Prima Puzzle Walkthrough Gold Medal Hints Tips

About Prima Puzzle
Addictive sci-fi chainreaction puzzle game with 28 cleverly designed levels. Use your mouse cursor to click on the start node, and connect all the nodes to the end-points to complete the round.

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Prima Puzzle Walkthrough Gold Medal

Prima Puzzle Tips
First, find out the longest route to victory. The more nodes you cover, the more points you earn!
Try to get to the building that expand the energy limit cap so you can store more energy and travel further.
Secondly, get accustomed to the route. This helps you link the nodes faster to score +30 points for each link.
Complete game with sufficient points and under the timer limit to obtain gold medal for each level.
The point limit can be noticed on the right top corner, while timer limit is on the left top corner of the screen.
Last but not least, try not to block your escape route for expansion else it will say “No more moves” [Restart]


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