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About Blood Typing
The Blood Typing educational game and related reading are based on the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, which was awarded for the discovery of human blood groups made in 1901. In this game you have to blood type three patients and give them blood transfusions. Are you able to do that? If not, maybe you should read the introduction to blood typing “Blood Groups, Blood Typing and Blood Transfusions” before you start, otherwise you will put the patients’ lives in danger!

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Blood Typing Guide


Blood Typing Walkthrough
There are 4 blood types namely: A, B, AB and O
There are 2 types of Rh factor for each blood type: Rh+ and Rh-
Blood Type O is universal donors which can be transfuse blood to victims with Blood Type : A, B, AB, O
Blood Type AB is universal receivers which can receive blood transfusion from : A, B, AB, and O
All blood type can receive their respective blood types. For example:
A can receive from A – not B and AB
B can receive from B – not A and AB
O can receive from O – not A, B and AB

However, we still need to consider the Rh factor that presents in each blood type.
Rh+ can receive both Rh+ and Rh-
Rh- can only receive Rh- and not Rh+

Example #1: Lady
The lady blood type is AB because around the blood has antigen A and antigen B.
In the Rh Tube, it is shown that its Rh- [Rh Negative] since it does not have any Rh Antigen.
From here, we can conclude that the blood type is AB Rh-
AB can receive any blood, either A, B, AB or O. However, it must only receive from Rh-, not Rh+
Solution: A Rh- , B Rh- , AB Rh- , O Rh-


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