Planet Defender Walkthrough, Review, Tips

About Planet Defender
Protect the planet from waves of alien invaders by building defenses and researching new technologies.

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Game Instructions
Select buildings from available structures list and build in available slots.

Planet Defender Walkthrough – Screenshot with Step by Step Guide
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Planet Defender Tips
1. Build Bunkers to reduce population lost whenever enemies shoots your planet.
2. Bunker effect stacks! Build few bunkers overlapping a building that enemy targets.
3. Upgrade Economy Centres instead of building many Level 1 Economy Centres. It’s worth the money!
4. Protect your people by increasing your defense. More population means more money!
5. Use Bunkers and Missile Defense to reduce damage from enemy attacks.
6. Build Economy Centres early to reap profit early! More money in early waves helps upgrading and research.

7. Boost your money by constructing a row of Economy Centres to purchase and upgrade buildings quickly.
8. Missile Centres are much more effective against powerful enemy ships.
9. Ion Cannon is best against low level enemy ship with little HP/Life.
10. Build Ion Cannon and Missile Centre to have both advantage against different types of enemies.
11. Two Missile Defense fully upgraded is sufficient for all levels/waves.

Ayumilove’s Review
A unique defense game where you need to manage to type of resources, your population and money.
In tower defense games, there are maze which you need to place your towers strategically.
However, in this game, it places the focus on maintaining your population/health.

Player loses a game if population drops to zero. More population means more money/income.
Player have to take strategic measures on how to counter waves of enemy attacks that reduces population.
One way is to build bunkers for population to hide in as well as building Missile Defense.
Upgrading towers such as Missile Centres and Ion Cannon destroys enemies in range before they shoot.

You also need to make more money via Economy Centres to fund the expensive upgrades and research cost.
A well entertaining game but it would be kinda dull/boring when there is no space left to build.
The only strategy I find fun in this game is maintaining population and increasing income.


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