Civiballs Walkthrough China Egypt Greece All Levels

About Civiballs
Choose Greece, Egypt or China and solve the puzzles by cutting the chains.
If you get stuck, just try another civilization!

Play Online: Civiballs [Earn Kongregate Badge]
Basket Case Badge (easy – 5 points) – Complete any 5 levels in Civiballs
Momentum Spherical Mayhem Badge (medium – 15 points) – Complete all 31 levels in Civiballs

Game Instructions:
Use your sword to cut the chains and release the balls.
Get the balls to the urn of the same colour to complete the level

Civiballs Walkthrough Greece

Civiballs Walkthrough Egypt

Civiballs Walkthrough China

Civiballs (.Sol/Save File) Cheat [Download Sol Link]


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36 responses to “Civiballs Walkthrough China Egypt Greece All Levels”

  1. MARIA says :

    o que que a bolinha do jogo viu no espelho? ele CIVIL BALLS

  2. VIP says :

    thanks it helps heaps

  3. jos says :

    this is huge help bro thanks alot

  4. NAILA says :

    BITCH NEVER HELPS SUCKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KIALH says :

    SO GOOD BUT HARD !!!!!!!

  6. ammylove says :

    Thanks! 🙂
    Have you done the last level?

  7. l says :

    So cool of a game, I love it!

  8. biscuit says :

    i cant get passed lvl 10 egypt!! sucks

  9. alskjdfh says :

    naaaah naaaaaaaaah i hate ppl ehoooooooo sweaaaaaar!

  10. HANNAH says :


  11. JB says :

    JB :

  12. JB says :


  13. kaylin says :

    this is so cool game

  14. jb says :

    papa johns

  15. Jack says :

    this game is SOOOOOOOOOOOO boring.

  16. jak says :

    hi want it in words ranger

  17. neha says :


  18. Yong says :

    Thank you i completed all the levels thanks to you.

  19. Ke$ha says :

    fuck this shit biatchs (.)(.)
    suck me

  20. hannah says :

    thx so so much it really helped ive been working on those for weeks so thank u tasselfoot

  21. dgdggd says :


  22. bobjim says :

    this is beeping rubbish

  23. night whisper says :

    thx really helped

  24. blah says :

    this is shit

  25. olivia says :

    This helped a bunch thank you!!! 😀

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