Bloody Fun Day Walkthrough, Review, Tip, Cheat

About Bloody Fun Day
What would Death himself do if he were surrounded by ultra-cute critters? Kill them, of course! You play the reaper, who needs to kill red cuties in order to stay alive. Killing other cuties will help charge super powers that make it easier to get to the red cuties. How long can you survive before the dwindling cutie population stifles your life? You can’t help but have a bloody fun day in this addictive puzzler.

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Bloody Fun Day Walkthrough Unlimited Mode [by Armatus]
– Golden eggs provides 5,000 points. It’s the only way to get 100,000 points quickly.
– You need large groups. slice cuties so that the resulting eggs will enlarge another group.
– Slice an egg [cost 2 points] rather than a group of cuties to obtain something big.
– Use the any-range-kill and the laser to get a golden egg if it’s the only way to get it before it hatches.
– Once you have a large group, consider using the color change.
– If it changes to red, use the double soul collect to get a huge hp boost.
– If it doesn’t, use the red soul skill to get enough for another round.

Bloody Fun Day Walkthrough Endurance [by ThirdParty]
– Late in the game, you will almost always want to follow Transform with either Harvest or Vampiric Touch.
– Depending on whether you get reds or not, so probably shouldn’t use it when these abilities are uncharged,
– unless you’re in an area that you can afford to leave and come back to later.
– The skills that keep you alive are Harvest, Vampiric Touch, and to a lesser extent Transform.
– Notice that none of these are black. So black is the best color to Transform.
– In the early game or when fortune is favoring you, stockpile.
– Fill up your health meter and the three survival skills, and leave some large clumps of reds sitting about.

Bloody Fun Day Tips [by clockwork247]
Yellow are most valuable as they can change color and give you life.
Blue are next since they can double what you can get black is useless.
Gather yellow, blue, and leave black, once they form a huge patch just change their color and continue on.
Black powers is useful to get golden eggs that spawned on the other side of the crowd you’ve just killed.
The maximum red soul you can store is 40. If you happen to get more than 40, the remaining is wasted.

Bloody Fun Day Special Power
Basic Attack – Kill an adjacent group of cuties. Absorb their souls.
Jump Slash – Kill a group of cuties two tiles away. Absorb their souls. [9 blue]
Harvest – Kill an adjacent group of cuties. Absorb two souls for each cutie [23 blue]
Transform – Randomly change the color of an adjacent group of cuties. They will not be killed. [19 yellow]
Vampiric Touch – Kill an adjacent group of cuties. Absorb souls and convert into red souls. [24 yellow]
Eye Lasers – Eye Lasers. Kill a straight line of cuties. Absorb their souls. [13 black]
Fire Blast – Kill a group of cuties any distance away. Absorb their souls. [18 black]

Bloody Fun Day Score Formula
For Reaping Normal Egg : -2 points per normal egg.
For Reaping Golden Egg : 5,000 points per golden egg.
For Reaping Cutie Group : 2.5*(# of Cuties in group) + 2.5*(# of Cuties in group)^2 = Total Score.

How to use Reaper’s Special Power in Bloody Fun Day
Jump Slash
– Move across the map quickly and avoid destroying normal eggs.
– Useful to reach a Golden Egg that spawned far away from you.
– Avoid destroying a space with death so you walk on that space later. Avoid trapping self.
– Avoid killing a particular group of cutie so they could form into larger group.
– Use to fill up your skills with the required souls and heal yourself quickly on small red cuties.
– Best used on groups more than 6 cuties if possible.
– Best applied on Yellow/Black/Red except for Blue cuties since Jump Slash requires little blue souls.
– Use on Blue Cuties if there are cases where you need to spam Jump Slash to get to Golden Eggs.
– Best skill in Bloody Fun Day that helps player to achieve Kongregate Hard Badge.
– Use on group that is nearby with another different group of color, see the picture below highlighted in red.
– Notice that transforming that group will provide 10 or more of [15 blacks / 16 blues / 20 yellows]
Picture taken by Zerris
Vampiric Touch
– This is your survival skill.
– Use on a group of cuties to obtain more life. Take note that the soul is converted into red soul.
Eye Lasers
– Not so useful skill, best applied to obtain Golden Eggs are lined in straight line.
Fire Blast
– This skill is saved for something good [wait for good opportunity]
– Use to destroys Golden Egg when there is 1 turn left.
– Use to destroy a group of cuties in return for their souls, so you can use other skill to get Golden Eggs.
– Use on a group of red cuties when you feel you could not reach that particular group on time.


How to cheat in Bloody Fun Day

Here is the guide description provided by the video creator below:
First of all, you will need to have Cheat Engine 5.5 installed on your computer,
if you don’t have it yet, you can find a link in the sidebar on the right side,
which will take you to the website of the makers of Cheat Engine and you can download it from there.

So as usual, open up Cheat Engine, select the process of the browser that you are running.
Then select Array of Bytes and copy/paste the following value into the scan field:
60 ?? ?? 24 00 61 ?? ?? 5d ?? ?? 24 00 4f ?? ?? 01 5d ?? ?? 4f ?? ?? 00 47

Click on first scan, you will only find one single value like this.
Add the value to the bottom list by double clicking it and then edit the value.

You will need to erase digits 47 from the end of the value (make sure that you leave the extra space after the 00 digits!!!) and add the same digits, 47 at the beginning of the value, so that it would look like this:
47 60 ?? ?? 24 00 61 ?? ?? 5d ?? ?? 24 00 4f ?? ?? 01 5d ?? ?? 4f ?? ?? 00


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