WordPress 2.7 Icons Reviews on 5 Icon Designers [48 Hours]

Title: PollDaddy Survey WordPress 2.7 Icons Reviews on 5 Icon Designers [48 Hours] [Results]

This review is higlights the pros and cons of each icon from each designer icon sets. It gives a rating for each icon and the overall grade for whole icon set too, with some advices on how to improve them. The description of the icon from the author’s point of view is straight to the point. The general summary of this whole survey is listed at the bottom of this post/thread/page.

SET #1 – OSD Icon Set

Quoted from Poll Daddy Survey Question

Icon designer and WordPress Judge’s Comments:
This designer submitted a full menu set as well as list/excerpt icons for the Edit Posts screen.

The Designer Says:The icons are toned-down grayscale to allow flexibility with all current and future color schemes, they serve as a subtle graphic addition to the navigation. All the icons are facing right towards the button text. We made sure to distinguish the posts (temporal, dynamic) from the pages (semi-official, static). We made the links icon show the love and the appearance chameleon to echo the separation of content and presentation. We kept the tools in a box (to keep it open ended) and we made the plugins into a Lego brick (rather than the plug or the puzzle which imply there’s only one way to go). Hope you like it.

Judges’ Response: There are some interesting concepts here, but stylistically the set feels a bit inconsistent, going from flat to shaded to 3D. We really liked the idea of the Links icon forming a heart (link love!), though the chameleon was a little too abstract for us. If this set were chosen, we’d want to work toward a more consistent feeling for the icons.

1. Dashboard (Pea Brain ???) (Grade: 1/5)
I do not know what that icon represents. It looks to me as a pea (small) and a brain (wrinkles).
If you could explain to me what it is, I might have a different perspective. Tell me about it ^_^

2. Posts (Paper + Pin) (Grade: 3/5)
I like the metaphor used here however, it is design such a way that defeats the purpose of understanding what it is. The icon (before zoom 200%) does not look pin + paper. It’s something else.

3. Media (Picture Frame) (Grade: 1/5)
The icon is way too small and it has complex graphic in it. Once the icon is zoom in, I realised that it represents photo (picture frame + mountain graphic). In short, keep the icon simple and big!

4. Links (Heart Shape Icon) (Grade: 1/5)
The judges agree that the heart shape icon is fantastic (creative idea). However, to most people, they would not know what it is until they have click on it. For me, I do support it, but in terms of functionality (on how people sees it in a glance) its difficult to know is that.

5. Pages (Dog-eared Paper) (Grade: 2/5)
Yeah, I support this icon, an icon with dog-eared at one of the corner is great. But if there are too much details on a small icon, it makes it clutter, messy and hard to interpret.

6. Comments (Bubble Chat) (Grade: 1/5)
I like the bubble icons, but there is excessive grey shading around it, making it difficult to interpret the icon to the real world (or other application that uses this icon as well).

7. Appearance (Chameleon) (Grade: 1/5)
Some people might not know what is a chameleon. Its a lizard that able to change its color according to its surrounding to hide away from prey or to find food. This icon is great, but the lizard is pretty small to be noticeable. Appearance refers to WordPress Theme Color, and this is good.

8. Plugins (Medical Kit) (Grade: 1/5)
Looks more like a medical kit that we see in houses or hospitals/ambulance.

9. Users (3 User Icon Overlap) (Grade: 1/5)
1-2 user metaphor will be good. Excessive makes it hard to interpret and waste icon space.

10. Tools (Briefcase) (Grade: 1/5)
Does not relate to the Tools that we usually see in most application.

11. Settings (Gear) (Grade: 5/5)
I like the gear metaphor used for settings. Approve ^_^

Overall grade for OSD is 32%
The icon set need lots of improvement in terms of grey shading (2D looks), outline (balance of dark and grey lines), sophisticate looks (balance of details on icon) and the icon size should resize bigger.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

SET #2 – VS Icon Set

Quoted from Poll Daddy Survey Question

Icon designer and WordPress Judge’s Comments:
This designer submitted a full set of menu icons in both gray and light blue as seen on the left and right, as well as icons for the list and excerpt views on the Edit Posts screen as seen above in context with the pagination and search function.

The Designer Says: To me it was a challenge to develop icons which integrate calmly and unobtrusively into the new WordPress interface. They should catch your eye, but just for an instant – because they are part of WordPress and not focus of attention. As I want icons to be user-friendly, I used well-known metaphors.

Judges’ Response: We like the consistent styling of these icons, and the generally elegant feel of them. Some of the metaphors work better than others, so if selected, we would want the designer to revise a few of the icons to be a little more clear. The dashboard icon is nicely done, for example, but might make more sense for Appearance, where it would communicate that this section is where you can move around the blocks of your web site.

1. Dashboard (Dashboard) (Grade: 4/5)

2. Posts (Mini Blocks) (Grade: 2/5)
Looks more like the blocks that you can move around in wordpress 2.7. Does not look close as a post. Post should be related to writing something – publishing it into blog.

3. Media (Picture Frame) (Grade: 3/5)
Clear and direct, but its not really unique (creative in metaphor).

4. Links (Candy Bar) (Grade: 1/5)
It does not look like a chain, instead it looks like a stick/bar candy. set it to vertical as most programs use that icon.

5. Pages (Boxes?) (Grade: 2/5)
Pages refers to flipping paper, but the icon interprets something else as if a frame that you can move within wordpress 2.7

6. Comments (Bubble Chat) (Grade: 4/5)
The tail should be nudged a little to the center, not all to the end of 1 corner of the buble chat.

7. Appearance (Mini Windows) (Grade: 4/5)
Good. No comment.

8. Plugins (Plug) (Grade: 4/5)
Good. No comment.

9. Users (Users) (Grade: 4/5)
Good. No comment

10. Tools (Wrench) (Grade: 5/5)
Good. No comment.

11. Settings (Volume Bar) (Grade: 5/5)
Good. No comment.

Overall grade for VS is 60%
I like the icons presented by VS, however, he/she could improve on the icons that I have rated above 3 and below. The rest are good since its user-friendly, and the author used well-known metaphors.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

SET #3 – GB1 (left) and GB2 (right)

Quoted from Poll Daddy Survey Question

Icon designer and WordPress Judge’s Comments:
This designer produced two sets of menu icons. They are in the same style, so the sets show variations in the metaphors that could be used for each menu item. This set is missing the icons for list/excerpt views on the Edit Posts screen.

The Designer Says: These 2 sets are build for an everyday use of the WP admin panel. Shapes are design to express the content of each menu items in a elegant and soft way. Each icon is design to have its own outter silhouette. So the user is able to identify easily the different items of the menu. Concerning ideas / concepts / metaphors shown in the sets: it is a mix of abstract and concrete images behind the menu items. Chosen to be the most efficient in the context of the WP publishing process. These sets aims to complete the menu titles for any given user and offers a coherent solution for advanced users (without menu titles).

Judges’ Response: We liked the variety of metaphors shown here, some of which are very appealing, but felt that the lines of these were a little too heavy/dark, giving them a less sophisticated feel. The execution in this style is well done, but if one of these sets were chosen, we would be interested in seeing the icons with a lighter stroke or shading choice. We’d probably also mix and match icons from the two sets to come up with the best combination.

1. Dashboard Icon (House) (Grade: 5/5 | 5/5)
(GB1 + GB2) Looks great. It resembles the main homepage of any Internet Browser and its gives a feeling of being in the main page of the blog that have accesses to all functions/pages in the blog. This icon match the best of both world.

2. Posts (Pin | ???) (Grade: 5/5 | 1/5)
(GB1) It like the icon as it reminds the user of posting comments and sticking it on the board for others to read, or to grab someone’s attention about the news/message you have published! I’m looking forward for other types of pin icons since the current one lacks some distinguish features on the icon. (GB2) I don’t know what that icon refers to…

3. Media (Picture Frame | Camera) (Grade: 1/5 | 4/5)
(GB1) Difficult to interpret the icon since its too sophisticated/complicated. Icon should be simple to grab user attention within split second and understandable. Not to confuse users. This icon need some correction/changes. (GB2) I like the camera icon, it takes photos, and we love uploading and posting photos along with our blog! Need some modification to the icon to make it more unique as a camera!

4. Links (Globe | ???) (Grade: 1/5 | 1/5)
(GB1) Totally out of scope. Remove it and use an icon that relates to the word. Globe could be use to refer to the Internet, but not directly related to links. Chain is much more appropriate for links. (GB2) Looks like a baby toy. A spoon?

5. Comments (Bubble Chat) (Grade: 4/5 | 3/5)
(GB1) This icon I give 100% support. Period. However, the icon should be larger abit, highlight the tail of the bubble look more outstanding. (GB2) Keep it simple, just use the bubble chat, people will understand.

6. Pages (Paper Page | Book) (Grade: 4/5 | 1/5)
(GB1) This icon I give 100% support. Period. I hope to see some variation of this paper icon with some distinguish features to it. As long as it retains the icon dog-ear paper edge which is slightly bent. (GB2) Page should relate to 1-2 page, not the whole book icon…

7. Appearance (Eye | Paint Brush) (Grade: 4/5 | 1/5)
(GB1) Suits for appearance. (GB2) What’s with the upside down paint brush? Change the icon to a more simpler brush, and reduce the width of the brush.

8. Plugins (Plus Symbol | Battery) (Grade: 1/5 | 1/5)
(GB1) Its much better to use a plug symbol. (GB2) What does a battery do with plugins? At first sight, the first thing that comes into mind is it should be a plug with extended cord/wire to plug into the electric/power source socket. Batteries tend to be inserted/reload.

9. Users (Diary | ???) (Grade: 1/5 | 1/5)
(GB1) Its best to show an icon of user head and body. (GB2) I don’t know what is that. Change!

10. Tools (Toolbox) (Grade: 4/5)
(GB1) Looks good, but it would be great if its a spana/wrench icon. (GB2) Those icon look like dinning table cutlery where you have spoon, knife and fork. This is for blogging, not restaurant!

11. Settings (Volume Bar) (Grade: 3/5 | 5/5)
(GB1) Improvement can be done here, such as just applying 2 volume bars horizontally, instead of 3 vertically. (GB2) This one is good. Keep this!

Overall Grade for GB1 is 60% while GB2 is 45%

In short, the icons from GB1 and GB2 that has a rating for 4 and above can be combined, and modification to those icons which are rated below 4. Designers should focus on simplicity and having it 2D (to make it look like a button). 3D isn’t necessary. I think that the current icons in their individual groups (GB1 and GB2) does not fit well in WordPress 2.7, however, if they are combined and a little tweaking on those icons that are needed to fill in the gaps which lacks the icons rating 4 and above, it will be great.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

SET #4 – LS

Quoted from Poll Daddy Survey Question

Icon designer and WordPress Judge’s Comments:
This designer submitted a menu set as well as a couple of alternate icons for Posts and Plugins (see minimized toolbar). This set is missing a Users icon and does not include icons for the list/excerpt views on the Edit Posts screen.

The Designer Says: My goal here was to execute clear metaphors in a consistent style complementary to the styling and typography of the latest WP user interface. I try to design for practicality, so I felt it was appropriate to make simple renderings of familiar objects using no more anti-aliasing than was necessary. I don’t feel they’re perfect, and in fact would like to give at least a few of them more basic design attention…as a set, I would like to tighten them up for additional consistency through balance of value and design complexity. Overall, though, I do feel pleased with the effort on short notice and enjoyed it as an exercise in creative problem-solving. I am happy to be able to contribute.

Judges’ Response: The icons in this set are generally clean, but veer a bit between light and dark, and between very common metaphors (links) and more obscure ones (appearance), making it feel a little less cohesive. Since the designer acknowledges this, it’s very possible that these issues could be addressed in the post-voting revision process.

1. Dashboard (Brain) (Grade: 1/5)
The icon does not have a slight relation to the main page of the blog.

2. Posts (Dog-eared page + Pin) (Grade: 2/5)
Why have 2 mini objects within an icon to compete for attention? Use 1 icon which is the board pin. Having it less complicated, while

3. Media (Picture Frame) (Grade: 1/5)
Too much unecessary details on the icon. Keep it simple. Having a balance of simplicity while conveying the message of the functionality purpose, allows you, the designer to make it larger to be noticeable.

4. Links (Chain) (Grade: 4/5)
I support this icon. However, due to the heavy grey shading, it does not highlight the icon.

5. Pages (Dog-eared Paper) (Grade: 4/5)
I support this icon. However, due to the heavy grey shading, it does not highlight the icon.

6. Comments (Bubble Chat) (Grade: 4/5)
I support this icon. However, due to the heavy grey shading, it does not highlight the icon.

7. Appearance (Calculator) (Grade: 1/5)
I do not get it… PDA icon? Calculator icon? Think again.

8. Plugins (Plug) (Grade: 4/5)
I support this icon. However, due to the heavy grey shading, it does not highlight the icon.

9. Users (None Available N/A) (Grade: 1/5)
There are no icons for user. Its not available. Look at my screenshot of the icons set by LS…

10. Tools (Wrench) (Grade: 4/5)
I support this icon. However, due to the heavy grey shading, it does not highlight the icon.

11. Settings (Ticks) (Grade: 1/5)
Too much unecessary details on the icon. Keep it simple. Having a balance of simplicity while conveying the message of the functionality purpose, allows you, the designer to make it larger to be noticeable.

Overall Grade for LS is 49%

I agree with what the judges have to say with the shading on the icons. Heavy grey shading does not make the icon more appealing and it does not highlight/shine on the blog. It should capture the user attention about what it is purpose within the blog, so the user clicks it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

SET #5 – BD

Quoted from Poll Daddy Survey Question

Icon designer and WordPress Judge’s Comments:
This designer submitted a full menu set as well as the icons for list/excerpt view on the Edit Posts screen.

The Designer Says: I had a great time making these. I tried to keep them as minimal as possible, while adding enough detail to make them unique. A lot of time was spent incorporating a unified look to the set. I went for a “plasticky” feeling surface, and added weight with a slight cast shadow where applicable. I tried to keep the use of pure white to a minimum, so that when it’s there, it really pops against the gray background. I was most concerned with doing everything I could to make them embody the meaning of the label to the right, which was quite difficult in some cases. Thanks for taking the time to look at my icons!

Judges’ Response: This set has a crispness that fits in nicely with the style of 2.7, and the level of detail is great. We might want to change a couple of the metaphors, and one of the judges thinks they might be a little too light, but overall we think these would work very well. The combination of the camera and musical note for the Media icon is especially nice in its implication of multiple file types.

1. Dashboard (Rock) (Grade: 1/5)
What are you thinking? A world or an Earth? Remove this, and use a house instead or perhaps you could make some heavy modification so it becomes more unique instead of being viewed as a piece of rock with rough edges.

2. Posts (Board Pin) (Grade: 5/5)
I support this, just remove the shadow of the board pin would be good.

3. Media (Picture Frame) (Grade: 4/5)
A camera and melody (musical note) is something creative here! But most of the free users would not be able to listen/stream their own music on their wordpress blog. However, musical notes tend to be related much easier to media as it is a universal symbol for communication/entertainment.

4. Links (Hola Hoop) (Grade: 2/5)
The icon looks more towards a hola hoop compare to a chain/link.

5. Pages (Post) (Grade: 1/5)
Looks more towards a piece of box shape / post / tab instead of a page.

6. Comments (Bubble Chat) (Grade: 2/5)
The small miniature bubble chat seems something else. Do some modification to it by widening the bubble while moving its tail near to one of the corner instead of centralized.

7. Appearance (Chart/TV) (Grade: 1/5)
What is this? A chart or TV? Wouldn’t it be much better to draw the whole monitor? Do some research on this icon, find out which metaphor is currently widely used for appearance.

8. Plugins (Plug) (Grade: 3/5)
I support this icon. However, there are too many complex lines used in this icon.

9. Users (Big/Small Boxy User) (Grade: 3/5)
Hmm… The user icon does not highlight the element of user. Need to resize a little.

10. Tools (Wrench) (Grade: 5/5)
I like this icon. Simple and sweet. Wrench is commonly found in toolbox. So yeah, I agree with this.

11. Settings (Volume Bar) (Grade: 5/5)
I like this icon. Simple and sweet. Most people would use the volume bar to set the loudness of their speaker. I agree with this icon to be implemented in blogs.

Overall Grade for LS is 58%

I agree with the judges on the comment about the icon crispness and the outline should be darker, not too light grey.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Q.18 Which one of the sets do you think we should use as a basis for the 2.7 icons?
Q.19What made you pick that one?

VS. I select VS because it is simple, 2D, crisp (has sharp outline) and applies well-known metaphors. However, the icons rated 3 and below need some modifications or just ask that particular designer to create/mimic the icon drawing from other 4 icon designer. Just make sure to credit them for using their ideas else they would be angry for their hardwork going to waste. This should be done as a group project once all the designers have placed their ideas on to the storyboard. Its time to combined the best icons into 1.

Q.20 If you could choose a runner-up, which would you choose? BD

We expect that some people will choose one icon set as their favorite, but like a particular icon from a different set. This set of questions will allow you to identify which icons you think are the best metaphors for the sections they are representing. If there are any icons that receive overwhelming support, we may try to have that symbology incorporated into the winning set. For each of the navigation sections listed below, choose the icon you think makes the most sense.

Q.21 Dashboard:
Round Mac-style/tachomoter-style
Half-circle tachometer-style
Web page grid

Q.22 Posts:
Thumbtack in a slip of paper
Thumbtack in a post-it
Paperclipped slips of paper
Paragraph symbol

Q.23 Media:
Computer screen
Camera + musical note
Paperclipped image

Q.24 Links:
Chain link
Heart-shaped chain link
Chain link with underline
Interlocking rings

Q.25 Pages:
Folded page stack
Folded page with # symbol
Semi-transparent page stack
Page stack with simulated text
Folded page with simulated text and image
3-ring notebook page stack

Q.26 Comments:
Double speech bubble
Speech bubble with simulated text
Person icon with speech bubble
Speech bubble with number enclosed

Q.27 Appearance:
Open eye
Old-school Apple computer
Stacked computer screens
Computer display with grid

Q.28 Users:
Single person icon
Address book with person icon on it
Two people icons
Rolodex with person icon on it

Q.29 Plugins:
Puzzle piece
Plug for an outlet
Battery with lightning bolt
Lego brick

Q.30 Tools:
Note: To avoid confusion with Movable Type mark, we will not use a wrench icon. If a set using a wrench icon is chosen as the winner, the designer will replace this icon.
Combination of two tools
Others: wrench, what is a movable type mark?

Q.31 Settings:
Horizontal sliders
Vertical sliders
Clipboard with checkmarks

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Overall Grade of all 5 Icon Designers
VS – 60%
GB1 – 60% (VS leads 1st Rank as GB1 icons lacks 2D button effect)
BD – 58%
LS – 49%
GB2 – 45%
OSD – 32%

The best icons

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Project Icon Winners Announced – 17 Nov 2008 [Source]
The WordPress Community has voted for BD – Ben Dunkle (winner) with 35% total votes, followed by VS – Verena Segert (runner-up). As the WordPress Team prepares for RC1 (Release Candidate 1), Ben and Verena will be revising their icons so both uses the same metaphors, creating the colored “on” states, and creating the larger size of each icon for use in the h2 screen headers. According to Jane Wells, “There are more than 3700 people who completed the voting survey and took the time to weigh on on the individual icon sets.”

Results for which icon set should be set as basis for WordPress 2.7 Icons (Q.18)
Icon basis refers to the icon design/style that will be set as the foundation for the rest of the icons.
The category is shown in this order : [Icon Set | # of votes | % of votes]
The results clearly shows that WordPress users prefer BD and VS icons sets.
BD #1285 35% | VS #1080 29% | GB2 #424 11% | OSD #376 10% | LS #300 8% | GB1 #235 6%

Results for runner-up that you would choose. (Q.20)
Runner-up refers to a contestant which finishes in second place in a icon design competition.
Question 20 is not mandatory to be answered. Below are the results for runner-up!
The category is shown in this order : [Icon Set | # of votes | % of votes]
VS #916 27% | BD #647 19% | LS #522 16% | OSD #488 14% | GB2 #462 14% | GB1 #331 10%

Voted Best Icon Metaphor
Below are the icons selected as best metaphor by the community. Ben and Verena will be replacing their icons according to the best voted icon metaphors.
Dashboard: 1333 voters (40%) chose a house.
Media: 2097 voters (65%) chose the combination camera + musical note icon.
Plugins: 1682 voters (53%) selected the outlet plug metaphor.
Tools: 1581 voters (49%) liked the combination of two tools better than others.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Below is the background of the top 5 chosen icon designers:

Quoted from Results of Project Icon by Jane Wells
BD – Ben Dunkle
BD was Ben Dunkle, a designer, professor and artist from upstate/western New York State. In case you’ve already forgotten, Ben’s icon set is the winner of Project Icon and will become the default icon set after a few minor changes.

VS – Verena Segert
VS was Verena Segert, our runner-up, a designer from Germany who presented sets in both grayscale and blue. Her blue icons received more specific voter comments than the gray ones, so we’re planning the second color palette to be in shades of blue so that we can use the blue icon set.

GB – Guillaume Berry
GB was Guillaume Berry, a designer from France who submitted two sets in the same style in order to propose a couple of different metaphors. One of his sets came in third while the other came in last, but whether you only look at the higher scoring set or you combine their votes, Guillaume had the next highest percentage of votes, and many people liked the metaphors he used for various icons. In fact, given the enthusiasm of the community for Guillaume’s icons, we think a great plugin would be one that would allow the user to upload the icon set of their choice. Any volunteers?

OSD – Open Source Design
OSD was the Open Source Design class at Parson’s in New york City, taught by Mushon Zer-Aviv and consisting of students Alexandra Zsigmond, Ed Nacional, Karen Messing, Khurram Bajwa, Leonie Leibenfrost. Teacher and students worked together to determine their metaphors and visual style.

LS – Luke Smith
LS was Luke Smith, a designer from Iowa who specializes in icons among his other design pursuits.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Summary [Source]
According to Jane (WordPress.com Member), they highly recommend the Project Icon contestants to us as they delivered good product within a short time frame for those who are looking for an icon designer to hire. Ben Dunckle (BD, winner) and Verena Segert (VS, runner-up) icon sets will be incorporated into WordPress 2.7 RC1. RC1 refers to Release Candidate 1, which signifies the beta releases are closing-in. RTM (Release to Manufacturing) refers to the final product. As for me, I have learnt many new things and see a different perspective by reading the WordPress judges comments about the contestants’ icon sets described in the poll daddy survey and the survey results. I wasn’t surprised that OSD (one of the top 5 contestant) is from a designing school since their icons looks okay and the icons does not really fit itself in WordPress.com. For VS and BD, my assumptions for all the sets above were pretty much close to the project icon results.

Things that I have learned:
Big Clear Icons
– Icons should be big so its easier for old people to view them and it avoids straining the eyes.
– Create simple icons. Complex icons would be difficult to interpret in a glance.
– Complex icons needs to be big, while simple icons can be made smaller.
– OSD Icon Set is a clear example of complex icon (Chameleon) compressed into a tiny icon.
Balance of Dark Outline
– Icons should not use too much grey outlines, it should use dark outline.
– GB Icon Set displays dark outline nicely, but too much dark outline kills the sophicated look.
Balance of Grey Shading and Color
– Color should be use to enhance the button appearance, not solely dependant on icon looks.
– Icon should look 2D so it hints the user that its a button.
– VS Icon Set is a good example of light 2D button, not too excessive, but mild.
– Avoid focussing too much on the 2D side else it does not make the button look outstanding.
– LS Icon Set is a great example of excessive grey shading to give the icons 2D appearance.

The Icon Results are quoted from “The Results of Project Icon” by Jane Wells


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