Foreign Creature: The Unforgotten Mistake Walkthrough Hints Tips

About Foreign Creature: The Unforgotten Mistake
Play the role of a blood-thirsty foreign creature leaving a trail of blood and horror.
Inspired by The Visitor from Zeebarf, “Foreign Creature: The Unforgotten Mistake”
is a point-and-click thriller where you see the world through the eyes of a foreign creature.
This blood-thirsty alien moves through the world unseen, leaving only a trace of blood and horror.
Warning: not recommended for audiences under 17.

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Foreign Creature: The Prologue Walkthrough

Scene 1, Professor Lab
Click bottle and then quickly turn on the tap. This allows the tap to overflow before he closes it. The professor will fall down and become unconscious due to the slippery floor.

1. Click bottle.*
2. Click washbowl.*
3. Click chemistry tube.
4. Click foreign creature.

Scene 2, Waiting Room
1. Click banana.
2. Click switch.
3. Click fluorescent lamp/light on the ceiling. [above the policeman/guard head]
4. Click gun.
5. Click foreign creature.
6. Click name tag “Prof. Douglas”.

Scene 3, Lab Yard
1. Click cat.
2. Click baseball.
3. Click baseball bat.
4. Click chainsaw.
5. Click bird cage.
6. Click foreign creature.

Scene 4, Bed Room.
1. Click scissors.
2. Click drinking water.
3. Click foreign creature.
4. Click knife.
5. Click flying knife.

Scene 5, Movie.

Scene 6, Garden
Once you click the woman, just keep on clicking the snake to allow it to bite the girl leg.

1. Click stone.
2. Click flying stone.
3. Click knife.
4. Click woman.
5. Click snake tail.*
6. Click garden lamp.
7. Click pond.
8. Click foreign creature’s car.

Scene 7, Traffic Jam
The man in white T-shirt appears from left side corner. He will walk across 2 zebra-cross.
Spam mouse clicks so he drops his wallet on 1st and 2nd zebra-crossing.

1. Click a man that wear a white shirt when he crossing second zebra cross.

Scene 8, Movie.

Scene 9, Douglas Office
Click the air conditioner, once you got the guy walking, quickly click the drawer.
The drawer will show you keys. Click the key to obtain them. This 2 actions is done quickly.
This same applies to action 5 and action 6.

1. Click left cupboard rack or window or air conditioner. *
2. Click opened computer rack. *
3. Click middle key in the computer rack.
4. Click iron case.
5. Click left cupboard rack or window or air conditioner. *
6. Click bottle of chemistry fluid in iron case. *
7. Click cutter.
8. Click empty mosquito sprayer.
9. Click window.
10. Click foreign creature.
11. Click book.
12. Click next symbol.
13. Click X symbol.


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8 responses to “Foreign Creature: The Unforgotten Mistake Walkthrough Hints Tips”

  1. Angel says :

    I don’t get the Park 1… I can’t get the snake 2 bite the girl 😦 help

  2. K says :

    I cant do the bit about with the traffic jam?
    I looked at a walkthrough but he just picks his wallet up again….

  3. Deimos Tel`Arin says :

    Foreign Creature 2 is out!

    Full walkthrough complete with images and detailed text explanation can be found here:

  4. star says :

    i cant find the knife in the bedroom *help 🙂

  5. mesh says :

    Beat it, but it is way to much of a direct rip off of the Visitor. I know it’s inspired, but the fact that the visitor takes things features by killing them so does the Foreign Creature, it seems too similiar. However, I like this game alot. Nice plot, and my idea for reason thing’s float (the gun, dead bodies from the park scene) and the kid tries to kill that couple is that the creature has telekinesis and can control people.

  6. Lewis Bavin says :

    On the second bit, i clicked the bannana, then the light switch. but there is no lamp for me to click on :S

    where is it ?

    • ayumilove says :

      hi Lewis! When you switch off the lights, the policeman/guard will come inside. He will then fall to the ground due to the slippery banana skin. Once he has the weird stars floating above his head, click the white neon light above his head. Clicking it makes it fall down and break on his head. He will then become unconscious.

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