Bunny Invasion 3 Easter Special Walkthrough Hints Tips

About Bunny Invasion: Easter Special
It’s a bunny blasting frenzy as Bunny Invasion returns for an Easter Special. Mr Frost and his assistant Jim,
the pub landlord from Bunny Invasion 2, have stopped off at a motel during their search for the source of
the marauding bunnies. Jim is getting a little too friendly with the landlady when suddenly the rabbits launch a sneak attack. But with the Bunny Queen dead, who is leading them this time?

The game features 11 new bunny types, 3 new bosses, 16 new weapons, 27 new unlockable extras, a new location, a new story including 10 cut-scenes and a whole new 60 waves of bunny violence.
Enjoy the game! Happy Easter from GP Studios

Play Online: Bunny Invasion: Easter Special

Bunnies Gone Wild Challenge – This happens every spring break. Happy Easter! Kill 250 bunnies
Frosty the Madman Badge (easy – 5 points) – Unleash your rage in Bunny Invasion: Easter Special
Egg Dying Badge (medium – 15 points) – Create 2000 liters worth of red dye in Bunny Invasion: Easter Special
Second Killing Badge (hard – 30 points) Rid the world of the evil Easter Bunny once and for all in Bunny Invasion

Download Link: Bunny Invasion 3 Easter Special Save File .sol [Kongregate Badge] [RaR Collection]
Copy and paste save file into location provided below to use it. [Windows XP Users]
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\%randomnumber%\chat.kongregate.com\gamez004\2315\live\Bunny_Invasion_II_Easter_6_kong.swf

Game Instructions
Fire Gun – Left Mouse Click
Reload – R or SPACE
Change Weapon – Q and E
Weapon Select – 1 to 5
Throw Grenades – A
Throw and Detonate Remote Explosive – S

Ayumilove’s Farming Money Bunny Invasion Easter Special Walkthrough
Hi guys, this walkthrough aims to gain as much money as possible during the early levels of bunny defending.
Here is a summary: The guide below would allow you to achieve maximum scavenger upgrade by level 20,
obtain the most powerful gun before level 40 so you can use it against the 2nd boss “Bunny Man” and make
the rest of the game easy with money flowing into your pockets quickly. You can spend on any upgrade
you want. Below is the step by step walkthrough I used in Bunny Invasion 3 Easter Special.

Wave 1 : Save money $$$
Wave 2 : Buy Scavenger [$2000]
Wave 3 : Save money $$$
Wave 4 : Save money $$$
Wave 5 : Save money $$$
Wave 6 : Buy Scavenger [$4000]
Wave 7 : Save money $$$
Wave 8 : Save money $$$
Wave 9 : Buy Mac-10 [$6500]
Wave 10 : Buy Builder [$1500]
Wave 11 : Save money $$$
Wave 12 : Buy Scavenger [$6500]
Wave 13 : Upgrade Mac-10 Strength twice 2X [$3050]
Wave 14 : Upgrade Mac-10 Strength [$2400] and Upgrade Mac-10 Reload [$750]
Wave 15 : Save money $$$
Wave 16 : Upgrade Reload and Clip Size for Mac-10
Wave 17 : Buy Scavengers [$9000]
Wave 18 : Save money $$$
Wave 19 : Upgrade all the remaining things on Mac-10 [Prepare for 1st Boss : Super Bunny Boss]

Bunny Invasion: Easter Special Walkthrough – Super Bunny Boss (Level 20)

Mac-10 is recommended because it is cheap, fast and allow your finger to have some rest.
To make Super Bunny fall down faster, hit him many times while he is in the air.
Machine gun such as Mac-10 is perfect for this situation. Once he falls to the ground, keep shooting!
I hate clicking many times with my mouse. Clicking a lot will damage your mouse quickly too!
By the time you reach level 20, you will have max out Scavenger, that will help you make tons of money.
This will help you obtain the most powerful weapon before level 40, so you can use it against 2nd Boss!

Wave 20 : Buy Scavenger [$12000] //Scavenger Upgrade is MAXED = Farming Money Complete
Wave 21 : Fortify Motel and Upgrade Assistant
Wave 22 : Upgrade Assistant
Wave 23 : Upgrade Builder
Wave 24 : Upgrade Builder
Wave 25 : Upgrade Assistant
Wave 26 : Save money $$$
Wave 27 : Save money $$$
Wave 28 : Buy M-16 [$26000] , Upgrade Reload Speed Twice
Wave 29 : Upgrade M-16 Strength
Wave 30 : Max Upgrade M-16 Strength and Reload Speed [Don’t upgrade the Clip Size]
Wave 31 : Save money $$$
Wave 32 : Save money $$$
Wave 33 : Save money $$$
Wave 34 : Save money $$$
Wave 35 : Save money $$$
Wave 36 : Save money $$$
Wave 37 : Buy XM134 mini gun and Upgrade MiniGun Strength
Wave 38 : Upgrade Minigun Strength
Wave 39 : Save money $$$
Wave 40 : Save money $$$ [You can buy minigun ammo]

Bunny Invasion: Easter Special Walkthrough – Bunny Man Boss (Level 40)

Once you have defeated 2nd Boss, you can use the money from Wave 40-50
to upgrade your XM134 MiniGun strength and upgrade assistant weapon.
From here on, everything is plain simple, just use your money to upgrade the remaining features, such as
AIDS, Myxo, Builder and Fortify Motel, Rage. Just remember to stock up your ammo for each wave.

When you reach to the final wave which is the 3rd Boss “Easter Bunny” instead of Queen Bunny,
grab some grenades and remote grenades. Press A to throw grenade and press S for remote grenade.
The grenades and remote grenades needs to be purchased too, but does not require gun to use them.
Use your gun such as XM134 Minigun to shoot Easter Bunny chocolate bomb that he throws to your motel.
Those chocolate eggs can be destroyed with the bullets! This will help endure the long battle!
You can shoot and throw bombs simultaneously. This way will defeat the 3rd Boss quickly, easy as pie!

Bunny Invasion: Easter Special Walkthrough – Easter Bunny Boss (Level60)

Bunny Invasion 3 Easter Special Review
Here is my bunny invasion review. Basically, bunny invasion easter special is not very different than the
second Bunny Invasion. The only difference is some enemies is dressed up for the Easter Event whereby
bunnies are related to Eggs. For example, Easter Bunny throws Chocolate Eggs, Roller Bunny that uses
eggs to travel, egg armour and so forth. It was pretty the same difficulty and the same strategy can be
applied over to Easter Special Bunny Invasion, which is the farming money guide with scavenger applied
in the early 20 levels of the game, purchasing a sub-machine gun and buy the powerful XM134 MiniGun.

Bunny Invasion Easter Special has a new red-bloody looking interface and has implemented scroll feature
to allow more items to be slot in. This is quite handy when the game is to expand more weaponry and
upgrades for motel. Some weapons have been removed and new ones are added. Some of the old weapons still stay on but with the name changed. Trophies reward requirements are same.
The game is a continuation scene/storyline from Bunny Invasion 2 where they guy search the city for
Bunny base. Kinda funny though a Bunny Man was aiding the bunnies in the invasion of your motel. It was
a Human dressed up in Bunny clothes, but the Bunny did not attack him.

Overall, I gave the game a rating of 3/5 for graphics and storyline. The additional +2 rating would be given
if it could apply new features in the game to make it more exciting and replayable. Below is a list of idea:
1. Allow player to travel around the city in search of supplies/survivors/money instead of bunking in motel.
2. Allow you to manage people in repairing motel or fending of bunnies or collecting scraps for more supplies.
3. Allow player to try on different path/route in search of the Bunny headquarter/base hiding in the city.
4. Allow player to try on different character that has their own storyline.
5. Allow player to win faster depending on his strategy implemented instead of grinding through 60 levels.
6. Allow player to customize their own weapon, grenades and traps.
7. Allow player to equip ally/friendly unit with different type of weapon that you bought/found for them.
8. Allow ally to be given different orders [attack closest/strongest/weakest]
9. Allow ally to be given target unit priority [air unit/suicide bunny/boss/the most damaging unit on field]

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Progress Trophies
1.Kill the first Boss Bunny (lvl 20)
2.Kill the second Boss Bunny (lvl 40)
3.Kill the third Boss Bunny (lvl 60)

Death Trophies
4.Kill 50 bunnies
5.Kill 300 bunnies
6.Kill 700 bunnies
7.Kill 1,200 bunnies
8.Kill 2,000 bunnies
9.Kill 3,000 bunnies

Trigger-Happy Trophies
10.Use 500 bullets/shells
11.Use 1,000 bullets/shells
12.Use 2,500 bullets/shells
13.Use 4,500 bullets/shells
14.Use 7,500 bullets/shells

KABOOM Trophies
15.Use 10 grenades
16.Use 30 grenades
17.Use 65 grenades
18.Use 100 grenades
19.Use 150 grenades

Addiction Trophies
20.Play the game for 5 minutes
21.Play the game for 15 minutes
22.Play the game for 30 minutes
23.Play the game for 1 hour
24.Play the game for 1 hour 30 minutes

Cautious Trophies
25.Save the game 2 times
26.Save the game 5 times
27.Save the game 10 times

Hey Big Spender Trophies
28.Spend $20,000
29.Spend $70,000
30.Spend $130,000
31.Spend $250,000
32.Spend $400,000

Incredible Mr Hulk Trophies
33.Go into RAGE 1 times
34.Go into RAGE 4 times
35.Go into RAGE 10 times

Upgrading Master Trophies
36.Fully Upgrade Fortify Pub
37.Fully Upgrade the Builders
38.Fully Upgrade the Scavengers
39.Fully Upgrade Rage
40.Fully Upgrade the Assistant
41.Fully Upgrade Myxomatosis
42.Fully Upgrade AIDS

Heavy Arsenal Trophies

43.Fully Upgrade One Handgun
44.Fully Upgrade One Sub Machine Gun
45.Fully Upgrade One Shotgun
46.Fully Upgrade One Assualt Rifle
47.Fully Upgrade One Special Weapon

High Score Trophy
48. Get A Score Of 10 Million

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


bunny-invasion-easter-special-baby-bunnyBaby Bunny
The easter Bunny’s army is just as strong as any Mr Frost has faced before. The new-born bunnies are no exception, and are ready to go to battle just a few days after they have been born. However, they now share part of the Easter Bunny’s genetic make-up, so their ship is now 80 percent chocolate. It is not recommended that anyone tries eating it, not least because it is highly corrosive.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-egg-runnerEgg Runner
These young bunnies have an extraordinary sense of balance and harbour dreams of joining the circus, but their first priority is world domination. Armed with a basket full of acidic eggs, they show off their skills in hope someone will recognise their talent and reserve a job for them in the entertainment industry for them their work is done.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-suicide-bunnySuicide Bunny
These guys are the most fanatical members of the bunny terrorist army. They are selected from an early age to die for their cause and they carry out their roles with total conviction, willing to sacrifice themselves to
destroy their enemies. And where did the bunnies first get the idea to do this? Why, they save it on television, of course.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-flower-bunnyFlower Bunny
This colourful fellow believes he is the heigh of fashion and takes great care decoring his bonnet. Once done, he selects his weapon of choice – a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It can take him several hours to pick
them, because he is so particular about which ones look best. When people see him coming, their hearts melt after seeing how cute he looks. They soon realise that his violent attacks are strong enough to shatter bone.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-roller-bunnyRoller Bunny
This bunny is unique among his species in that he is a parasite. While just an embryo, he is inected into a large bird’s egg. He then feeds on the yolk inside until he grows to almost fill the shell. The egg then be becomes a king of mobile armour, with the bunny rolling to get around until he needs to attack. He breaks out of his shell and throws the egg white, which has become contanminated by the bunny’s presence.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-chick-bunnyChick Bunny
The genetic accident that created these diabolical bunnies often manifests itself in strange ways. These are Roller Bunnies that have been injected into an egg at a slightly late stage. The rabbit’s DNA merges with that of the chick inside and it hatches to create a new, feakish animal. The bunny realises it is a hideous misfit and is driven to commit suicide by flying a high speed into a wall.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-ninja-bunnyNinja Bunny
Rabbits are born with natural agility, but few hone it to the level required to become a ninja. These guys are deadly serious and move as the wind, launching sneak attacks on their foes. The chances are you will never see one of these bunnies – it stays in the shadows and remains invisible until its intended victim is dead.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-easter-rab-botEaster Rab-Bot
The origin of these metal monsters is shrouded in doubt, and Mr Frost is still no closer to discovering what, or who, created them. The Easter Bunny took the designs of the original Rab-Bot and adapted them to suit his own purpose. Now they have a colourful new Easter decal and fire deadly chocolate eggs at their foes.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-thug-bunnyThug Bunny
These older bunnies have become surly and violent with age. They have difficulty carrying out orders because they have little respect for authority, but they do enjoy beating humans to death. Their impetuousnes often led them to rushing into battles they could not win, so the Easter Bunny equipped them with snazzy new egg-shell body armour.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-pregnant-bunnyPregnant Bunny
The matriachs of the bunny nest, these high-capacity bunnies can carry up to 50 chocolate babies in one litter. They are vital to the Easter Bunny’s devious plans to create new armies of evil chocolate bunnies in a matter of months. However, the strain quickly takes its toll and they can be disheartened by ugly effects this can have on their bodies. Luckly their leader has handed out beautiful Easter bonnets, improving their morale no end.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-jesus-bunnyJesus Bunny
These monster bunnies are the second strongest creatures in the nest and are rightly feared by human forces across the world. A legion of these guys has the strength to level cities if unchallenged. The bunnies
realised the power of fear and sought to take it even further. Now dressed as Jesus, the sight of these rabbits has a devastating psychological effect on people.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-super-bunnySuper Bunny [Boss]
He was just a normal bunny going about his life until he was hit by a payload of toxic waste. Instead of becoming terminally ill, he developed super powers and vowed to be a hero to his kind. He spend years honing his skills, becoming stronger than a locomotive and able to leap buildings in a single bound. However, he did become faster than a speeding bullet. In his very first battle, he took on Mr Frost and was shot in the face.
bunny-invasion-easter-special-bunny-manBunny Man [Boss]
Nobody knows who this peson was, why he sided with the bunnies or why they accepted him into their forces. All that is known is he fought with conviction and what some would see as either bravery or stupidity. His appearance raises many questions as to why the bunnies began attacking and whether humans are involved. Was he one lone maniac or are there others?
bunny-invasion-easter-special-easter-bunnyEaster Bunny [Boss]
For years he was a symbol of love and chocolate. Children would seek him far and wide to get one of his delicious eggs. But the Government eventually realised chocolate makes you fat and warned people to stay away from him. Then he declared war on the world – was this a reaction to his banishment, was it all along, or was there a more sinister reason behind his attack?


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