Kongregate – Play Bloons Tower Defense 3 – Guide Cheat Walkthrough Review Discussion

About Bloons TD 3
It’s here. After 319 days, 32 Million plays and countless requests for a sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 2, Ninja Kiwi is proud to present Bloons Tower Defense 3. This time, use the all new towers and upgrades to work your way through 8 all new tracks and 3 difficulty modes to achieve that total Bloon popping satisfaction.

The 8 tracks (you will have to get at least bronze on tracks 1-4 to unlock tracks 5-8) are a nice addition and add instant replay value to the game. Bloons TD fans will love it, while Defense games aficionados will enjoy it.

Play Online: Bloons Tower Defense 3 [Earn Kongregate Badges]
Play Online Bloons Tower Defense 3 on NinjaKiwi [Unlock Maps]

Game Instructions
Left mouse controls all goodness.

Bloons TD 3 Walkthrough for Map 1

Bloons TD walkthrough – Mass Upgraded Tack and Cannon
This strategy best applies on road where monster can be met twice, just like the map above and blue map.
You will need pure tack towers and cannon towers. Why only these two?
Lead bloons can be only destroyed by cannon / pineapple bomb.
Black bloons can only be destroyed by sharp stuff : dart, tack, road spikes.
White bloons are immune to freeze, but we are not going to use any Frozen Towers in this strategy!
Furthermore, these 2 have splash attack, and value for money compare to expensive super monkey.

Bloons TD MOAB Walkthrough – How to defeat M.O.A.B
How to defeat Massive Ornary Air Blim [Mother of All Bloons]? They require 130 hits to pop/explode.
M.O.A.B appears on level 37, 44 and 50. You can use either pineapple bomb or road spikes.
Place at least 10-12 road spikes before pressing start to spawn M.O.A.B at level 37. 12 spikes = 120 damage
When you encounter the M.O.A.B at level 44,50, use pineapple bombs to boom it quickly.

Bloons TD 3 Walkthrough for Map 3

Bloons TD walkthrough – Mass Tack and Cannon
Use cannon tower and pineapple bomb together to clear as much bloon as possible so your tack towers
can focus on popping up the black bloons which are protected by mass colored bloons. Notice that the more
higher level bloons you popped, it spawns the little low level bloons. They act as a bloon shield for black
bloon against the tack towers. The faster you can clear those protective bloons around them, they will
be vulnerable and easily popped up by tack towers. This reduces the risk of black bloons escaping too deep
into your defenses. Use pineapple at the early road entrance as most defenses are placed there.
Take note that cannon tower is much more effective than tack towers since it kills all bloons in 1 big
splash explosion, it doesn’t matter the amount of bloons are there. Tack turrets can hit a maximum of 8.

Below are the screenshot of tower placement for each map.

Bloons TD 3 Review
Although Ninjakiwi, the developer of Bloons TD 3 has come out new variety of towers, it is not frequently
used/purchased since it cost much more and the cheaper towers such as canon and tack do a better job.
Since the requirement of defeating the bloons are only bomb and sharp stuff, canon and tack is sufficient.

Pineapple bomb is introduced in Bloons TD 3, allowing some hardcore players to do without canon and
mass the map with full of tack towers. But this has also made the sticky glue somewhat less useful than
pineapple. Pineapple requires some time-planning to bomb bloons [converting color to the next] while
it has a wide splash damage. Sticky glue slows down Bloons but it would not hold out long when there are
more than 20 bloons spawning at a rate of 1 second.

How to hack Bloons TD 3 using Cheat Engine?

Here are the steps by Hungung
1. Click computer icon on the top left corner of CE and select firefox.exe for Firefox, iexplorer.exe for IE, etc
2. Type in your amount of money in the input box and click ‘First Scan’.
3. Buy anything you can afford, type in your new amount and click ‘Next Scan’.
4. Double click on the only result
4. Then double click on the thing that appeared at the bottom of CE ON the number of money you have.
5. Change it to preferably anything under 1,000,000
5. Sometimes, over 999,999 freezes your browser, doesn’t matter what number.
6. Tick the box that says ‘freeze’ in the lower left corner.

Screenshot of each Bloons TD 3 Towers Details
Dart Monkey | Tack Shooter | Boomerang | Spikeopult | Cannon | Ice Ball | Monkey Beacon | Super Monkey

Bloons Tower Defense Tips
Road Spikes – Good for getting those bloons that slip through your defenses.

Types of Bloons [Balloon]
Red [Average] – None
Blue [Average] – Spawn 1 Red
Green [Fast] – Spawn 1 Blue
Yellow [Very Fast] – Spawn 1 Green
Lead [Slow] – [Can only be popped by canon/pineapple bomb]
Black/White – Spawn 1 Yellow [Can only be popped by sharp misisle : road spikes/tack/dart]
Rainbow [Very fast] – Spawn 2 Black and 2 White
M.O.A.B – Mother of All Bloons [Road Spikes does not harm it]

Level 20 – Watch out for the Lead Bloons. Only Bomb can pop it.
Level 35 – Watch out for the M.O.A.B
Level 45 – Watch out for another M.O.A.B
Level 50 – Lots of M.O.A.B4


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  11. Samuel says :


    1- Just red bloons
    2- Even red bloons
    3- Red with few blues
    4- Reds and blues even
    5- Even even reds and blues
    6- Greens comings up
    7- 50 blues comings up
    8- Even even even reds and blues
    9- Just blues and greens
    10- Only greens
    11- Yellows comings up
    12- 1 rainbow comings up
    13- Even reds with blues and greens
    14- 1 rainbow followed by a bunches of yellows
    15- Even greens and yellows
    16- Blues, greens and yellows
    17- Even blues, greens and yellows
    18- Even even blues, greens and yellows
    19- Even even greens and yellows
    20- Leads bloons comings up
    21- Another level with blues, greens and yellows
    22- Only yellows
    23- Greens and yellows
    24- Another level with blues, greens and yellows
    25- Blacks comings up
    26- Yellows and blacks followed by a bunches of leads
    27- Only blacks
    28- Whites comings up
    29- Blacks, whites and leads
    30- Yellows and blacks

    27- Only blacks

  12. Samuel says :

    Ok beware to level 58 in freeplay mode, in this level. in the end, lots an M.O.A.B: more than 10 M.O.A.B. But with chance, i finished level 58 and passed to level 59. But im lose in the middle of level 59.

  13. Fabrízio bs says :

    M.O.A.B. are massive ornary air blimp ,not mother of all bloons!

  14. Samuel says :

    Or buy in monkey beacon the call monkey storm.

  15. Samuel says :

    Monkey storm cost 850 in easy, 1020 in medium and 1080 in hard.

  16. Samuel says :

    How to get the top secret item

    To get the top secert item, buy a monkey beacon and buy the upgrade Upgrade To Monkey Storm Beacon and the top secret item appears. The top secret item is the Monkey storm. Unleashes a wave of super monkey and will wipe the screen all the bloons.

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