Typing Game : Zombie Typocalypse Review (Flash Version of Typing of the Dead)

Title: Typing Game : Zombie Typocalypse Review (Flash Version of Typing of the Dead)

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Ayumilove’s Review
There are few things that annoy me in the game:
1. Unable to view the object that I am typing when another object appears in front of it.
2. Combo does not give any bonuses (i.e. no extra money).
3. Combo does not stack with items that appeared on screen (health, ammo, bomb, slow-time)
4. Encountered a few related vulgar words in the game.
5. Uncommon words pop up, it would be better to type common words (everyday use)
6. Repetitive in later stages. Nothing new. Lack of replayability.
7. No other path to play, just type to win!
8. In Hard mode, you are not able to use other upgrades, only core items like rocket launcher.

Item Upgrades

There are 3 types of weapons to choose from: Pistol, Submachine Gun, and Rocket Launcher.
Each weapon contributes different firing speed. This can be seen from each shooting animation.
Pistol is the slowest, submachine gun is average while Rocket Launcher is the fastest.

To kill zombies faster, you need to purchase better bullets.
Bullets that cost more shoots faster and it takes less to kill. There are 6 types of bullets.
– Slow bullets : Very slow
– Fast Bullets : Slow
– Slow dum-dum bullets : Average (Takes less to kill)
– Fast dum-dum bullets : Fast (Takes less to kill)
– Single Missile (rocket launcher) : Very fast
– Double Missile (rocket launcher) : Very fast + Kills 2 monster in 1 shot

Other Goodies
There are other goodies that you can buy from store, but they cost alot.
Some are disposal while others are passive (works in every game)
– Grenade : Kills all zombies in the area
– Summon Electric Fence which kill zombies (if they come too close to you)
– Slow Time : Slows down all zombies. Not worth buying for fast typers.
– Armor : Partially protects from zombie attacks.
– Dumbifier : Lowers difficulty of zombie dialogues.

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Zombie Typocalypse In-game Screenshots


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    Fine game “Bendy Spidey”

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