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About Gen
All of your precious spheres have been scattered far from the safety of the main sphere. It is up to you to gently guide them back. To do this you must use your ability to attract the smaller spheres towards the rescue sphere. With a cluster of them in pursuit you must make sure they stay away from peril and reach their goal.

Play Online: Gen Created by: EvgenyKarataev

Game Instructions
Left Mouse – Turn on/off attractor mechanism. SPACEBAR – Pause.

Below are screenshot of each level/map/stage in Gen


1. Journey Begins
– This one is easy as pie. Move spheres to the rescue sphere [the big blue circle]. Avoid the red block!

2. Turnstile
– Grab all spheres and move them slowly to one side of the turnstile.
– Gently push the turnstile clockwise by using your mouse.

3. Victim
– Sacrifice the bottom sphere by hitting the red block.
– Once the link is broken, you can proceed to guide the leftover spheres to the rescue sphere.

4. Help Me Guys!
– Guide all spheres to the sphere who is stuck/lock on the giant green block.
– Gently push the dark green block to the rescue sphere.
– Once the lock sphere is rescued, guide all the loosely sphere to the rescue sphere.

5. Attraction
– Guide your sphere go round-about till it could reach the blue sphere.
– Activate your attraction and move your mouse cursor merry-go-round.

6. Get Them All!
– Easy as pie. Guide all the spheres to rescue sphere. The BubbleBox logo link is kinda annoying.

7. AntiMagnets
– Be careful with the anti-magnet blocks as they push your sphere to the opposite direction.
– Just drag them slowly out of the confinement and to the rescue sphere. Not too difficult to achieve.

8. Where is the Exit?
– Guide all sphere and push the dark green circle block so you could view the rescue sphere.

9. Turn and Slide.
– Place all sphere to the left side and gently guide them anti-clockwise.

10. Team Work
– Use the sphere on the other side to make way for the locked-up sphere within.
– The sphere located outside is used to push the gate upwards.
– Once the passage is cleared, guide all sphere to the rescue sphere.

11. Dangerous Place
– Simply clump a few nearby sphere to one corner. Do the same with the rest.
– Once they are out of your attraction range, drag a group of sphere to the rescue sphere, 1 at a time.

12. Who is the Brave?
– Guide 1 sphere at a time to the narrow passage.

13. Magnexit
– Rush your sphere into the rescue sphere once the glow has dimmed.

14. Squares
– Use Brute Force! Combine both squares together so they can have a strong foundation.
– To combine them, place your mouse cursor between them and activate attraction.
– Once they clump together, guide them by moving your mouse quickly to the right side.
– You might have to retry this level a few times to get it right. 15 Spheres is the requirement.

15. Neighbours.
– Complete the bottom right 4 spheres first.
– Once this is cleared, the rest is pretty simple to complete. Do it anti-clockwise.

16. Mine Field.
– Simply clump a few nearby sphere to one corner. Do the same with the rest.
– Once they are out of your attraction range, drag a group of sphere to the rescue sphere, 1 at a time.

17. Time To Think.
– Same as strategy as map 16.

18. Elevator.
– Simply guide all spheres into the metal container aka elevator.
– Guide spheres to push the metal container upwards, don’t worry about the anti-magnet.
– Guide the metal container using your spheres into the rescue sphere!

19. Really Hard!
– Guide the 2 spheres located nearby the rescue sphere to safety.
– Guide all the leftover sphere against the anti-magnet green block SLOWLY!
– Watch the video walkthrough if you still having trouble.
– Once all spheres are out of anti-magnet range, bring 2-3 spheres through the red block narrow passage.
– Then guide them to the rescue sphere.

20. The End! Congratulations! Awesome!
– Easy as map 1. Move all the spheres to the rescue sphere.
– There will be 1 sphere who is stuck within the letter D. Don’t worry about it.


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9 responses to “Gen Walkthrough, Review, Tips”

  1. Liane says :

    Better tip for Level 14. Take one square at a time, and aim for one green sphere at a time, and finally the blue sphere. Better success rate guaranteed. Still move mouse quickly, but don’t randomly do it. Aim for each individual sphere one at a time.

  2. oby says :

    walkthrough for 14 is useless…

  3. YoEleven says :

    Level 5, better tip.

    Start the level and do nothing, it will finish itself.

  4. poko says :

    Thanks. lvl 19 is just like its name says, really hard.

    It seems the further the ball, the larger the attraction, right?

  5. nic says :

    ive tryed the turn and slide thosands of time but i still cant get it

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