Catapult against powerful enemies.
When knight could not clear most of the big enemy, send in the suicide team – foot soldier to delay them.


Fire Catapult:
*Mouse: Click-and-Drag at the head of Catapult to adjust target, release mouse to fire.
*Keyboard: Arrow keys moving UP + DOWN to adjust target, space bar to fire

Dig a Trap (Foot Soldier only Ability)
Click on the Foot Soldier in order to make it digging a trap.
The trap will take a while to finish, so make sure you have people cover up for him.
Only the lowest level soldier in The Great Siege is able to dig a trap, similar to the game Stronghold.

Tank Regular/Tower form
Click on the Tank to transform it into a Tower. Click on it again to turn it back to Regular form.

Resources Conversion:
In the Market, you can convert your Bonus Points into different resources.

Upgrade and Level-Up
Most buildings and weapons in this game can be upgraded.
Foot Soldier and Elite Guard can also be leveled up to become stronger units.
These soldiers will level up once they reach the end of the battle field.


Suggestions to improve the game
1. Item Purchase Indicator
– The purchase buttons are disabled, so it might mean a few things.
– Does it mean that I am lacking of certain resources?
– Does it mean that I need to build a certain building to unlock another building?
– Does it mean that only 1 building can be build one at a time per wave/level?
– It would be best to not disable the button, and pops up a message whenever user clicks them.
– Pop up message will be helpful to explain the rules in-game [what they can/can’t do]
2. Catapult target sign
– The target sign to drop the bomb disappears when the catapult has shot its projectile into mid air.
– This is kinda annoying though because you do not know where it would specifically be.
– And you could not reposition the target sign when the catapult is reloading. It is locked.
3. Requirements indicated in different screen
– The requirement to train a unit is in Battle Scene/Screen.
– Why would a player need to launch a battle scene to get to know which building it required to train them?
– Isn’t it better to explain to players what needs to unlock a certain soldier unit in Building Screen/Scene?
– I think its better to revise the game, by checking on famous games such as Heroes of Might and Magic.
– It would be quite useful to help in developing certain parts of the game.


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    When I tried to follow the steps I didn’t have nearly enough resources to build the same buildings though, nor enough points to trade for them at the market. But in the end that was good – having to think about it a bit more made it more fun.

    With the tank, I found it useful erecting it just behind the catapult so it would shoot just in front of the wall. I tried putting it out front once, but it was destroyed pretty easily. Dunno why, but the stupid engineer wouldn’t go out and repair it, so it was easier to let the wall get hit which the worker does repair. And also, I think it’s hit less with the tank shooting at the guys that stand outside.

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    Hey its me,Nicholas98 from kongregate.I just wanted to say that you didn’t mention that the level 4/5 wall also does damage once you get it.It does very low damage though,but I am sure it does do damage.I only got this info by playing a hacked version on arcadeprehacks.You should play again with a level 4/5 wall and check if I am correct,but I noticed a small spike near the top of the level 4 wall as well as a small wheel thing,and I noticed a BIG wheel thing on wall level 5.

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