Karoshi Suicide Salesman Walkthrough Guide Level 49 to 1

About Karoshi Suicide Salesman
“Karoshi” is a Japanese word and means “death by overwork”.
In this game many things are not what you’d expect
and the goal of each level is counter-intuitive: you need to die.

Each stage presents a new challenge. There are several objects you can use to solve puzzles,
and in later levels the game will even break it’s own rules to surprise you.
50 clever levels and a boss fight at the end. We hope you have fun (killing yourself)!
If you have played the Game Maker version, YES this is an official Flash version!

Play Online: Karoshi : Suicide Salaryman

Game Instructions: Arrows to move, Up to jump and space bar to shoot.

Karoshi Suicide Salesman Video Walkthrough With 7 minutes of techno/trance remix

Karoshi Suicide Salesman Solutions
(45 life)
Place the box on top of the other box, and let your character move the box below so the box above could drop down on him.

(35 life)
Move your character to the left screen so it will pop up from the right!

(34 life)
Same as (45 life). Move under the box so it will drop on your character.

(13 life)
Press R to restart/change position of your character!

(10 life)
Move very slowly as the message stated, “be careful”, move in slight as the video shown.

(7 life)
press K to drop the box. Once you know identify the box drop location, stand there and press K.

(6 life)
Just afk (away from keyboard) for 20 seconds, and it will kill itself.

(2 life)
Use mouse cursor and click menu button. It would not bring you outside the game, but remove 1 life.

(1 life)
Avoid getting hit by the heart else you would increase +5 life. let the pink box drop on you.



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  1. Aanga says :

    This Game Is the best game ever!!!
    luvd it !!!!

  2. DOOD says :

    where is level 11!?

  3. kyran says :

    i just wanted to know what songs u used. i dont wish to offend u but its kinda nice. =x please and thank you miss.

  4. Matt Zimmer says :

    Sweet Guide. Helped a lot.

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