Vector Menace Tower Defense Walkthrough, Review, Tips

About Vector Menace Tower Defense
Vector Menace Tower Defense is a unique simple tower defense where invading enemies are able to pass through your towers and enter your red planet. The objective of this game is build towers and destroy all enemies that comes in various shape and color. There are 4 towers to be constructed in game – gun turret, rapid turret, frozen turret, and beam turret. Each turret has unique characteristics which are explained below:

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Vector Menace Tower Defense Stats

Vector Menace Tower Defense Analysis
The information above displays each offense tower stats, cost, fire ratio, DPS [damage per second], etc
Gun Turret Level 5 cost $56 for 1 DPS whereas Beam Turret Level 5 cost $76 for 1 DPS.
This indicates that Gun Turret is value for money. However, mass-ing Gun Turrets would take up lots of
precious space. So when you have lots of money, you could invest on Beam Turrets to save space!

Vector Menace Tower Defense Formula Legend
Total Cost = Construction Cost + Upgrade Cost
DPS = Damage / Fire Ratio
DPS Cost = Total Upgrade Cost / DPS

How to beat the unbeatable wave 15?
Here is a screenshot of turrets I used. 28 Beam Turret aka Laser and 14 Frozen Turret.
Place the Beam Turret above to kill enemies as soon as possible. This is to counter the mass enemy spawn.
This allows Frozen Turret to slow down the escaping enemies and allow Beam Turret to hit them again!

I tried mass building pure gun turrets, pure rapid turret, and pure frozen turrets.
All 3 strategies seems not to work. Frozen Turret could not kill fast but able to slow down the enemies.


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