Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 4


11 responses to “Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 4”

  1. Rylee says :

    another good thing to do is 6 level 5 life steals if you need the extra life because almost every hit gives you life! 🙂

  2. Rylee says :

    helpful hint- splashes do THE MOST damage 😉

  3. Wow says :

    World 4? I can’t reminber what I did there but I beat world 5 in one try.
    at the end I used(finished it an hour ago so I can’t be for sure):
    3 pure fire(some with 10% chance of max damage)
    3-4 pure wind(some with 1% chance of x5 damage)
    3 pure thunder(for higher attack and lvl 6 mushrooms).
    get them all upgraded to level 6.
    4 huge splash
    1 splash poison
    2 splash slow
    1 life(which was a waste of money)

    Note: the Accessories were awesome for me when this happened. And I can’t reminber what I had my upgrades on. I think it was 1 attack 2 accessory 1 health. Right now there on 1 health 2 attack 1 cash 1 accessory and I’m headed to lvl 6.

  4. tyler k says :

    this game is bs. i have been trying to beat it for over a month. im on lvl four and i get to the 45th group or whatever and they always kill me. those freaking green balls.

  5. gio says :

    thanx that was wicked helpful

  6. gio says :

    No matter how many times I try I keep losing this level. I start with the three money steals (wealth) next to the pure thunder then keep going right until I have six all together. I keep them neutral until they’re all level 3 then i put elements. as soon as i upgrade them all to level 5 i start putting the four on the top, making the neutral one another splash slow. then i work on the rest. I keep dying. what am i doing wrong

    • ayumilove says :

      have you watched this video?

      I have made a video walkthrough too.
      Make sure that when the first wave of enemy coming through from the outer ring has at least 50% of its hp down. So you don’t need to worry whether they will survive for the 2nd/inner ring – which is the end of the enemy destination.

      You could opt for stun/confuse. Play around with mushroom towers! ^_^

  7. Kittywov says :

    how do you start out with?
    i keep losing at this level D:

  8. Mushroom player. says :

    You made a mistake, where it says Splash Slow it should say Splash Poison, and the other way round too.

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