Instruction Manual for Life

Instruction Manual for Life
I find this video quite interesting and meaningful and I decided to post here to share this video with all of you!

Below is the video uploader reply…
For those critics who read this video as an ‘attack’, or commentary on one specific religious/political/ideological group, a message: look deeper.

For those who accuse this video of using a ‘broad brush’ to condemn one entire population, a question: if this had been a story about an abusive dog owner, would you be suggesting I was condemning ALL dog owners? No. So don’t be facile — stories don’t have to represent every single experience.

Strange isn’t it — some people have such a problem with the fact that these things do actually happen to some children: children from whatever religious/political/ideological background.

I’ve had literally 100s of messages saying, ‘This was/is my experience too!’ — are they all ‘wrong’? Well, just in case they aren’t, this video stands for them.


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