StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns Walkthrough, Review, Tips

About StormWinds The Lost Campaign
StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns is an expansion pack to the first popular shooter released a year ago.
With 6 new campaigns, all new enemies, weapons, and more, there is plenty to keep players busy.
It also explains more of the StormWinds story and sheds some light on this steampunkish universe.

Objective of StormWinds
Similar to StormWinds 1.5, you must defend your fortress from the oncoming enemy waves.
Place turrets in locations of your choice on your fortress, creating the best defense possible to withhold
even the greatest of attacks. Purchase, Repair, upgrade, and move your turrets to find the ultimate defense.

Play Online: Stormwinds The Lost Campaign at [Exclusive Bonus Map]
Play Online: Kongregate StormWinds The Lost Campaign [Badges]

StormWinds The Lost Campaign Walkthrough (works for all campaigns)
Here is a comprehensive strategy for every level in the entire game:
– For primary weapon, focus on upgrading “Damage Increase” as its worth more for upgrade points spent.
– For primary weapon, buy “Dual Machine Gun” [$10,000] for the early campaigns.
– If you have sufficient money, sell your previous primary weapon for “Spread Machine Gun” [$15,000].
– Buy “Barrier Decoy” [$1,000] and place it in front of your primary weapon. It acts as a damage sponge.
– Buy “Damage Buffer” [$15,000]. Upgrade only “Buff Strength”. Purchase more if you have the money $$$
– With this strategy [strat], you will owned the enemies with your pure raw damage.

StormWinds Lost Campaigns – Level 1 – Sea Station Walkthrough

StormWinds Lost Campaigns – Level 2 – Eastern Forest Walkthrough

StormWinds Lost Campaigns – Level 3a – Frozen Peaks Walkthrough

StormWinds Lost Campaigns – Level 3b – Desolate Hills Walkthrough

StormWinds Lost Campaigns – Level 5 – Last Outpost Walkthrough

StormWinds Lost Campaigns – Level 6 – End Of Glory Walkthrough (Boss Fight!)

StormWinds Lost Campaigns – Bonus Level – The Twenty-Five Walkthrough

How to cheat in StormWinds The Lost Campaign – Unlimited Upgrade Points

StormWinds The Lost Campaigns God Hack

Music List from StormWinds Video Walkthrough
Level 1 – Music: Secret Zombie Room by For Great Justice!
Level 2 – Music: Dendrite by For Great Justice!
Level 3a – Music: La Luna Caida by For Great Justice!
Level 3b – Music: Matador by For Great Justice!
Level 5 – Music: Alpha Helix by For Great Justice!
Level 6 – Music: 4FT3R M3 by Super Green X.
Bonus Level – Music: Crowdpleaser by Super Green X.


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5 responses to “StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns Walkthrough, Review, Tips”

  1. Mitch says :

    I will agree with you part way but what i used to beat the game was i focused of distracting my enemy with barriers while using radio plasmids until i could afford a minigun after that it was all i needed with a apocalypse cannon every now and then i focused on health not attack

  2. imbetter says :

    Many of these setups don’t show the easiest ways to complete the levels. The Sky Minefield is great and very cheap, I used it in every campaign, along with the spread machine gune (not double). It got the levels done VERY fast, and let me skip out on almost all repairs because the ships couldn’t even get halfway across the screen.

  3. Legit says :

    Campaign 6 walkthrough’s setup it legittttttt

  4. Andrew says :

    Hello…I don’t understand one thing:at level 5-The last outpost-,where do you got 37.000 money in the begining?I only get 30.000 and I repeat the level The desolate hills hoping I’m gonna get more money,but in vain.Without 37.000,I can’t pass this fifth level 😦

  5. Jeo says :

    The God Hack doesn’t work anymore 😦

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