Pirates Gold Hunters Tower Defense Walkthrough, Review, Tips

About Pirates Gold Hunters Tower Defense
Your goal: Protect your castle. Pirates’ goal: Steal your gold and destroy castle! Master the towers and castle for victory. Good luck! P.S. Nobody knows, which way pirates choose in that time. Build tower! Upgrade castle! Win! A simple tower defense which follows the idea of Ant Buster TD – Defend your cake from savage ants!

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Pirate Gold Hunters Tower Defense Stats

Pirate Gold Hunters Walkthrough Level 50
1. It’s best to build many mini cannon towers in the beginning since the creeps provide little money.
2. Support cannon tower with Water Turret to slow them down.
3. Once your defense is able to withstand 2-3 waves, upgrade castle.
4. Next, upgrade your cannon towers. This will save more money in the long run.

Pirate Gold Hunters Notes/Tips
1. Poison tower does not kill enemy, it leaves them with 1 HP [1 life left]
2. Fire Turret works best with Water Turret. Water clumps enemy while Fire Turret deals splash damage.
3. It’s good to have water and fire turret at the pirate entrance.
4. Cannon Tower have the largest attacking range, best to cover 3 lanes in the map.

Ideas on improving this game
1. Add upgrade to reduce the cost of repairing building similar to Bunny Invasion 2.
2. Add upgrade for market so we can sell the equipments that we capture the pirate.
3. Create jail so we could use the capture and store pirate as workers.
4. Improve on the tower description details.
5. Add a speed up button, pause button, mute background music and sound effects.
6. When castle has no money left, the pirate could not steal any money.
7. Add upgrade to reduce money lost when each pirate steals money.


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