Space Mutants FROM SPACE! Walkthrough

About Space Mutants FROM SPACE!
Take your state of the art tank and push back the space mutant hordes in this fast paced action game of skill and strategy.

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Game Instructions:
Arrows or WASD to move. Mouse Left, Space or Z/X to fire. Earn cash from destroying mutants
Buy upgrades after every level in the shop to enhance your tank with new and more powerful weapons.
Enemies increase in strength and power as the game progresses.
Defeat all three bosses to save the Earth from the Space Mutant hordes.

Space Mutants FROM SPACE! Boss Preview

Space Mutants FROM SPACE! Upgrades
armour = $200, $400, $600, $800, $1000, $1200 [life/health]
cannon = $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500, $3000 [rocket damage]
speed = $400, $800, $1200, $1600, $2000, $2400 [tank movement]
add-on = $2000 [1 auto-rocket], $4000 [2 auto-rockets], $6000 [laser beam]
rate of fire = $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000, $5000, $6000 [rocket shot from tank]

Basic Space Mutants FROM SPACE! Walkthrough
I go for offense first since its easier to get higher multiplier in earlier level, avoid taking any hits!
Upgrade Rate of Fire
Upgrade Cannon
Upgrade Add-On
Upgrade Rate of Fire
Upgrade Cannon
Upgrade Speed
Upgrade Speed
Upgrade Canon
Upgrade Rate of Fire

Farming Money with Multiplier Reward System
To earn money quickly, try not to get hit by any laser beam or enemy ship against your tank.
You earn 1 multiplier every level if you did not get hit. More multiplier, more cash flowing into your bank.
Enemy Space Ship $20 * Multiplier [Destroy enemy ship]
No prisoners $100 [When enemy ship explodes, a mini U.F.O appears but killed before reaching to the ground]
Prisoner Escaped -$250 [When enemy ship explodes, a mini U.F.O floats down without being killed]
No mercy $50 [When enemy ship explodes, a burned part of U.F.O falls but destroyed without touching down]

Space Mutants FROM SPACE! Review
Another shooting game similar to an arcade one where player’s objective is to survive from being killed by U.F.O [Unidentified Flying Object] hovering above your tanks and randomly dropping laser beams and huge metal U.F.O on the ground. Player’s tank is basically equipped with rocker launcher. The tank can be
upgraded with more fire rate, canon damage, add-on [additional rockets], movement speed, etc.

To shoot, player are forced to use the mouse and click which is kinda tiresome. And lots of clicking would damage the mouse too. Auto-fire feature implemented in this game would be nice. Some players decided to use auto-clicker to spam missiles which is faster than normal clicking. The add-on is pretty expensive, so its
best to get the fire-rate up first and canon damage. Upgrade your tank movement to level 3 to have decent
movement speed to avoid enemy bombs. When you have 1 armor left, is best to have an additional 1-2 armor.

There is not much strategy involve in this game, and lacks of user critical thinking on solving a particular problem as shown in game. The most it requires is spontaneous act to avoid boss attacks, remembering its attacking and movement pattern. Try not to die, because once you are defeated, you are given an option to restart/continue the game with all upgrades lost. There is no point restarting the game as it will provide you with basic rocket. It would not have enough firepower to clear those enemies quickly. The graphic of the game is marvelous, nice explosion, lasers, great detail for U.F.O and boss. For that, I would give a rating 3/5.

If there would be Space Mutants FROM SPACE! 2 [version 2], I am hoping for storyline base game, that allows player to explore the place to look for enemies mothership, new weapons and power ups, different types of tanks to choose from, each has their own specialty. For example, tank A has the capability to repair itself, and the other multiplies damage. AI tanks that accompany the player would be great! The developer could take a look at how the older airplane arcade game works, where each time a player picks up the same type of powerup, that particular weapon increases [becomes more advance/powerful]. Also, display boss health to allow user to know how much damage is it causing the boss, and helps to determine when the boss is going to be defeated.


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