2nd AudioSurf Video – BassHunter Now You’re Gone Remix

This my 2nd Audiosurf video and it’s 50% longer than the previous one I uploaded on Youtube.
It took me a few tries before able complete the game without crashing into grey cube. This happens most
of the time as the spaceship is rushing down towards the ending with both sides flanked with grey cubes.
The artist who is remixing this song is Craig Michael Gregory. You can download CMG Album MP3 here
Download Link: CMG – BassHunter Now You’re Gone (2009 2nd Mix)

About Craig Michael Gregory aka CMG
My name is Craig Gregory and I’m 26 yrs old,,,, Ive been into trance/dance hardcore for 13 years now. I’m a self taught musician and played the piano the best part of 12yrs… oh and i cant read music. I own a Roland Fantom x8 and upload alot of my videos on Youtube… I produced my songs mainly on Fruity Loops xxl 8 by using Sytrus, Nexus and Vanguard…
I first used to listen to sash and alice deejay when i was younger. I’ve always wanted to play live in front of thousands of ravers and dance fanatics because i get such a buzz out of seeing people enjoying my music. I have wrote music for years and even recorded a few songs including remixes with the vocals of my fiance Felicity.. Ive had a few songs played abroad in ayia napa, malaga and ibizia… i also record myself live on video as ive uploaded a few so you can see for yourselves. I hope you enjoy my music and thank you for listening it means alot.
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CMG – BassHunter Now You’re Gone (CMG 2nd 2009 Mix)
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CMG – Neverending
CMG – Pachabell’s Canon
CMG – Canon C Trance (CMG Remix)
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I am Ayumilove, if you see some impersonators its not me.
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