Kongregate : Play Attack Of The Cursors (Review)

Title: Kongregate : Play Attack Of The Cursors
Category: Shooter + Arcade Style (Game Link)

– Able to upgrade Shield, Missile Type, Engine, and Rate of Fire
– Nice panning of dual background (city background + floor/tile background (close range) )
– Has a summary report of money spent, money earned, enemies killed
– Has a mute sound button
– Has background music and sound effect.
– The game lags when Missile Type is upgraded to Level 3
– Enemy cursor moves too fast.
– The battle field (game screen resolution) is too small in width length.
– Large amounts of light flashes may have caused a few seizures
– Difficult to buy upgrades because left hand holds spacebar to shoot while right hand moves spaceship
– A pause feature for that would be nice, so you could buy item.
– The upgraded shield does not provide shield, it only increases the amount of life (HP).
– The shield could not replenish itself.
– The mute sound button does not mute sound effect.
– Repetitive (neverending game)
– Does not provide powerups, no boss, no storyline.


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