Days 2 Die Walkthrough, Review, Discussion, Hints, Tips

About Days 2 Die
The city is crawling with the undead, I’m trapped! The only hope is to escape the city on a boat,
I need to reach the Harbor before its too late…if I fail, I can only count my days…
Note: This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore. No save/load feature too!

Play Online: Days 2 Die by TogeProductions

Game Instructions
Movement : A – left , D – right , W – climb up , S – climb down , SHIFT – Hold to Run
R – reload , I – inventory , E – hold to Fix Barricades while standing next to one
MOUSE – aim, shoot , MOUSE – click & drag to move barricades (ONLY before STARTing your day)

Hints/Tips for Days 2 Die
– Find a room that has 1 entrance where zombies approaches, so you can spam your bullets in an area.
– If you are stuck between 2 entrances within a room, build 2 Barriers on both right and left side.
– You can repair your barrier while you are shooting/slashing monster!
– Use AK47/M4 as your primary weapon against zombies since its faster than Sniper Rifle.
– You can order your mercenaries to follow your character or stop in their tracks.
– Purchase a melee weapon such as Katana/Chain-saw that is able attack while you are out of ammo.
– Picking up the medicine toolkit [medic box] heals 50HP of your character and your ally/mercenary.
– You can only hire 2 mercenary by your side. You can fire/sack the current mercenary for a better one.
– You can repair barricade when it is damage, this is to save money to prevent it from being destroyed.
– Stable Gun : M4 Gun, SMS, M14 is very stable, the bullets shoot at where you aim.
– Unstable Gun : AK47 , Steyler TMP, M1911, Wealther [bullets spread far from where you aimed]
– Hire Darwin the Dynamite and Bill the M4 shooter. Dynamite is use for mass zombies. M4 is stable gun!
– You can use your melee weapon such as Chain saw through the Barrier! However, barrier should be thin.
– Aim for the zombie’s head with your stable gun to deal extra damage!
– Build 2 barricade/barriers in front of you. Place them as in L shape/form. One vertical, one horizontal.
– If your men are killed but you survived, you need to hire them back from dead.
– However, if all die, restart from main menu [from Home Sweet Home, glitch?]
– The grenade/dynamite that your mercenary throw does not hurt your barricade nor your HP/ally HP.

Days 2 Die Walkthrough Home Sweet Home

Days 2 Die Walkthrough Supermart

Days 2 Die Walkthrough Apartment

Police HQ – [refer to written walkthrough below]

Military Checkpoint & Harbor

Days 2 Die Weapons
RPS refers to Rate of Fire, the frequency at which a specific weapon can fire or launch its projectiles.
It is usually measured in rounds per minute (RPM or round/min), or per second (RPS or round/s).

Beretta M9 [9mm] – $500 , Dmg 40 , RPS 3.63
Desert Eagle [.357] – $750 , Dmg 115 , RPS 1.66
M4 [5.56] – $5000 , Dmg 55 , RPS 5.71
SMS [9mm] – $1600 , Dmg 40 , RPS 5.71
Steyr TMP [9mm] – $1500 , Dmg 30 , RPS 6.66
MPU [.45] – $2500 , Dmg 50 , RPS 5
Shotgun [12g] – $2100 , Dmg 70 , RPS 2.5
Walther P99 [9mm] – $600 , Dmg 45 , RPS 3.33
AK47 [7.62] – $4300 , Dmg 65 , RPS 5
M1911 [.45] – $650 , Dmg 60 , RPS 2.85
M14 [7.62] – $7000 , Dmg 165 , RPS 2

Each ammo purchase stocks up 50 bullets.
12g – $30 , .357 – $50 , .45 – $35 , 9mm – $20 , 7.62 – $50 , 5.56 – $50

Days 2 Die Melee Weapons and Explosive
Knife – $25 , Dmg 40 , RPS 100
Baseball – $200 , Dmg 55 , RPS 66.66
Katana – $1500 , Dmg 75 , RPS 100
Chainsaw – $5000 , Dmg 25 , RPS 200
Grenade – $500 , Dmg 1515 , RPS 2.5
Dynamite – $750 , Dmg 2015 , RPS 2.5

Days 2 Die Mercenary Stats
Ivy – $5,500 , $200/day , 100 Health , 15 Accuracy , Speed 8.5 , Gun: Beretta M9
Louis – $7,500 , $200/day , 50 Health , 15 Accuracy , 9.5 Speed , Gun: Desert Eagle
Francis – $ 15,000 , $500/day , 75 Health , 15 Accuracy , 9 Speed , Gun: MPU
Melissa – $12,500 , $650/day , 50 Health , 15 Accuracy , 9.2 Speed , Gun: Steyr TMP
Andrew – $17,000 , $700/day , 100 Health , 15 Accuracy , 8 Speed , Gun: Steyr TMP
Kris – $17,500 , $750/day , 50 Health , 15 Accuracy , 11 Speed , Gun: SMS
Wendy – $20,000 , $1000/day , 50 Health , 15 Accuracy , 10 Speed , Gun: AK47
Bill – $25,000 , $1100/day , 50 Health , 15 Accuracy , 6 Speed , Gun : M4
Darmin – $25,000 , $5,000/day , 50 Health , 15 Accuracy , 7 Speed , Bomb : Dynamite

Summary of the Weapon Stats
Desert Eagle Bullet cost double of Beretta M9, but deals +31% extra damage. Not worth?
Steyr TMP is the fastest weapon, deals half damage of AK47 but bullet is almost half too. Useful for mass.
M14 aka Sniper Rifle is the slowest weapon, but deals the highest damage. Not good against mass zombies.
AK47 is the all-round weapon, deals good amount of damage and moderate cost. Good weapon choice.
However, M4 is the best weapon choice since the shooting is stable but cost a little more than AK47.


Days 2 Die Walkthrough
I have discovered a better walkthrough, which saves extra cash for more powerful mercenaries!
The previous walkthrough works for version 1.1. I have currently updated this walkthrough to v1.3.1

Home Sweet Home
Day 1 – Buy Beretta M9 Bullet
Day 2 – Save $$$ [Use your knife to slash zombies]
Day 3 – Save $$$ [Use your knife to slash zombies]
Day 4 – Buy M4 and buy bullets. [I spent all my cash into M4 bullets]
Super Mart
Day 5 to 7 – Buy M4 Bullet
Day 8 – Hire Kris [$17,500 – uses SMS : a stable gun , Salary $750/day]
Day 9 to 11 – Buy M4 Bullet
Police HQ
Day 12 – Hire Bill [$25,000 – uses M4 : a stable gun , Salary $1100/day]
Day 13 to 15 – Buy M4 Bullet
Military Checkpoint



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77 responses to “Days 2 Die Walkthrough, Review, Discussion, Hints, Tips”

  1. rafli says :

    you all jerk

  2. Jamie says :

    Hi. I’m in the Police Station and every corner has a door. The zombies are always coming in from both sides. Help?

  3. Resident evil Darkside chronicles says :

    i forgot that,when you are playing “Days2Die:The other side hacked”.wait for a few minutes.The game will start.

    From:Leon S.Kennedy

  4. Resident evil Darkside chronicles says :

    Days 2 Die:the other side.if you guys have problem with the game.Just open a new window(mozilla firefox)and press “Days2Die:The other side hacks”you`ll get a infinite ammo,zombie gives you health and weapons are free.Feel free to hack.

  5. Residents evil says :

    Hello!! Here I am again, the portuguese craisy with his toturials XD.
    I allready passed both days 2 die, the worst and most dificult it’s the D2D: The other side because of that bat and his litle ones, but it’s a little game, takes much more time the D2D that D2D: The other side.
    If you are a good apreciator of this game, I tell you that you should play D2D all the time.
    Make a challenge, make the game by my toturial and then, after completing, go to the supermarket on the place that i indicaded near the stairs, do the best barricades, this time one down and the other up, on front of the down one, and without merc survive to that round. After you finish, buy again mercenaries and finish that place, and after beeing on map chose home and do the hole game again, but with extreme dificulty of zombies and very good weapons. The first guy that beats the game like I said, well, your good!!!

    If you want to download the game I advice to do it from
    Then, unzip the file and open “Index” file. You will need firefox (works better).

  6. anonymous says :

    on there is a hacked version of the game and it is so easy!

  7. OhEmGeeaNoob says :

    how the hell can u pass lvl 10+?

  8. D2D:tos says :

    there is a new cheat:getting stucked on the chapter 2 the escape?,try putting the quality on low cause if you are on high quality your gunfires will become slower but if your on low quality gunfires are faster than zombie damages ……..
    NOW! thats the cheat that I used on tank …. so if you have a mochi account try buying the minigun for extreme action!!!

  9. zoukfreak21 says :


  10. hunterdog says :

    hey guys i just glitch do not buy mecinarys because they will time i picked the wrong map could not beat it home sweet home i had to start all over.

  11. amwrb says :

    i found a way to be safe on both sides i call it the sit and enjoy method you put the cabinets on one side laying down and the enjoy soda machine on the other side upwards then you make them close (so that your person and any mercs can fit between them) walk across the cabinet so that it can start start the game then go back in between then you can also fix both simultaneously by holding e.

  12. pissed off says :

    what the fuck is this im playing story mode and i cant use the car.I thought this would be a walkthrough for story mode who gives a shit about survival

  13. Funnyjinman says :

    Don’t know if you guys care about this but on any level with a staircase or ladder you can climb halfway up it and when your head is level with the black part if you walk of the ladder your head will get stuck and you can’t bet hurt by any zombies 9except maybe the bosses(not sure)) So once you get to a level with a staircase or ladder buy the katana and just hold down the mouse button.

  14. Killer99 says :

    im mean your missing one way they spawn from

  15. Killer99 says :

    hey you know how their are ways for zombies come in, how come you dont have that???? i all whys go where you go and their is a why the can come and kills me…………………………………………………are u a hack

  16. furor says :

    guys im at chapter 7 at the tank boss…i cant seems to bet him…i die always cause of the stupid rock throws he does..i can barely dodge them once or twice but other then that he always hits me..give me a hint pls

    • christian says :

      u need to buy 1 mercenary and if u have mochi gcoins enough to buy the granade launcher u can beat him easily

  17. Timothy says :

    You are missing some firearms: the minigun, the gernade launcher, and the 20000$ .50 calibul sniper rifle. Unlike the first sniper rifle, the .50 cal version has peircing bullets that pass through enemies, allowing you to headshot all of the enemies in a group of zombies at once. It also does 200 more damadge per shot than the M4. I haven’t bought the gerbade launcher but that both does 300 more damage than the $20,000 sniper and shoots/reloads faster. It also costs less and has an area explosion, all of which would make it the best gun in the game if its HE shells weren’t so expensive.

  18. Residents evil says :

    Use E to recharg the gun and use the MP5. Its easyer. You cant let him attack you with the blade, shoot him continiuousy and he cant use it. And the bats they are in big bat trajectory so your gona kill him easy.

  19. Residents evil says :

    Dont use the esc button, use E you go to Darwin buy guns and you recharge the gun!

  20. Residents evil says :

    Ho teh bat it’s easy. He his stupid! And the game has bugs…
    Do like this, you have to buy deagle to bet him! Buy it with lots of bullets.
    When fiting, shoot him (doesn´t mater were because its equal in every places) with deagle. When he releses the mini bats, pick your MP5 and shoot them.
    Problem is that deagle takes a lot to recharge? EASY, use a bug! When it starts the reload, press esc button. Afer you hear the gun beeng carieded, press esc again and you will come back, in the same palce, but with load gun!
    Doesn’t works with the attaks, but it helps.
    You will meet the bat some time later. You have to buy the down left corner 1st page gun and use it against him in the second encounter.
    With the tank, never get to far from him because he trows rocks that kill and you can’t run or with lucky. When he runs, jump to the other side! Use deagle and the bug that i described up there.

  21. Residents evil says :

    The new Days 2 Die its lots of harder! I finished him. You have to do some inside missions. There is a BAT that its dificult to kill, and in the last level there is a tank…and yes, it has connection to the old Days 2 Die. Brother and sister didnt come togheter yet, but its close.
    Try to buy Deagle and then the last gun on 1st page rigth side.
    And there are some gliches…i’m studying the game now.

    • braden says :

      yeah its a great game but i cant beat the bat. do you have any advice or any tips that can help me?

      • D2D:tos says :

        I’ll help you,to beat the mutated bat you should have first the ‘SCAR’and the katana
        fight the mutated bat ……
        TIP: do not forget to change the quality
        to low so that defeating the bat wont be hard…………….. oh yeah I almost forgot when you are using the scar aim for the mouth……….

  22. Residents evil says :

    I forgot, there is a NEW DAYS 2 DIE!!!!
    Names now: Days 2 Die – The other side
    Its cool, but lots of harder. It doesn’t continues with the story (i didint completed the game at 100%, i’m in the car now so i don’t know if will be some connection) but its much beter that the first. Its on rela time, no barricades and you have new bosses and big guys. You also have to complete missions on the game. If something unusual hapens, fix it on your head, it will help you ferther.
    Its bad because mochigames is the producer and di premium mode, you have to got an account on it. I dont know how i winn mochigames coints, but i think that i will have to pay…i don’t know so i won’t talk about it.
    But premium gives you the change of have teh continue mode on other pc’s and you can buy better items.

    The link for the game is:

  23. Residents evil says :

    Revolver_71, i had some trouble also with melle weapons.
    Wen they come to you at the first level, try to kill the o the body and you need to press and relese quicky back so he can’t attact you and he dies.
    If they come both sides, jump and aim to the head and walk for a place without zombies. You will be attacked but just once if you do that way. Or else, if you want (i dont like because you spend bullets…) use the gun on that case. More i cant do. On the first days, buy the litle baricades to save money and ALWAYS shot the on the head and be quick to kill them.

  24. htetarkar says :

    i love this game and i also created a site for it! here it is…

  25. revolver_714 says :

    ummm,ayumilove,,,,can you tell me the best way to save but never ever die?i followed your walkthrough,,but i ALWAYS DONT KNOW HOW TO SAVE MONEY,IM WEAK IF I USE MELEE WEAPONS,pppplllsss. i need your answer i need to beat my friends in this game!!!!!!

    • ayumilove says :

      the game change alot though, here are some tips. if you can hold them off easily, don’t buy a weapon, use melee instead to save money for a better gun. It’s good to have a grenade man at the finals as he deals lots of damage when there are mob of zombies (but he reloads pretty slow for a grenade)

  26. Residents evil says :

    Home: Save money, buy bullets just if you have less then 50 bullets. Min is 150. Then at day 3 you should be able to buy chainsaw (sell bullets that are unnecessary to buy it) and stop using gun and just use chainsaw to kill. Use pistol in extreme case. The objective is save money. When attacked by both sides and can’t run, jump and attack down and you will just be attacked once and you kill al zombies.

    Supermarket: The objective is buy M4, go to the up right corner. Here you have to ways:
    If you still don’t have M4, build a barricade (the best) on the up corner and use the chainsaw. Put yourself the max approached to the barricade and aim of a way that don’t make any sparks, and you will kill all zombies before they even attack your barricade. Then, buy M4.
    After having M4, you could still use the tecnick up described to kill, that way you don’t spend money in bullets, but if you want, get out of the barricade, put it down of a way you could go on top of her. Then, go to the ladders, and start. Zombies take time to get out of the ladder, and on that time you have the possibility to kill them before they attack you. You don’t have to worry about the door on front, they will be not to much coming by there. If they are a lots of zombies backup until you kill them all. Never leave the stairs. Barricade could be weak, it won’t be used almost. Save money.

    Apartment: Go to the top left corner and build 2 barricades, the best there are, in vertical. Then, start and go against the wall and jump and don’t release spacebar. Then quickly press D to go on top of the barricade. Some times this gliche doesn’t work, but whit M4 you don’t have to worry, this gliche only helps wining. Go until the middle of the two barricades and shoot zombies by there and you will get more money by killing them on the head.
    Save money. Last level you won’t be able to go up the barricade, so restore them if their damage (don’t restore after the days, just in the last or if the barricade is in the worst state or even have ben destroyed). If one of your barricades is destroyed in game, get out, go to the wall and press space to go up and shoot by that site. Don’t use the move buttons or you will fall down. To M4, you should always have at least 400 bullets. That’s enough to the day. Save money.

    Police HQ: Save money first day. Buy M4 bullets until 500 or left 2200 of money.
    Go to the up right corner and build the bets barricades vertically separated by just a tiny cut. Use the gliche of the wall to go up on the barricade and kill. If the gliche doesn’t works, your gona have trouble, you need to shoot continuously to survive.
    After the first round, you should have stayed without any barricade or almost, so buy Bill to help you and M4 bullets and the rest of the money use it on M4 bullets. Sell all other bullets and remember to left always 2200 of money, so you can rebuild your barricade.
    Watch out with the big boys, they are hard to die now and when they come in group just shoot to their heads and forget the little ones.
    Here is just always new barricade if damage and 500 M4 bullets.

    Military checkpoint: It’s war! No corner available to hide. But go up right corner and build 2 barricades. Both horizontally way and separated by a tiny space between, and the closer to the corner with an entry, giving a space for you and a bit more.
    Start the game, from the entry it won’t come to much zombies. You need to stand on top of the barricade with bill (he will be stupid and will always be jumping). Buy 600 M4 bullets and always recover your barricade. Buy also 4 dynamites for groups of big boys.
    At the 2º day you should be capable to buy Darwin. If you have Darwin you win certainly! But be were, Darwin usually goes to on front and dies, so don’t get to close the 1st barricade, and be careful because some zombies could go on top of the barricade on the explosion.
    After having Darwin and bill just buy M4 bullets until 600 and barricades. You will win. The rest of the money you could use it to buy other guns to test them or buy melee weapon, well, just use to use.

    You should have accomplished Days 2 Die easily like this. This toturial is from the new version o the game. I hope I’ve help you guys. I think I have some orthographic errors, but I’m not English even, I’m Portuguese! But I did this on English just to you guys!

  27. Luckyjoey22 says :

    Erm glitch. In SuperMarket Level, where the ladder is, Go about halfway or more up the ladder and Walk right. Your floating on top of some boxes. Its for YOU. not ur partner. they cannot attack you only ur partner. this should help you guys out of your strapped out on cash. all you gotta do is kill them except for One. then die and restart the level on top of the boxes. 😀

  28. Days2Live says :

    Home Sweet Home
    Day 1 – Buy Beretta M9 Bullet
    Day 2 – Save $$$ [Use your knife to slash zombies]
    Day 3 – Save $$$ [Use your knife to slash zombies]
    Day 4 – Buy M4 and buy bullets. [I spent all my cash into M4 bullets]
    Super Mart
    Day 5 to 7 – Buy M4 Bullet
    Day 8 – Hire Kris [$17,500 – uses SMS : a stable gun , Salary $750/day]
    Day 9 to 11 – Buy M4 Bullet
    Police HQ
    Day 12 – Hire Bill [$25,000 – uses M4 : a stable gun , Salary $1100/day]
    Day 13 to 15 – Buy M4 Bullet
    Military Checkpoint
    Buy M4 bullets and dynamites.

  29. conrad says :

    on day 1 i dont have enough money to by a m4

  30. CHRIS says :

    how come you didnt put the mini gun in the guid

  31. darren says :

    how do you repair barricades during the fight

  32. Sarra says :

    HEY!!! What the heck ? All the levels have doors everywhere, and we cant hover , ethier.Is their like a different one er sumtin ? I need 2 know !! PS….. on the one i played, if you dy and retry, you still get the money for killing the zombies… is that like a glitch er somthing?? i hope they keep it , cuz its helping me pass the levels !!!

  33. vlad says :

    x.x what about cheats (i need [censored] cheats D<)

  34. James says :

    On the supermart upstairs in the room that u went into there was 1 entrance for zombies but when i play theres an entrance at the wall ur standing by. do u know why?

    • ayumilove says :

      The developer added the entrance there to make it more challenging for players, to get players out from their bunker located at the corner lol.

    • Headshots says :

      yea… i was trying the same thing in super mart and there is a door now…its harder now.

  35. PERSON says :

    This walk through helped me a little bit but confused me cause you could not back up into any walls in Home, Supermarket or police place,so i would spend like 5 mins looking for one.

  36. PERSON says :

    I beat this game with the mini gun, ivy, and louis. It’s hard but once you get the hang of it it’s easy. The last lv i did not get hit or killed once.

  37. Drai says :

    Uhm. This Walkthrough page is now pretty much void. They added extra entryways for zombies, it’s almost impossible to get past day 10 or so, last day in the supermart, because you don’t get a wall to back up against anymore. I had AK47, two barricades and two mercenaries and a few explosives. Kept dying right near the end each time, even if I did differently.

    Makes me wish I’d played the earlier versions of this game. x_x

  38. L4D_Zoey says :

    Cool game and great walkthrough/help/ whatever u wanna call it but (this has nothing ot do with walkthrough) why cant u hire Zoey? cuz u can hire bill, francis and louis but not zoey? answers would b helpful thx

  39. Kairui Zeng says :

    Hey Ayumi, are there any cheats to that game?

  40. ojasuidf says :

    are there any cheats to the game?

    • Siggs says :

      there are none on the first level since its the easiest. but on levels with stairs, go up until you head would about hit the ceiling. then walk off the ladder, there is usually an invisble ledge.(if u can’t find it and you have tried both sides of the stairs try another staircase.)

  41. masaber2 says :

    for mall, hovering bug works till last day. for last day i had to go ninja then new patch made big zombies apear in malls too, so i needed to use M4.. i can beat mall with katana till last lvl and used 150 bullets there. nice guide tho. finally finished lvl1 of apartment after reading this (i failed even with stacked money due to tons of replays and bill even dies..)

    • masaber2 says :

      seems like only chainsaw works.. i saw your vid as you went kill vill, then later my char wont hover anymore.. then i bought chainsaw and she is hoverin lol

  42. Houman says :

    some of your information is wrong kris only cost 17500 and i couldnt make that much by the 8th day. so what do u repeat lvls or somthing?

    • ayumilove says :

      hi Houman, that walkthrough is for version 1.1
      I tried on version 1.3.1 and it seems that they do not provide much $$$ money compare to the previous version.

      On day 4 in Home Sweet Home, you can purchase M4/Ak47.
      On Supermart, you can simply purchase bullets to save money.
      On Apartment, you can hire Bill, but you need to hold off a bit with repairing barricade.
      Then, you can hire another mercenary who holds AK47 or Darmin the Dynamite if you have the cash.

  43. Super Anonymous! says :

    It’s impossible for me to get at least 5,000 $ to get a M4 by day 2 no matter how much I try.

    • ayumilove says :

      There was some changes to the game, I guess that effects it. Anyways, make sure you get M4 during Home Sweet Home, it would be quite easy on other levels!

  44. grif says :

    yea how do u get m4 on second day?

    • ayumilove says :

      I had enough money to purchase M4, I killed zombies pretty quickly by spamming bullets, and using knife. I guess the faster you kill zombies, the more they spawn. Did not buy any bullet for Beretta M9.

  45. Colt says :

    hope that helps lo;

  46. Colt says :

    ok go up against some wall or make a barrier and hold space by wall or on top of barrier and u will keep floating if u hold space:) great glitch made me win

  47. Anon.E.Mouse says :

    once the yellow bar is full, you get the upgrade of +5 damage and stuff like that.

  48. Colt says :

    do u repeat lvls?

  49. poko says :

    Some suggestions to the developers, apparently they read this blog:

    1) Reload
    2) Difficulty settings.
    3) Save.
    4) “climb up&down” should work on barricades.
    5) What does the yellow bar at the bottom do?
    6) What are the triggers for “reload +15” or “damage +5”? Where do the bonus go? the player or the whole team? primary weapon or all weapons?
    7) Quantitative indication of barricades’ status .
    8) Make mercenaries weaker. After hiring one mercenary, you don’t need to fire one round in “home sweet home”.

    • ayumilove says :

      yeah, I agree that the barricade/barrier should have some life bar with numbers to indicate its health/durability it could withstand the zombies hits.

      Should have some save/load feature, and an auto-save feature!

      Mercenaries are pretty weak unless you hire a guy like Bill for Home Sweet Home.

      Yellow bar seems like an EXP Bar? When either my character/mercenary kills a zombie, the yellow bar increases.

  50. ne says :

    how can you buy an m4 after the second day?

    • ayumilove says :

      I did not buy any ammo, just use knife and slash zombies.
      This way, you can save money.
      Not sure whether the developer has changed the swf

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