TwinkleStarGames Electric Box Walkthrough Review Tips

About Electric Box
It’s time to think outside the box. Electric box is a unique styled puzzle game where you have to connect power from the power supply to the set target. Created by: TwinkleStarGames. Sponsored By: Enjoy the game.

Play Online: Kongregate TwinkleStarGames Electric Box
Download Link: TwinkleStarGames Electric Box SWF – OFFLINE [3.56 MB]

Screenshot of Item Positions
Click on the thumbnail below to zoom into the picture – take note of the item position in the electric grid!
Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 1Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 2Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 3Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 4
TwinkleStarGames electric box walkthrough 5Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 6electricbox7Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 8
Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 9Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 10Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 11Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 12
Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 13Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 14Twinklestargames electric box walkthrough 15

Electricbox Video Walkthrough


Electric Box Inventory – Labels and Descriptions
Twinklestargames electric box inventory description label dictionary

Energy Producer
Main Power Supply – Supplies the energy to power up your devices to win the game.
Steam Detector – Requires steam from Kettle
Windmill – Requires wind from Fan
Solar Panel – Requires lights from Light Bulb
Laser Detector – Requires laser from Laser Device
Water Turbine – Requires water from Water Dispenser/Refrigerator

Energy Consumer
Target – Requires electricity to win the game/level/map.
Fan – Produces wind for Windmill, and moves steam.
Kettle – Produces steam for Steam Detector
Light Bulb – Requires electricity to produce light.
Laser Device – Requires electricity to produce laser.
Water Dispenser – Requires electricity to produce water.
Refrigerator – Requires electricity and steam to produce water.
Ball Dropper – Requires electricity to produce heavy ball.
Transporter Bot – Requires electricity to move certain objects.
Electro Magnet – Requires electricity to move certain objects.

Mirror – Deflects laser.
Block – Disallow anything thing to move across it except electric grid and electric current.
IPS Battery – Absorb energy and store it, and gives power once its charged up.
Light Charger – Similar to IPS Battery but does not last long.

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ElectricBox Item Details

Give the blades some air to rotate and it will generate electric power from its base.

Solar Panel
Very effective for catching light and producing electric power.

Ball Dropper
Release a heavy metal ball from a spring coil. Give it some power to drop the ball downward.
The ball will detach any objects within its path.

Light Bulb
Just add electricity to produce light. Light travels straight in all four directions.

No power needed. Rotates laser lights 90 degrees. Has no effect on any other kind of lights.

Laser Detector
Absorbs lasers through it’s red optical port and generates electric power.

Laser Device
Feed it some power and it will fire off a laser light.

The target for electrical current. Figure out how to give it power and you’re done!

Main Power Supply.
Provides an unlimited amount of power.
Switch it “ON” to generate power. Switch it “OFF” again before rearranging any components.

Transporter Bot.
This clever Bot will carry the load above it once it gets some power.
Remember it cannot carry the Magnet, Fridge, Windmill, or another Bot.

Produces air. Air is not visible and always flows either rightwards or leftwards.
Remember, air can be used to push steam!

Steam Detector
Give it some steam and in return it will produce electric power.

Electro Magnet
Creates a magnetic attraction from electric energy.
The pull will attract a few light metallic objects such as the kettle, smoke detector and mirror.

Water Dispenser
Give it some power and it will release its water from the tank.

Water Turbine
The water turbine rotates with the flow of water and generates electric power.

Electric Kettle
Very useful for making tea, but in this case, you’ll only need the steam.
Steam is very light and always rises upwards.

Charger Light
First, feed this light some power. Then, you’ll need to kill it’s power to generate light.
This light will only travel in one direction.

Able to block light, air, magnetizing force, steam, rain, and moving bots.
The only things that can pass through are wires and electrical current.

IPS Battery
Feed it some electricity to charge the device.
It can then serve as a battery back-up should the original current be removed.

Condense steam to generate water.
Note: The refrigerator will need both steam and electrical current to produce water from its main water tank.

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Ayumilove’s Review
This game is pretty fun as it requires you to think on how to place your items in order to pass electricity from the source to the target. There are variety of items at your disposal to help you accomplish this goal. The simple icon makes it easy to distinguish the item usage. Its pretty confusing at first to find out how an item works, such as electro magnet and charger light since the description does not describe thoroughly. The game also allows players to create their own puzzle, but this can only be done at the sponsor website which is It would be good to have some hint when players are stucked at a particular level.


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9 responses to “TwinkleStarGames Electric Box Walkthrough Review Tips”

  1. Hien Borges says :

    light bulbs are good for lighting the home but stay away from incandescent lamps because they generate so much heat :-~

  2. Nikki says :

    Stuck on lvl 40… any help out there?

  3. Mike says :

    Thanks thats great, your so good!

  4. Francois says :

    Join the Electric box fan club on Facebook! It’s called Eletric Box Fanatics! There we can swap code and discuss puzzles in real time!

  5. greg says :

    does anyone have a solution for this one?? I’m so close… yet so far awaaaaayyyyy


    By Cotsios: Done with the wind:

  6. poko says :

    The concept of this game is not original, yet it is implemented elegantly.

    I have nothing to complain other than it’s level design. Level design is the soul of a game. And apparently, this one is too weak, short and pale. The author, from TwinkleStarGames, has been asking for permissions to publish some player-designed levels. User-generated contents should only be the icing, not the cake. Facebook’s, you-make-contents-I-make-profits model is a tricky one even for facebook, and it definitely doesn’t work for games.

    There are other games, none of them are perfect, but at least the efforts on level design is visible. “Ice Breaker”, “Chronotron”, “The Codex of Alchemical Engineering”, “Blocks with letters on” and “Fantastic Contraption”, just to name a few. I respect people who fail, as long as they did their best, but scorn those who think they can reach the top by taking short-cuts.

  7. poko says :

    Oh, and there is a simpler solution on lvl 15, which uses only 8 objects. I’m sure your solution is the one the level designer had in mind. I don’t know if he has changed the design of lvl 15 on Kongregare’s version, in order to force players to take this solution. (Some designers do that, like the designer of “Blocks with letters on”) Since I’m not intended to play this game from lvl 1 all over again, I have no way of verify.

  8. poko says :

    There was a bug when I was playing this game last month, when it debuted on Jayisgame. On some levels, a dropper would not be able to knock off ALL objects on its path, as it’s supposed to. If that happens, clicking several times on the object which the dropper missed should fix the bug.

    Hope they have fixed it on Kongregate’s version.

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