Dummies Guide on Brainstorming Turret in Tower Defense

What is a turret?
A revolving armored tower equipped with a gun. Commonly found on aircraft, tank, castle, or ship.
In Tower Defense Games [TD], these towers are constructed nearby a path. However, games like
Desktop Tower Defense provides player the flexibility o create their own path via tower placement.

What kind of turret I could add into my tower defense game?
Below is a list of common turret ideas that you might be interested to add into your TD!

Basic Tower
– Cheap
– Targets land and air units
– Targets an enemy unit 1 at a time.

Stun Tower
– Medium Expensive
– Targets only land
– Targets all units nearby via Splash Damage.

Air Tower
– Medium Expensive
– Targets only air
– Able to multishot multiple air units at a time + has further range.

Poison Tower
– Medium Expensive
– Targets land and air.
– Deals damage over time. Damage stacks. Splash Poison.

Freeze Tower
– Medium Expensive
– Target land and air.
– Deals little damage but able to slow an enemy movement to a crawl.

Support Tower
– Expensive
– Does not attack.
– Increases the damage, range, speed of nearby towers.

Tower Defense Turret Template
This template helps tower defense developers on creating their unique towers to be placed in the map.

Cheap , Medium , Expensive
Upgrades are all cheap/medium/expensive.
Upgrades grow from cheap to expensive.

Single Target , Splash Attack
Target only air , Target only land , Target both land and air
Slow attack speed , Medium attack speed , Fast attack speed
Target unit that has slow/average/fast speed , Target boss/creeps
Target furthest/closest enemy , Target enemy closer to exit , Target enemy furthest from exit
Target enemy with highest/lowest/medium HP [hitpoints]
Specify a target for all to attack.

Tower Special Ability
Chain Lightning – Deals damage to several enemy, each chain reduces damage.
Freeze – Slow enemy’s movement.
Poison/Venom – Deals damage overtime.
Stun – Stun enemy for few seconds, stopping in their track completely.
Flame – Burn multiple enemy. This cause them to run faster but damage keeps growing.
Confuse – Confuse enemy to go to the opposite direction.
Tornado – Remove enemy from path, toss them like ragdoll in merry-go-round for few sec.
Instant Death – Kill enemy regardless their hit points. This is determined by probability.
More money – A successful kill gain additional income.
Strafe – Fast attacking speed.
Multishot – Attack multiple unit.
Explosion/Inferno – Creates a big explosion in an area, dealing splash damage from far.


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