Penguinz, Shooting Game Walkthrough, Discussion, Tips

About Pengiunz
Unrivalled Penguin gore mayhem in this action packed shooter.
15 enemies and 4 bosses. 9 weapons with 33 upgrades and 6 special upgrades.

Play Online: Penguinz created by LongAnimals

Game Instructions
A – Move Left , D – Move Right , W – Jump , Aim – Mouse , Left click – Shoot
Q/E – Change Weapon [Auto Toggle to the highest weapon level]

Penguinz Walkthrough
1. Buy Desert Eagle
2. Save money for AK47.
2. Buy AK47 , Buy AK47 Grenade Launcher , Upgrade Damage , Upgrade Accuracy
3. Save money for Gatling Gun
4. Buy Gatling Gun , Buy Slug Mode ,Upgrade Accuracy

Penguinz Tips
1. Chain Saw is very expensive and slow. By using chain saw, you need to go close to enemies.
2. Rocket Launcher and its Baby Penguin Extra Upgrade deals lesser damage than Gatling Gun in terms of DPS
3. DPS = Damage Per Second

Penguinz Review
A simple shooting game where you need to move around, shoot enemies, pick up drops from enemies.
There are 3 types of drops: health packs, ammunition [ammo/bullets] and money bags.
Collect the drops quickly before they fade away. Once you’ve defeated all 4 bosses, the game loops/repeat.
The bullets you purchase/collected are used by all weapons except the basic weapon.

Let’s talk about Penguinz list of weapons! The most powerful weapon is the Gatling Gun.
Although it cost approximately half of Chain Saw, it has range attack that rips enemies apart with its bullets.
Chain Saw on the other hand needs to approach enemy closely. Having said that, player risks their hero
being injured in close combat and by other range enemies. Also, rocket launcher seems to deal the most
damage compare to the rest of the weapons. But in terms of DPS [Damage Per second], Gatling Gun owns it.
Rocket Launcher has slow fire rate and the additional feature [Baby Penguin] does not do much good.

Secondly, if a player lost in a battle, they will also lose all their money/cash/$$$. Not only that, the ammo that they use in previous battle continues to the next battle if player wish to continue the game.
If they run out of ammo, they can’t use any of their high-tech weapon except the basic gun [infinite ammo].
It has no save/load feature, so the next time you want to play, you have to restart from square one.
It does not have much replayability, since it would be the same thing, no randomize events or so.
There is not much of strategy in this game or requires critical thinking before executing an action.
Perhaps clearing enemies on one side, rush to loot drops, and repeat for the opposite direction.
The game becomes a lot more tougher at level 24 and above as there are too many monsters for gatling
gun to clear them. Furthermore, its more like survival [protect your life] and conserving sufficient bullets.
I’ll give Penguinz Shooting Game a rating of 6/10 for its variety of cute monsters and weapons.

How to Cheat in Penguinz [Kongregate Badge Hack] by badgehacker

Download Cheat Engine:
1. beat the first level
2. find your cash, and search for it
3. buy something and search for your cash again
4. select your result and click the arrow
5. change to whatever you want and freeze it

1. find how much ammo you have left, and search for it
2. buy ammo and search for ammo again
3. double click your result
4. change to 500 and freeze


Penguinz Enemies
Eric, the psycho penguin
Martin, the thug bird
Aituserk will spike you
Tiddlee, the kamikaze penguin
Biieaiyowag, who solvee problems with fire sticks
Arthur, nutter penguin of legend
Winnie, a hairy monster
Teddie, who have found that repeatere are good
Trixie, his bite is worse than his bark
Leatherface, who does not have a leather face
Gordon, a lazy but vicious bird
Teteuowk, bird of metal
Tin Sam, beare his evil intent
Squawk the slayer
Walrve, the egg-man
Big Boy Bennie, he’s been at the protein drinks
Arjalinerk, eskimo I scream
Big Ted, who clearly has an inferiority complex
Clive, king bird of Antarotica (so he says)

Penguinz Weapons
Desert Eagle – $800 / Damage 120 / Accuracy 100
Desert Eagle – Accuracy 20% $100 / Accuracy 40% $200 / Accuracy 60% $400
Desert Eagle – Damage 20% $100 / Damage 40% $200 / Damage 60% $400
Uzi – $2000 / Damage 80 / Accuracy 80 / Dual Uzi $1000
Uzi – Accuracy 20% $400 / Accuracy 40% $800 / Damage 15% $400 / Damage 30% $800
AK47 – $4000 / Damage 100 / Accuracy 90 / Grenade Launcher $1000
AK47 – Accuracy 10% $1000 / Damage 20% $1600
Shotgun – $6000 / Damage 50 / Accuracy 20 / Double Barrel $2400
Shotgun – Accuracy 20% $1200 / Accuracy 40% $2400 / Damage 20% $1200 / Damage 40% $2400
M16 – $10,000 / Damage 100 / Accuracy 70 / Laser Sight $4000
M16 – Accuracy 20% $1000 / Accuracy 40% $2000 / Accuracy 60% $4000
M16 – Damage 20% $1000 / Damage 40% $2000 / Damage 60% $4000
Rocket Launcher – $20,000 / Damage 500 / Accuracy 80 / Baby Penguin $6000
Gatling Gun – $30,000 / Damage 200 / Accuracy 50 / Accuracy 10% $3000 / Accuracy 30% $6000
Gatling Gun – Accuracy 60% $12,000 / Slug Mode $12,000
ChainSaw – $50,000 / Damage 100 / Accuracy 100 / Damage 20% $10,000 / Damage 40% $20,000


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  1. john says :

    i love this mutha fuckin game it such abuf ass mutha fucker

  2. dillon says :

    how the fuck do i use the god damn grenade launcher

  3. Shooting Game says :

    It is a very good game. Thanks for information.

  4. donalmark says :

    Please, explain it widely for better result.

  5. Ean says :

    How do u use the “special” powers???

  6. Owen says :

    What does slug mode do?

    • cody willingham says :

      the slug mode on the gatling mode lets your shoot bigger bullets which means more damage

  7. hanallala says :

    explain the cheats better. wut do u mean “search” for the ammo and cash

    • uhhh says :

      it requires cheat engine, an appilcation that helps u cheat by freezing values by finding a binary first. say that the ammo binary would be 1010011010, then i would search and u would find ur ammo value. u freeze the ammo value to have infinite

  8. Jimp says :


    I did all the art for Penguinz, found this page through google! Its awesome youve set all this up for the game!

    Just to let you know some of the weapon damages have been changed, and medals are soon to be added to kongregate.

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