Neverending Light Walkthrough, 49/49 Sprites Droppings Completed

About Neverending Light
A guided tour goes horribly wrong when everyone is eaten by monsters!

Play Online: Neverending Light
“Go Toward the Light” Badge (medium – 15 points) – Collect all 49 sprite droppings in Neverending Light

Game Instructions
Move with the arrow keys or the awsd keys. Aim with the mouse. Hit enter to bring up the scene selection.

Neverending Light Text Simple Walkthrough
Quickly obtain all the visible sprites before the light turned off. If you weren’t able to do so, restart game.
This is because, it will end up missing 1 sprite droppings and could not end the game.
Once you obtain your flashlight, you can point it against enemy shadow to prevent it from attacking you!
Next, take your time in searching those sprite droppings/poop in the caverns.
Pause at a location and shine your flashlight around you to confirm that you did not miss out any sprites.

When you reach to the end of the orange electric cable, you can find a spare cut cable.
Obtain all 49 Sprite Droppings before returning to the starting point [elevator area].
Return to the first place where you aboard off the elevator, there you can find the electric generator.
After you fix the electric generator with the cable you found, Anabel would shout for rescue.
If you fix electric generator first before obtaining all 49 sprites, you are unable to continue game. Bug/Glitch!

Find Anabel, at the west side of the tunnel. Then bring her back to the elevator.
The rescue would not be successful though, from there one, the game will ask you to find a weapon.
Revisit the location where you try to rescue Anabel to find a weapon. The weapon is a broken arm.
Use weapon to kill the monster. After several attempts, it will hide at the teddy bear area.
Finally, run for your life to the elevator. Anabel could not be rescued…

Neverending Light Walkthrough Speed Up +30% + Chipmunk [Reduce Scariness]

Neverending Light Walkthrough with Ending [Slow Walkthrough]

Neverending Light cheat (Cheat Engine)


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  1. neanderthaler says :

    Anabel can be rescued, you just have to wait untill she wakes up. you will have a short conversation and then you can go to the elevator

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