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感人MV(備好面紙.你會淚流不止) [Shorter Version]
Song Title – “Because i’m a girl” – sang by KISS

With Korean Lyric and English Subtitle [Longer Version]

Dodeche ar suga obso namjadurui maum
wonhar ten onjego da juni ije tonande
ironjog choumirago nonun thugbyorhadanun
gu marur midosso negen hengbogiosso

marur haji guresso nega shirhojyoda go
nunchiga obnun nan nur bochegiman hesso
norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya
sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika

modungor swibge da jumyon gumbang shirhjungnenunge
namjara durosso thollin mar gathjin anha
dashinun sogji anhuri maum mogo bojiman
todashi sarange munojinunge yoja ya

Onur urin heojyosso budi hengbogharago
noboda johun sarammannagir barandago
nodo darun namjarang togathe nar saranghanda go marhanten onjego
sorjighi na nega jar doenungo shirho
naboda yepun yoja manna hengboghage jar sarmyon otohge
guroda nar jongmar ijoborimyon otohge
nan irohge himdunde himduro juggenunde
ajigdo nor nomu saranghanunde

sarangur wihesoramyon modun da har su inun
yojaui chaghan bonnungur iyong hajinun marajwo
hanyojaro theona sarangbadgo sanunge
irohge himdurgo oryourjur mollasso

norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya
sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika

norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriurgoya
sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Default “BECAUSE I’M A GIRL” by: Kiss
I just can’t understand the ways
Of all the men and their mistakes
You give them all your heart
And then they rip it all away

You told me how much you loved me
And how our love was meant to be
And I believed in you
I thought that you would set me free

You should’ve just told me the truth
That I wasn’t the girl for you
Still, I didn’t have a clue
So my heart depended on you, whoa

Although I’ll say I hate you now
Though I’ll shout and curse you out
I’ll always have love for you
Because I am a girl

Been told a man will leave you cold
Get sick of you and bored
I know that it’s no lie
I gave my all, still I just cry

Never again will I be fooled
To give my all when nothing’s true
I won’t be played again
But I will fall in love again



I loved you so
Now you leave me in the cold
How could this be
I thought that you’d only love me

Into the night
I will pray that you’re alright
You hurt me so
I just can’t let you go

You took advantage of my willingness
To do anything for love
Now I’m the only one in pain
Will you please take it all away

Never thought being born a girl
How I can love you and be burned
And now I will build a wall
To never get torn again

(CHORUS) [2x]


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  1. Calvin says :

    “Because i’m a girl” on your webblog ayumilove… how ironic..

  2. Ck. says :

    Nice and touching song.Btw ayumi can u add me in msn if u dont mind? Please and thank you.

  3. Kevin says :

    Holy crap. That’s really sad

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