Spoon Bending Explanation & Spoon Bending Rip Off Scam

ZenningSight Spoon Bending Scam / Rip Off? Charges $50-$60 per course.

Aikiboy1111111’s Note: How to bend and twist a spoon without all that paranormal crap zensightprocess was
talking about. For why I can’t bend the spoon as far as she did, see my video response, Re: Spoonbending
Spoon Bending Simple Explanation

Spoon Bending Simple Explanation Backup [Asperger’s Syndrome]

Spoon Bending Scientific Research

Being Open-Minded – Analytical Mind on Spoon Bending

Spoon Bending Trick with Tutorial [Illusion Trick]

Spoon Bending Joke
“I have psychic powers!”
“Yeah, what can you do?”
“I can bend spoons with my mind!”
“Yeah… umm, that’s great… I’m never inviting you over for dinner.”


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One response to “Spoon Bending Explanation & Spoon Bending Rip Off Scam”

  1. thechazz says :

    woah .. this was .. sooooo coool , ive watchedlike 45 mins of anti spoon bending 🙂

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