3D Logic 2 – Stronghold of Sage Walkthrough, Review, Tips

About 3D Logic 2 Stronghold of Sage
The next generation of the famous puzzle game “3D Logic”. The exciting quest in the mysterious land of the Sage and the new challenge for your IQ!

Play Online: 3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage [Earn Kongregate Badge]

3D Zen Master Badge (hard – 30 points)
Complete all 30 levels in 3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage

Game Instructions
Use the mouse to connect all the cells of the same color. Use the mouse wheel to switch between unconnected colors. Use SPACE to freeze the cube. Use CTRL to clear the cell.

3D Logic 2 Screenshot Walkthrough

3D Logic Review
This puzzle game becomes more challenging as you reach to higher levels and it consumes a huge amount
of time to complete it. Instead of a relaxing simple fun game, it makes it really difficult by adding more
boxes on each surface with variety of color boxes. Having 6 different colors would be trial and error game,
testing out each route to determine whether it works efficiently. This makes it only 1 way to win this game.
Unlike chess, 3D Logic lacks variety of path to complete a game. It forces players to think on its very own

Apart from that, there is nothing special added to 3D Logic 2 to make the game more entertaining. It’s
basically the same as 3D Logic 1 but just added more eye-candy with some color descriptions which I
will be posting it below the review for those who are interested to read. Thirdly, this game is a copy of
Hyper Frame, a game which was popular on 2005. Below is a picture preview. Notice the cube similarity?
However, 3D Logic has better “background” image rather than the black background of Hyper Frame.
I’ll give 3D Logic 2 Stronghold of Sage a rating of 6/10 for its graphics and sound.

Hyper Frame Screenshot Color Cube 2005

3D Logic 2 Stronghold of Sage Color Desciption


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7 responses to “3D Logic 2 – Stronghold of Sage Walkthrough, Review, Tips”

  1. DJ says :

    The screenshots are different because the game uses a different cube configuration for each time you do that level. So, for example, if I were to play through to level 10 and start a new game, the cube I solved for level 5 will be completely different.

  2. tammy says :

    yeah, your pictures are showing blue on level 14 and there is no blue on my cube???!!!

  3. Erica says :

    I’m at level 23 and have been stuck on it for days! I’m determined to get it right on my own, but this level is getting to me. The 23rd level pic above is a different but similar configuration from the level 23 I am doing. I hope it helps me a bit.

  4. Sarah says :

    I got up to level 10 on my own, then used your site for 11. After that, starting with 12, the picture didn’t match up. I’ve found this with other walkthroughs for this game, also.

  5. Chris says :

    i did up to level 13, then used this website til level 16, then your pictures are turned so it made it very difficult to use them…

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