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About Mushroom Farm Revolution
Mushroom Farm Revolution is a fun tower defense game where you must build mushroom towers to defend your farm against waves of enemies. You can upgrade your mushrooms, equip with different gems for special effects and apply accessory to mushrooms. It is similar to Gemcraft TD which uses combination of Gems and Protector TD where you need to clear the space before able to build towers. TD refers to Tower Defense in short.

Links to play the game
Play Online: Mushroom Revolution [Developer’s account with Kongregate Badge]

Notice to Kongregate Fans!!!
‘playedonliine’ who uploaded Mushroom Farm Revolution on Kongregate was banned from the site due to fradulent bad ratings. For more details, visit this link: “Official Mastermind ratings fraud explanation”.

Mushroom Revolution Tower Defense Offline.swf – DOWNLOAD LINK – [2.8 MB]
Mushroom Revolution Tower Defense Offline.swf – DOWNLOAD LINK – [2.8 MB] updated 20 Feb 2009

Mushroom Farm Revolution Walkthrough / Guide
Hi visitor! Here are some tips that you might find them useful while playing Mushroom Revolution.
1. Build mushroom towers at strategic locations to encounter monster twice.
2. Clear trees to obtain strategic location for your mushroom tower.
3. Clump your towers so all can help each other. Example: Splash Slow with Wealth.
4. Build variety of delay towers: [stun, confuse and slow] to delay monster so other towers can hit more!
5. Build ‘Wealth Tower’ to earn more cash to fund your mushroom tower construction cost.
6. Once you have a solid defense at Level 70, you could build Money Steal to generate additional income!
7. If limited strategic spots, build Level 6 Pure Tower instead of having two Level 5 Non-Pure Towers.
8. Also to increase tower efficiency at strategic spot, build delay towers such as Slow, Stun and Confuse.
9. Place more focus on damage first such as mass building Wealth to generate more damage per monster.
10. Once you feel the monster HP is a too much to handle, build non-pure towers for their special effect to reduce the burden. For example: teleport, instant death and plant bomb. This increases the damage per monster if there were less to focus on.
11. After establishing killer towers, construct Money Steal to fund the upgrade cost for other towers.

2 types of strategy in Mushroom Revolution
There are 2 strategies to win the game, pure rainbow gomphus or non-pure gomphus with special effect.
For World 1-9, build all pure thunder towers as they have very high attack speed. Its kinda boring though.
For non-pure users, build a variety of towers to help each other as higher wave has more immunities.
My strategy for non-pure is build Wealth Tower, support it with Confuse and Stun. Then, build Tower with 1 diamond gem to reduce monster hp to 50%, and once its too difficult to handle, build Instant Death and Teleport and convert Wealth into Plant Bomb. Construct Stun and Confuse to assist Teleport and Instant Death. Finally build Life Steal to earn Gold Medal. If you’re playing unlimited, you could build Money Steal for additional income to fund the upgrades for other Gomphus.

Farming Money/Gold Walkthrough in Mushroom Farm Revolution
Scroll down this page to view Mushroom Revolution Video Walkthrough! Its easier to understand.
1. Build a mushroom tower at a strategic location.
2. Upgrade it tier 2 (level 2) to obtain 2 slots.
3. Purchase ‘Red Ruby’ and ‘Yellow Topaz’ to obtain ‘Wealth Tower’.
4. Follow step 1-3 again. This helps to earn more money each wave.
5. Build 2 mushroom towers.
6. Upgrade both of them to tier 2 (level 2).
7. Purchase ‘Blue Pearl’ and ‘Yellow Topaz’ for ‘Slow Tower’.
8. Purchase ‘Red Ruby’ and ‘Blue Pearl’ for ‘Poison Tower’.
9. Upgrade both ‘Wealth Tower’ to tier 3 (level 3).
10. From here on, upgrade towers when deem necessary.
11. Once ‘Slow Tower’ and ‘Poison Tower’ has 3 slots, upgrade to splash.
12. ‘Splash Slow Tower’ requires a ‘Green Emerald’.
13. ‘Splash Poison Tower’ requires a ‘Yellow Topaz’.
14. Always upgrade your ‘Wealth Tower’ as they are your gold maker.
15. Once you reach higher waves, build Pure Thunder Gomphus and Big Splash Tower.
16. Check out World Map 10 strategy here. It’s slightly different since its much tougher than World 1-9.

Building Tips
1. Build Wealth Tower to generate more income as each kill earns you an additional 30% more money!
2. To reduce burden on damage towers, use Instant Death, Plant Bomb and Teleport.
3. To delay monster in their track, use Stun, Confuse, and Slow.
4. For damage towers, you could build Pure Towers or Triple Damage Non-Pure Tower.
5. To generate more income, build Money Steal once your defense is solid/impenetrable.
6. Build all-rounded Gomphus so you can take advantage of dealing extra damage to all monster weaknesses.
7. Instant Death [Earth], Teleport [Thunder], Plant Bomb [Wind], Triple Damage [Fire], Pure Water [Water]

Upgrade Tips
1. Use skill points on Random Starter Accessory to obtain Angel Doll which boost your points for each kill.
2. The balance will be used on Earn Cash Over Time. The extra goes into “Add Random Starter Gem”
3. Then “Increase Wave Length” to help you earn more cash in game. Each upgrade adds 5 second delay.
4. Add some to “Increase Max Lives” to earn additional free points. Each upgrade adds 25 lives.
5. The 3-4 last world would need the “Increase Attack Damage”

Kongregate Member Accessory Tips
Impudence: Burning Heart adds 11% to max damage output. Taurus adds 8% to Red, 7% to white and 5% to the rest. Lightening bolt adds 6% to Red, 4% to White and 1% to everything else. Butcher knife adds 8% to everything. – correction by jooschi

Screenshot of Tower Position
Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 1Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 2Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 3Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 4Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 5Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 6aMushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 6bMushroom Revolution Unlimited Wave World 10
Mushroom Revolution Level 6 Pure Rainbow TowerMushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 10 Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 10 bMushroom Revolution Walkthrough World Map 10 bMushroom Revolution World Map 9 b

mushroom farm revolution farm gold earn money
The reason for upgrading ‘Wealth Tower’ is to upgrade their damage. With higher damage, they can kill the enemies easily and reward you with +30% more money. You wouldn’t want the other Gomphus to kill steal your Wealth Tower creeps right? If the monster is getting more stronger, you can opt to upgrade your Splash Poison and Splash Slow to reduce the monster HP to 10-30% HP for Wealth Tower to kill easily.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mushroom Farm Revolution Elemental Gems
Neutral Gomphus cost $100 with 25% weakness to all elements.
You need to purchase those gems first, each cost $200.
Then select your mushroom tower, and drag the gem into green slot.
Red Ruby – Fire Element
Blue Pearl – Water Element
White Diamond – Thunder Element
Yellow Topaz – Wind Element
Green Emerald – Earth Element

Mushroom Farm Revolution Gem Combinatorial List
mushroom farm revolution gem combination list
[Note] By upgrading non-pure gomphus, it increases their special effect’s probability to occur more often!
Splash slow and poison effect does not stack! L refers to Level. Example Level 2 = L2.

Double Damage – % chance to inflict double damage. [L2 14% – L3 16% – L4 18% – L5 20%]
Triple Damage – % chance to inflict triple damage. [L3 11% – L4 13% – L5 15%]
Slow – Reduce % of an enemy speed for 4 seconds. [L2 25% – L3 30% – L4 35% – L5 40%]
Splash Slow – Reduce % of multiple enemy speed for 3 seconds. [L3 22% – L4 26% – L5 30%]
Splash – Splash attack.
Big Splash – Huge range splash.
Confuse – Enemy moves opposite direction. [L2 6%, L3 7%, L4 – 8%, L5 – 9%]
Teleport – Send an enemy back to entrance of the map. [L3 4% – L4 5% – L5 6%]
Life Plus – Gain 1 life after killing.
Life Steal – % chance per shot to gain 1 life. [L3 3% – L4 4% – L5 5%]
Wealth – Gain 30% more cash earned after killing. [L3 30% – L4 30% – L5 30%]
Money Steal – % chance per shot to steal 5% enemy cash. [L3 6% – L4 7% – L5 8%]
Poison – Poison enemy for 5 seconds.
Splash Poison – Splash poison, damage inflicted for 5 seconds.
Stun – % chance to stun enemy for 3 seconds. [L2 7% – L3 9% – L4 11% – L5 13%]
Instant Death Killer – % chances of instant death. [L3 3% – L4 4% – L5 5%]
Germinate – Fire additional bullet every 4 seconds.
Plant Bomb – Place a bomb into monster if its life/HP below 50%. [L3 4% – L4 5% – L5 6%]
Machine gun – Attack rapidly but low damage and range.
Sniper – Huge damage and range, but low speed.

Combo Gomphus
The non-pure gomphus listed above has these characteristic below:
Fire : +50% dmg to earth enemy, -50% dmg to water enemy.
Water : +50% dmg to fire enemy, -50% dmg to thunder enemy.
Thunder : +50% dmg to water enemy, -50% to wind enemy.
Wind : +50% dmg to thunder enemy, -50% dmg to earth enemy.
Earth : +50% dmg to wind enemy, -50% dmg to fire enemy.

Pure Mushroom Towers / Pure Gomphus
To get pure Gomphus, all 3 slots must use the same gem type! After testing out the pure Gomphus, they deal a little bit more damage than non-pure. So its best to stick with non-pure to obtain their special effects.
Fire Gomphus : +100% damage to earth enemy
Water Gomphus : +100% damage to fire enemy
Thunder Gomphus : +100% damage to water enemy
Wind Gomphus : +100% damage to thunder enemy
Earth Gomphus : +100% damage to wind enemy

Elemental Advantage and Disadvantage
Wind > Thunder > Water > Fire > Earth > Wind
All-Round Tower with Effects.
1. Splash Slow damage weak thunder monster. Special Effect works all round. Allow nearby tower to hit more.
2. Pure Thunder damage weak water monster and cover Splash Poison -50% thunder weakness.
3. Splash Poison damage weak fire enemy and cover Wealth -50% water weakness.
4. Wealth damage weak earth monster and cover Big Splash -50% fire weakness.
5. Big Splash damage weak wind monster and cover Splash Slow -50% earth weakness.

p.s. If your map is lacking of strategic position, build Pure Tower instead of Non-Pure.
The cost of building a Level 6 Pure Gomphus is equivalent to two Level 5 Non-Pure Gomphus.
Build at least two Level 6 Pure Gomphus, or four Level 5 Non-Pure for each monster weaknesses.

RisingChaos Analysis on Mushroom Tower DPS
The DPS [Damage Per Second] for each Pure Tower is calculated by taking the average damage of each element type divided by its Reload speed. However, the Reload speed isn’t in seconds.
Fire: 81.26141.28
Water: 92.03~160.07
Thunder: 109.25144.23
Wind: 78.9137.2
Earth: ~60.41105.03
Double Damage (Fire): 38.58
Splash (Earth): 26.0125 w/ splash
Poison (Water): 33.8 plus poison
Geminate (Wind): 37.79 /w extra shot
Machine Gun (Thunder): 62
Triple Damage (Fire): 41.795
Big Splash (Earth): 26.0125 w/ large splash
Splash Poison (Water): 33.8 plus poison w/ splash
Sniper (Thunder): 39.9375

Notes: Pure Earth tower is not so useful since it has the lowest DPS among all pure towers. It’s better to replace it with Pure Thunder. Teleport and Plant Bomb should not be placed in front of all towers. Teleport is best used on monster that has escaped through all your main towers while Plant Bomb requires the monster to have below 50% HP for its effect to work.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A is for Attack | S is for Speed (reload) | R is for Range

1 Colour Gem Attributes
Natural – 492-928a, 25s, 118r
Red – 312-1365a, 30s, 118r
Blue – 504-672a, 20s, 118r
White – 270-655a, 17s, 123r
Yellow – 576-768a, 25s, 123r
Green – 835-973a, 37s, 128r

2 Colour Gem Attributes
Red, red – 637-2895a, 25s, 120r (level 6)
red, blue – 504-672a, 20s, 118r
red, white – 312-1365a, 30s, 118r
red, yellow – 312-1365a, 30s, 118r
red, green – 835-973a, 37s, 128r
Blue, blue – 1029-1372a, 15s, 120r (level 6)
Blue, white – 504-672a, 20s, 188r
blue, yellow – 576-768a, 25s, 123r
blue, green – 835-973a, 37s, 128r
White, white – 540-1335a, 13s, 125r (level 6)
white, yellow – 94-229a, 3s, 104r
white, green – 270-655a, 17s, 123r
Yellow, yellow – 1176-1568a, 20s, 125r (level 6)
yellow, green – 576-768a, 25s, 123r
Green, green – 1687-1989a, 35s, 130r (level 6)

Three Colour Gem Attributes
Red, red, red – 637-2895a, 25s, 120r (level 6)
red, blue, white – 504-672a, 20s, 188r
red, blue, yellow – 504-672a, 20s, 188r
red, blue, green – 835-973a, 37s, 128r
red, white, yellow – 312-1365a, 30s, 118r
red, white, green – 312-1365a, 30s, 118r
red, yellow, green – 576-768a, 25s, 123r
Blue, blue, blue – 1029-1372a, 15s, 120r (level 6)
blue, white, yellow – 810-1965a, 45s, 221r
blue, white, green – 835-973a, 37s, 128r
blue, yellow, green – 576-768a, 25s, 123r
White, white, white – 540-1335a, 13s, 125r (level 6)
white, yellow, green – 270-655a, 17s, 123r
Yellow, yellow, yellow – 1176-1568a, 20s, 125r (level 6)
Green, Green, Green – 1687-1989a, 35s, 130r (level 6)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mushroom Farm Revolution Accessory
These accessories is obtainable for free, no purchase required!
Every 5 levels passed, you earn 1 free random accessory.
Select a mushroom tower, and drag the accessory to the yellow slot.
Angel Wing – Increase range by 10%.
Star Badge – 20% Level Up Discount.
Angel Doll – Double Score Gained for every enemy defeated.
Teardrop – Nullify element weakness.
Butcher Knife – 2% chance to deal 5X Damage .
Clover – Add 2% of probability effects.
Taurus – Increase upper damage by 10%.
Golden Bell – Add 2 seconds to effect duration.
Lightning Emblem – 10% chance to perform Max Damage.
Burning Heart – Increase attack speed by 10%

Mushroom Revolution Accessories

[Accessory Tips] – Which suits Gomphus the Best?
1. Angel Doll best applies on killer towers – Wealth, Plant Bomb, Instant Death, Pure, Triple/Double Damage.
2. Butcher Knife best applies on highest attack speed tower – Machine Gun, Germinate, Pure Thunder.
3. Golden Bell best applies on effect duration Gomphus – Splash Poison/Splash Slow/Confuse/Stun.
4. Angel Wing best applies tower that lacks strategic range or high reload speed – Sniper.
5. Star Badge best applies on Pure Tower. Level 6 costs 4600 cash, which is able to build 2 Level 5 Towers.
6. Clover best applies on probability effect Gomphus – Plant Bomb/Stun/Confuse/Instant Death/Teleport
7. Burning Heart/Lightning Emblem/Taurus are similar. Apply to any tower for extra damage.
8. Teardrop suits neutral Gomphus [removes all 25% weaknesses] Two Level 5 Neutral Nullify > Pure Tower.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

How to earn more points in Mushroom Farm Revolution?
For each enemy killed, you gain score equal to the enemy’s HP.
Clicking ‘next wave’ will yield extra score equal to time remained X 10.
Completing a level will yield 2,000 X life remaining.
Equip ‘Angel Doll’ accessories on killer Gomphus such as Instant Death, Plant Bomb and Damage Towers.
World 1 : Gold 1410000, Silver 1340000, Bronze 1270000
World 2 : Gold 1450000, Silver 1380000, Bronze 1310000
World 3 : Gold 2259000, Silver 2189000, Bronze 2119000
World 4 : Gold 3592000, Silver 3522000, Bronze 3452000
World 5 : Gold 6067000, Silver 5997000, Bronze 5927000
World 6 : Gold 6271000, Silver 6201000, Bronze 6131000
World 7 : Gold 9402000, Silver 9332000, Bronze 9262000
World 8 : Gold 9688395, Silver 9618395, Bronze 9548395
World 9 : Gold 15328000, Silver 15258000, Bronze 1518000
World 10 : Gold 21552000, Silver 21482000, Bronze 21412000

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Skill Points Rewards for Completion of each Level
For each level you complete you gain additional points. If you have completed a stage with..
GOLD MEDAL – Rewards 6 Skill Points
SILVER MEDAL – Rewards 4 Skill Points
BRONZE MEDAL – Rewards 2 Skill Points

mushroom revolution tower defense upgrade points

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Applying Skill Points [SP] into upgrades
The max upgrade for each feature is 3. Best to start off with Starter Gem, Earn Cash, Wave Length.
How to read? Example: [3/4/5] means Level 1 needs 3 SP, Level 2 needs 4 SP, Level 3 needs 5 SP.
Add Random Starter Gem – [2/2/2] Skill Points
Increase Wave Length – [3/4/5] Skill Points
Increase Max Lives – [3/4/5] Skill Points
Add Random Starter Accessory – [2/3/3] Skill Points
Earn Cash Over Time – [3/4/5] Skill Points
Increase Attack Damage – [6/6/7] Skill Points

mushroom revolution tower defense reward upgrades

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mushroom Revolution Gomphus Help
Welecome to Mushroom Revolution. A tower defense game with endless combinations and possibilities.

Navigation the Map
Use W,A,S,D keys to move around or simply move your mouse to the edge of the map to scroll.

Buiding Towers (called Gomphus)
Click on the gomphus (looks like a mushroom) and place it anywhere on the map. Click space to cancel placement. YOu must have atleast 100 gold to build a gomphus.

Leveling up Gomphus
You can upgrade your gomphus by clicking on it and then clicking “level up”. Upgrading a gomphus will make it stronger and grant an additional ‘element’ slot up to 3 slots per gomphus.

Elements and Accessories
You can buy element to enhance your gomphus. Each element combination has a different effect. Try different ones to see what works best. Using 3 elements of the same type on one gomphus will create a pure gomphus which has no special effect but can be upgraded to level 6. Every 5 waves, you gain a random accessory. You can enhance your gomphus by adding to one just like elements.

How do I save?
Every time you finish a level, your game is automatically saved.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mushroom Revolution Monster/Enemy/Invaders
Some of the monsters in Mushroom Revolution mimics the cute looking Pokemon’s appearances! For example, Zapdos, Butterfree, Geodude, Muk, Exeggcute. Below is a list of monster which includes their elemental strengths and weaknesses.
mushroom farm revolution monster list

Monster Pattern
Egg, Octopus, Blue Fire, Butterfly, Crab, Snowball, GreenBall, Red Fire, Geodude, YellowBird
Mud, Egg, Octopus, Purple Boss, Butterfly, ElectricRod, Crab, Snowball, GreenBall, Red Fire
Geodude, Yellow Bird, Mud, GreenBoss, Octopus, Blue Fire, Butterfly, Crab, ElectricRod, Snowball
GreenMonster, RedFire, Geodude, PurpleBoss, Yellow Bird, Mud, Egg, Octopus, Cactus, Butterfly
Crab, Snowball, Greenball, GreenBoss

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

World Map 2 to 10
Notice that some maps have very few 2 path/roads that close up together. You can use the roundabout area as a strategic area since it covers more space than a straight road. When you have limited strategic areas, use the Gomphus Combo Towers with special effects to make the monster stay to your towers longer. You can apply slow, stun, confuse and teleport. Instant death is also pretty useful. Use a variety of tower effects since some monsters are immune to many when it reaches higher level/wave.
mushroom revolution world map

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ayumilove’s Review
There are 10 worlds for the user to explore, each map has unique route that requires user to plan ahead to construct their Gomphus [towers] to fend off the invading monsters. As the game progresses, the monster wave increases. The higher the wave the user reach, the more stronger the monster becomes in terms of immunity and hit points [HP]. The immunity is to balance out the game, so players would not be able to mass build a specific tower to win the game easily.

However, building non-pure Gomphus [towers which has combo effects], will not be beneficial in the long run due to monster’s high immunity to special effects and monster’s high hit points [HP/Life] along with non-pure Gomphus -50% weakness to certain element. This requires some balancing to monsters stats and towers. This also criples the towers that requires 1 hit KO for their special effect to work. E.g. ‘Wealth Tower’, ‘Life Plus’, ‘Plant Bomb’.It seems there are some changes to the non-pure Gomphus whereby each upgrade increases their success probability effect. Also, to counter monster’s massive HP [hitpoints], build Plant Bomb and Instant Death to reduce the burden on damage towers. If monster has high immunity, you could try to slow them down with Teleport, Stun, Confuse and Slow. The worse case scenario that I have seen is a monster is immune to Instant Death, Teleport, Plant Bomb and Stun. Luckily I had plenty of Confuse and Slow! To win with non-pure Gomphus, its necessary to mass build a variety of non-pure Gomphus for their effect to work well.

The most useful towers I find in Mushroom Farm Revolution Tower Defense in the first few worlds are the ‘Splash Poison’, ‘Splash Slow’ and ‘Wealth Tower’. ‘Wealth Tower’ plays a crucial part in money making. The more money you have, you can upgrade towers better. ‘Splash Slow Tower’ helps alot in slowing down monsters to allow other towers to get more hits. ‘Splash Poison Tower’ helps to reduce monster HP while they are away from tower range. The towers in this game is a mix of quality and quantity. Higher level pure tower deals more damage against high level creeps/monster/enemy but mass non-pure tower has higher probability success rate.

However, there is an issue with high hp monsters. When towers could not be further upgraded to deal sufficient damage, they would need to be mass build along the routes. But this would consume strategic locations. So Gomphus (mushroom towers) special effect comes into play, whereby they could stun, confuse, teleport, instantly kill and slow the monsters. Apart from that, building more towers, approximately more than 30 towers will lag a game. Users wouldn’t want to be playing a game which lags most of the time right?

The not good side about this game is it becomes dull/boring when user needs to go through prolong waves and repeating the same cycle which is starting over with cheap towers and weak creep monsters. It would be great to have user to select the maps with difficulty option to choose from.

Besides these, most of the towers has very little probability of occurring. For example, 4% stun, 3% instant death, etc (percentages that are below 10%) along with slow shooting speed makes it very difficult for it to help in later levels unless they are mass build at strategic location. This towers are best for later-games (level 40-70). But this would need to deal with mass build issue. Mass build causes game lag. The reason might be is each tower has their own event listeners. When there are many towers listening whether the monster has reach within their proximity, this causes the game to lag.

Other Tips by Kongregate Members
RisingChaos: It should also be noted that the Star allows you to afford 20% more towers, technically making it the best item from a damage perspective. Just to round out the discussion, Wings are only useful if you slightly misplace a tower just out of reach of the path and Teardrop is basically useless. (Actually, either one gives you a good excuse to use MG towers…) But what does it matter, you can’t choose which accessories you get and you’ll have way more towers than you could ever supply with items anyway (at least in the later levels). You just use what you get. There’s no advantage to starting in the back since towers level only when you pay to level them, not based on damage or kills. You just wouldn’t put Plant Bomb or Teleport towers up front.

All of the videos below are walkthrough to complete each world map with Gold Medal.
[No Upgrades Available]

[Accessory Level 1 / Earn Cash Level 1]

[Accessory L2 / Earn Cash L2]

[Gem L3 / Starter Accessory L2 / Earn Cash L2]

[Gem L3 / Accessory L2 / Earn Cash L3]

[Gem L3 / Accessory L2 / Earn Cash L3 / Increase Attack L1]

[Gem L3 / Accessory L2 / Earn Cash L3 / Increase Attack L2]

[Gem L3 / Accessory L2 / Earn Cash L3 / Increase Attack L3]

[Gem L3 / Accessory L2 / Earn Cash L3 / Max Life L3 / Increase Attack L2]
[Screenshot] – View this screenshot to get an overview of towers I used and tower positions

[Gem L2 / Earn Cash L3 / Max Life L3 / Increase Attack L3 / Wave Length L2]
[Screenshot] – View this screenshot to get an overview of towers I used and tower positions

[Max Upgrades]

How to cheat Mushroom Farm Revolution?
If you have completed all the World Map [11 Maps including Valentine’s Day], you might want to try something else such as having 1 hit KO to any monster using Wealth Tower to see how much money you can accumulate. To do this, simply use the .sol editor and change the level damage from 4 to 9.


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  1. Are- says :

    How are you having “[Gem L2 / Accessory L2 / Earn Cash L3 / Max Life L3 / Increase Attack L3 / Wave Length L2]” at level 10?
    The L3’s alone should cost 55 skill points, and at level 10 with the previous 9 levels done at gold should give 54 skillpoints.
    In total that setup requires 20 more skillpoints than you have o_O

  2. me says :

    does speed x 3 make everything go faster or just the enemies?

    • ayumilove says :

      To dlfgamer: It makes everything goes faster such as enemy movement speed, gomphus bouncing and shooting rate, the upgrade speed, and earning cash.

  3. Weevil100 says :

    Hey um great walkthrough, but I just want to point out that you can play this on Andkon too.

  4. Mike says :

    So how can I play the 11th map? I’ve already achieved gold on all ten of the main maps.

  5. username01 says :

    The 1st few levels (1-8) or (1-9) can go through with brute force… that means great planning of money tower to get ahead of the curve and just pound on them with mostly thunders + a few other pure tower.

    Should not have any problem as long as you planted you towers in the right/good spots for money. In later round one of the “skill” require is the time length of the waves, without it the waves will clash at those double joints (where you get to hit 2X on the return). And it’ll screw up the waves rotation.

    Level 10 is extra special, brute force will work until waves 70, then you get screws (I did twice). Instead it’s mostly massive effect tower. The three main effects are “instant death”, “bomb” “teleport”

    Because the monsters are ridiculously strong, just by hitting them with towers will not work, a level 6 thunder hits for 1400~, and you probably can land 5-6 shots, no where enough to damage a 250000K HP monster. those instants kill and making them running around really helps.

    Now to support those effect tower, try to place some stunts/confuse in between (place as much as you can), this helps these tower to land their effects more efficiently.

    With those tips you should get pass level 10 and finish the game.

    • ayumilove says :

      To username01: Would you like to post your screenshot of Gomphus/Tower position for world map 9 and 10? Its good to see different players strategy on how they utilize their mushrooms

  6. daramane says :

    The strategy works just fine for World 1 (also playing on Kongregate here), but the Gold Medal is impossible to get considering the lack of waves necessary to accumulate enough points to get Gold.

    It said on Kongregate that the developer put the normal amount of waves back into the game, but that is not the case. Level 1 still has 25 waves, and it is impossible to get the Gold Medal.

    • ayumilove says :

      To daramane: yup you are right, I have calculated the points needed to get gold medal for world map 1, and to achieve this,

      Below is the calculation:
      The total points you can obtain from total monster alone is 113,232.
      If you have level 2 max life, you will have 100 life which rewards 100×2,000 = 20,000 points.
      And if you click next wave when you have at least 40 seconds remaining, you will earn 10,000 points.
      10,000 + 200,000 + 113,232 = gold medal 323232.

  7. Conner says :

    And of course, I rushed every round, and turned my Doll accessorized tower into a Wealth Tower.

  8. Conner says :

    So your guides, because the wave number and such have been reduced, aren’t nearly as helpful. Sadly. =(

    The only way I was able to get a Gold medal on world 1, was to start out with a Doll accessory (quit over and over until you start with one, with the accessory upgrade) and make every kill with that mushroom. And I JUST made the point requirement, by like 40-50 points.

  9. Conner says :

    Strange, the version in your videos is not the version I play on Kongregate.

  10. gchen49 says :

    Hi Ayumi, thank you for posting all the vital information about this game. One thing that I don’t quite understand is that in the video section you show max (skill) upgrades for level 9 and up. Unless my math is wrong, it takes 69 skill points (6+12+12+8+12+19) to upgrade them all. However even with 11 gold medals there are only 66 points. Is there a flaw in my calculation ? Currently I am stuck at level 9 and with 54 skill points (gold medals for levels 1 to 8, plus level 11). Once again thank you for all the helpful tips

  11. OctoberSnow says :

    The video walkthrough does not seem to be working? I am playing mushroom revolution, at Kongregate, but I allways get overwhelmed, even though I do eveything the video does!

  12. Pryolion says :

    How do you have 45 waves on world 1?

    • ayumilove says :

      Hi Pryolion, the developer – fortunacus – has decided to reduce the waves due to Kongregate players could not stand long waves. Many said in the beginning level shouldn’t posed many waves. Gemcraft is a TD which offers very little waves in the starting but increases as player progresses deeper into the game.

  13. Mylon says :

    How do you get that DPS for white? When I calculated it out, it came to 83 DPS, which makes water towers better. My numbers agree for fire and water, but I haven’t really looked too much at the others.

  14. ayumilove says :

    ThePinkPirate, I’m currently uploading a new video for world map 9 which applies the same strategy as world map 10. The world map 9 screenshot is posted above the video or could be viewed in screenshot section!

  15. ThePinkPirate says :

    Hey could you post pictures for level 9 and maybe some more advice. Thanks.

  16. ayumilove says :

    hi poko, in this page there is a list of gem combination along with its description [percentage of success and effect duration].

    The plant bomb works similar to instant death, however, it does not instantly kill the monster, a slight delay that allows the monster to be panic and enable it to run faster to their destination.

    Instant death, plant bomb and teleport is very useful to reduce the burden from damage tower, so they have less monster to focus and able to deal more damage.

  17. ayumilove says :

    hi robotx! I’ll add your screenshot into this blog, thanks for the polish version. But I was wandering that your first screenshot in the level 10 attempt is much better compare to the 2nd with 125 (no life lost)

  18. jooschi says :

    “Butcher knife adds 2% to everything”

    Thats wrong!
    2% chance to do 5x dmg means: (.02*5+.98)=1.08

    So it adds 8% to everything 🙂

  19. robotx says :

    lv10 polish version with step by step

  20. y3 says :

    Hi, i’m now level 8

  21. poko says :

    ‘ve just finished world 3 and still couldn’t figure out how much damage a bomb inflicts, or how long confuse lasts. uh……

    It seems “wealth” and “life plus” are much better than their higher lvl counterparts, due to their 100% probability(certainty?). Steal life and steal wealth are pretty much useless.

    A little math,

    For a 3% chance debuff, like Instant kill, steal life, teleport or bomb, the probability of NOTHING happens after 15 hits is (0.97^15)=0.63.
    However, 15 hits from lvl 3 tower would take out 1300-3000 points of life, which is large enough to kill most monsters.

    –After 3000 damages, there is only 1/3 chance that ANY debuff would happen–

    There is no reason to build steal life, teleport, stun or bomb towers.

    Brutal force towers, including splash, slow and wealth, are the way to go.

  22. poko says :

    Hi, thanks for the tips. Especially the DPS data.

    What’s the damage factor of a splash damage tower? Does the damage decrease with increasing distances? It is hard to figure out the details from the tiny life bars above their heads. It seems a monster being hit directly, takes a lot more damage than the ones taking only collateral damages.

    What does a bomb look like? Does it harm the others when goes off? How long is the fuse?

    I played this game even before the badges on Kongregate are created and stopped after mapping out the combination list. A cute little game,though the pace is slow for me.

    BTW , your blog has a really organized layout. It is rare to find someone who only post essential and necessary info in a 1,2,3… fashion, without mumble jumble. I bet you must think rationally, and don’t hate logic. In today’s world, where most people don’t even use their brains, your rationality is a precious merit.

  23. Sir Onikom says :

    hi. thx for this greate side! i stuck in lvl 9 😦
    had about 12 pure towers but those little creeps run trough it on lvl 64-69. any ideas? a video would be great 😉
    wich file must i edit with the .sol-editor?

    thx a lot
    sir onikom

  24. Shaderz says :

    hey there ayumilove, im now on level 9 thank god! 😛
    but i seen you posted something about cheating? i have the offline version downloaded also.. if thats needed. but how would i edit it? im not sure how to get / use the .sol editor?

    PS: also whats the valentines map?? a 11th!!?!?

    PSS: thanks a ton for all the help so far 😀 and i love this page! so much info very neat and to the point!

  25. ayumilove says :

    have you tried using pure towers? they deal much more damage compare to non-gomphus and it works well against monsters with high immunity, so its worth the investment.

  26. Shaderz says :

    Regards to above:

    But as i stated now, level 8 is a pain just lost on wave 64 =/ but waves 63 were still alive hehe… i dunnno.. had like 6 lvl6 pures… and at the back a ton of tele / instant death with some confuse stun slow to keep them there… still lost =/ i have no idea how to beat this 1 lol

  27. Shaderz says :

    Hey ya, im now on level 8. sadly… i had it beat before you uploaded the video hehe, but ya.. i tried going with a few pure lvl6 thunder and a few wealth towers and some slow.. and at the bottom i put a slow and a few confuse / stun.. with a whole line of tele! 🙂 worked like a charm.

    PS: still got silver 😛

  28. ayumilove says :

    hi Shaderz, I am currently uploading World 6, its pretty easy. Have you read some pointers I made in this blog? When monster reach higher level, they have more immunities, thus rendering most of the non-pure Gomphus special effect less useful and it eats up too much space and not value for money. Balance is the key in this game in terms of space, damage and money.

  29. Shaderz says :

    EDIT:In response to what i just posted early
    World 6:
    OMG i got to wave 60, they were immune instantdeath stun and posion, it was pretty much PRAY for all tele and confuse.. they had so much HP it took them a tele and almost all the way back again to kill them… and i had a ton of level 5 instant death….. HOW! is it possible i had the best locations, stun confuse slow all set up… it was perfect! but on that round i lost all my lives at once!

  30. Shaderz says :

    im currently having a ton of trouble on world 6, and pointers anyone?? and if you do have some… links / pics would be very much loved 🙂

    PS: i have gold on every level except 5 ( none ) so far

  31. kit says :

    great tutorial.

    grr >.< I can’t get past level 4.

    • ayumilove says :

      how about watching the video tutorial that I have embeded on this page? It’s pretty easy. Remember to have Wealth Towers so for every 3 waves of monster, you get 1 free wave of money which is more than sufficient to build high level towers. Just make sure those Wealth Towers do the last kills instead of the Level 6 pure tower or other Level 5 non-pure towers.

  32. Jacceson says :

    hey, thanks for posting a way to do world4 i placed my units in totaly different spot, also may i ask where you are from?, because the timezone of this website is much different than where i live.

  33. Jacceson says :

    im having trouble getting past world 4 the tip are starting to become useless or the spot im putting my mushrooms aren’t effective. and what should i update my skill points to for the best results?

  34. ayumilove says :

    I have added a new picture to show how to win World Map 10 with Pure Rainbow Towers – All mix colors!

  35. Player 1 says :

    Great tips: Some more tips.

    Sniper: one of the best tower in the game: it’s reload time is 44, compare to splash (anything) is 40, so it’s NOT much slower, but it increase the tower damage by alot, plus the huge range landing in a few more shots, I think it’s one of the strongest tower in the game. But you’ll need compensations for it’s elemental disavantage.

    The acessories:
    Angel Wing is good for sniper, more range = more shot getting in, but other wise it’s pretty useless

    Star Badge: very useful in the begining for cheap upgrade, less useful later, but as long as you have more tower you’ll add way more damage: (basically building 10 for the price of 8), imagine adding in two extra towers, that’s a boat load of damage.

    Angel Doll: Useful to obtain high score, set it up like Weath tower and no need to worry about score.

    Teardrop: Great, cancel out element, in later rounds, this is da shit.

    Butcher Knife: enough says, 1% and you can’t control which one it hits, crap

    Clover: 2%, this is probably good for probability effect, I found most of them crap, so no use for this one

    Taurus: good for sniper, adds alot of damage at level 5

    Golden bell: only useful for slow/poison. So I just use it on slow.

    Light Emblem: it’s okay, under average IMO

    Burning heart: good for sniper, slowest tower in the game become slightly under average speed with this.

  36. Mike says :

    I didn’t realize that you could get a tower to level 6.

  37. robotx says :

    hi there ayumi and lucas

    general tips
    -best start all map is wealth combo with accessory star
    -wealth mushroom is great but if you finish monster with other tower you not receive +30%money. so try to upgrade wealth high as possible(and have it cluster in wealth group) and manage wealth mushroom to last shot

    tips in late game world 8-9-10
    -poison is useless for round 60+
    -instant kill work well with debuff(slow,stun,confuse) and if you place only 1-2 ik it useless
    -if you have limit money 2 lv4tower teleport,instant kill is better than 1 lv5tower and work with clover
    -slow is must upgrade to lv5 to be effective work with bell

  38. fortunacus lucas says :

    Thank for playing this game, Im the developer or creator for this game. For correction, developer didnt responsible what sponsor have done to make or manipulate traffic or rating. The game has been bought by bidding on So the highest bidder got the game. And in the agreement all revenue from this game is fully taken by sponsor. So I dont have additional revenue althought it has won any contest or anything. I dont know why the sponsor done such a thing.
    PS: In notice section written “The creator of Mushroom Farm Revolution who has uploaded the game on Kongregate was banned…”
    The banned user is playedonline, the sponsor I mention, btw Im the developer user name is Fortunacus. And I dont have the right to upload this on my username, because its bought by sponsor. Sorry for that

  39. ayumilove says :

    thanks robotx for the screenshot, very useful!

  40. robotx says :

    mushroom revolution : my world 10 strategy

    hope it can help a bit if someone find solution

  41. George says :

    Awesome tutorial! Now I can finally get past level 1!!

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